Child porn, dog sex and parents exploiting their kids for sex. Just another day on craigslist

Lewis and Dick

Lewis and Dick

Tulsa Man, Vinita Woman Arrested For Child Pornography:

Not too long ago some pedo-defender left a comment on my site that said there’s no such thing as kids being on craigslist and that it’s all a fabrication of police using entrapment in order to lure predators who would not be normally inclined to do so. Of course I said bullshit to that and this disgusting story goes a long way in proving my point.

Police in Oklahoma have arrested 31-year-old Ricky Lee Lewis of Tulsa and 21-year-old Brittiny Linne Dick (not touching that one) of Venita on child porn charges.

Allegedly Lewis was soliciting women that he would meet on craigslist for explicit pictures of their children and he would also tell them what sex acts he’d like to perform on their children. It’s at this point that I’m sure you’re saying to yourself that “Surely no mother would actually acquiesce to his request.” Since you’re reading this here you know someone did and don’t call me Shirley. That ‘person would be the aforementioned Brittiny Linne Dick. She allegedly sent several graphic pictures of a naked toddler to Lewis. No word on what Dick would have received or did receive in exchange for the pics but one can only imagine it wasn’t for his dashing good looks.

When police searched Lewis’ computer they say they found not only child porn but images of Lewis violating a dog. They also say that Lewis was looking for ‘playdates’ on craigslist for his 9-year-old son. In case you can’t figure out the brilliant craigslist code that means that more than likely he was looking to trade his son for some other pedophile’s kid.

This is no myth. This is no urban legend. There are people on craigslist who will more than happily rent out their kids to strangers for sex. But keep on using craigslist because you found a really awesome on couch there. It’s not like your business, free or otherwise, supports this activity on craigslist. Oh wait, yes it does.

UPDATE 9/24/2013: Lewis was sentenced to 60 years while Dick was sentenced to 51. A second woman by the name of Sally Deupree was convicted on child porn charges after meeting Lewis on craigslist. Dupree was said to have sent child porn to Lewis at his request.

Pa. predator solicited girl on MeetMe because he was ‘bored’.

Frank Bianco

Frank Bianco

Monroe County man nabbed in online sex sting:

Police: Man says he was ‘bored,’ so he propositioned girl for sex:

No. Wait. I spoke to soon. I take it back. Wonders have ceased. Pennsylvania has produced another MeetMe scumbag. I guess they couldn’t take Georgia stealing their swag.

Anyway, Vin Diesel’s special cousin there is 37-year-old Frank Bianco of Jackson Township, Pennsylvania. He’s been charged with allegedly soliciting sex from 15-year-old girl over MeetMe.

According to police Bianco posed as an 18-year-old girl and asked a 15-year-old if she would have money for sex. Then Bianco’s alter ego said that if the girl was interested there’s a 26-year-old man who would be interested. The girl then received the number to Bianco’s cell phone.

Except that the girl was a Monroe County detective. When Bianco showed up for the meet in Stroud Township he was arrested. Bianco’s excuse was that he was bored and wanted to see what happened if he solicited an underage girl. That may be worse than any excuse that I ever heard on To Catch A Predator. This wasn’t boredom, this was calculated. He’s not the first scumbag to think of this trick which makes me wonder if he’s done this before and this was just the first time he was caught.

Remember parents, if you allow your kids on the internet unfettered they may not be a predator’s first victim but they can definitely be the next one.

Ga. MeetMe user charged with child porn solicitation

Andrew Petronaci

Andrew Petronaci

Dacula Man Accused of Soliciting Nude Photos From Teen:

Dacula Docket Book for Sept. 25:

Wow, a MeetMe scumbag that’s not from Pennsylvania? Will wonders never cease?

Anyway Eddie Munster there is 23-year-old Andrew Petronaci of Dacula, Georgia. He’s been charged with allegedly soliciting nude photos, aka child porn, from a 14-year-old on the former MyYearbook. No word on if the victim was male or female.

Petronaci was only given $5,700 bond which he posted and is now out. Sleep tight parents of Dacula. You just keep letting your kids use the internet unmonitored. What’s the worst that could happen right?

15 years of fame


It was 15 years ago today that I put forth my very first website and man was it a load of crap. It was hosted a crappy hosts like Tripod and Geocities. It had long ugly URLs and even the dreaded dripping blood animated gif. Little did I know where that mess of HTML banged out on an archaic device known as a WebTV would take me.

It would start out with something that I wrote being splashed across the front page of the Washington Post in inflammatory tones. That would lead to me being interviewed my Canadian media after it was discovered that a Montreal murderer visited my site before he killed. Then I would be recognized by national media outlets like TIME and Rolling Stone for trying to keep social networks safer. Then finally being on CNN and CBS News being warning the country about the inherent dangers of online classifieds. It sounds more impressive than it really is.

I’ve been fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful opportunities to be recognized on a large stage in a small way. I couldn’t have done any of it without my readers of course, some of whom have become friends in the real world.

Where will it go from here? Who knows. But even after 15 years I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’d like to accomplish.

Village Voice Media to spin off Backpage


Village Voice newspaper chain to split from controversial ad site:

In a surprising move, surprising to me anyway, Village Voice Media has decided to split Backpage off into its own company. This will result in a new company called Voice Media Group to handle the newspapers while Backpage continues to make money off of the women and children being trafficked in this country as sex slaves.

