Craigslist rapist uses real estate section to find victims

Roger Allen Stulce, Jr.
Roger Allen Stulce, Jr.

Police: Man lured victims with Craigslist ad:

Police: Alleged Rapist Targeted Victims on Craigslist:

Police: Craigslist predator lured women with ads promising work, housing:

Police in McKinney, Texas arrested 40-year-old Roger Allen Stulce Jr. for allegedly raping two women he met through craigslist. He didn’t meet them through the personals or casual encounters section either. He met them through an ad police say he posted for subleasing his apartment.

The ad allegedly said that someone could stay there free of charge if “they are willing to help me out with my needs.” Ladies, let me give you a word of advice. When a guy, especially in craigslist, is talking about his needs he means his penis needs.

Stulce has a criminal record including solicitation for prostitution and a similar unnamed charge in California.

McKinney police are asking anyone who responded to one of these Craigslist ads to please contact Cpl. Matt Baxter at 972-547-2773.

Further proof that not only is craigslist in desperate need of moderation but that no section of craigslist can be considered safe.

UPDATE 7/29/2012: More women are coming forward claiming that they were raped by Stulce, one of them being his ex-wife.

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