Supposedly this was done because advertisers in VVM newspapers had pulled their money out of those publications due to their affiliation with Backpage. Backpage was called a distraction by one of VVM’s CEOs.

Now while the newspapers and Backpage will have completely separate ownership I find it very had to believe that the relationship will be completely severed. VMG says that funding has been raised through investors but how long will that keep their dying industry afloat?

Considering how shady VVM and Backpage have been in the past I wouldn’t put it past them to have some kind of equally shady financial deal in place.

This is a good sign though. It shows that they’re starting to crack under the pressure. However we can’t consider this a victory. It will only be a victory when they shut down the adult section.

Diaper wearing craigslist pervert busted again

Eric Carrier

Eric Carrier

NH man accused of using Craigslist to entice adult caregiver:

I’m sure a lot of you recently heard the story about 24-year-old Eric Carrier of Hampton, New Hampshire. He was recently arrested on indecent exposure charges for pretending to be a brain injured man who couldn’t dress himself. He allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a home healthcare worker to assist him when all he really wanted is someone to flash his junk at.

Not only is this not the first time that Carrier has been arrested for this he’s not even the first guy to be arrested for the old ‘change my adult diaper’ trick.

As I said in my last post about Carrier you may think he’s just a harmless freak but if you have to trick someone into helping you with your sexual fetish you’re not that far away from throwing victims into your windowless van. Does anyone really expect anything different from the unmoderated craigslist?

Licensing and zoning more important than sex trafficking


2 women post $10K bail on new Oxford massage parlor charges:

This is an article from the Worcester Telegram about Lanyun Ma, 42, and Wei Ma, 22, who were both charged with human trafficking while running a backpage advertised massage parlor in Oxford, Mass. However instead of focusing on the horrors of human sex trafficking the article focused more on the matters of the local city council.

Foreign sex workers are often brought in illegally from other countries in horrid conditions and are forced to work of their ‘debt’ by being forced to sexually pleasure any degenerate who can come up with $60 and a tip. Often they are basically kept prisoner, forced to live in the same room they’re violated in and are often held against their will or have their families back home threatened with violence.

Instead of focusing on that the article instead focused on the licensing and zoning of massage parlors in the Oxford area.

This is why hardly anyone gives a crap about sex trafficking in this country. While countless women and children are being sold and violated people in this country are more concerned about what is it doing to their property values.

The Return of The Question?



I know. I haven’t been blogging about comics in a while. There’s a couple of reasons for that. The first is that my regular crime readers aren’t that interested in comics. That’s cool. No worries there. The other is that because of my real-world responsibilities I no longer have the time. While I do some comics stuff over at my G+ page, for the most part, I’ve been reduced to a weekend blogger and comics was the first subject to get cut.

However, something happened this week that filled my geek heart with glee but then a sense of dread and it happened in Justice League #0. Not only did this issue finally have Billy Batson finally get the powers of Shazam but it marked the return of my favorite comic book character of all time. It’s the character that inspired my original internet pseudonym of TheTrenchcoat. I am of course referring to the fedora and trench coat wearing and no face having The Question.

While I’m happy to see his return the lack of elaboration in the issue has me worried a little bit. In the New 52, The Question was one of the Trinity of Sin along with the Phantom Stranger and Pandora. It hasn’t been made clear what his sin was but he was punished by the Council of Wizards to be always questioning his identity and they removed his face. Yes, you read that right, wizards. Our intrepid faceless crime fighter may have magical powers although I hope he doesn’t. I was really hoping for a return to his original objectivist ways as was intended by his creator Steve Ditko. I would have even been happy with his 1980s zen outlook from the Denny O’Neil run on his comic. There is a glimmer of hope though. In this incarnation, it was briefly alluded to that he may be written as his Justice League Unlimited animated counterpart. The conspiracy-minded detective who can see commonalities that even the great Batman can’t.

Will his character be a New 52 success or will it be just another failed reboot? That my friends is the question.

WA backpage pimp charged with child rape


Charge: Online pimp rented out, raped runaway girl:

29-year-old David J. Anderson of Yakima, Washington has not only been charged in King County for allegedly prostituting a 14-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned but he’s also been charged with raping the girl as well.

When Anderson was arrested by the King County Sheriff’s Office he allegedly used the “I thought she was 19” defense when Sheriffs say that the girl obviously appears to be underage.

First I have to commend the Seattle Post Intelligencer for not only using the word rape in their headline and article but also using the word rent in their headline. That’s was sex trafficking comes down to, rent and rape. Not only do these pimps and traffickers usually rape the girls that work for them but they also rent them out to be raped by anyone willing to fork over the cash.

But continue being part of the ‘solution’ Backpage, you’re doing a hell of a job.

Craigslist killing in Nashville


Craigslist Meeting Ends with Deadly Shooting:

30-year-old Joshua McLean was shot and killed on Saturday night in Nashville, Tennessee. McLean and his brother were meeting two other men as McLean was selling two of his guns on craigslist. McLean’s guns were recovered and were not used to shoot him. The suspects are at large.

It is against craigslist’s own terms of service to sell firearms on their site. Now tell me that they don’t need to moderate their site.

More on this as details become available.

UPDATE 9/24/2013: A year later and still no arrests have been made.