Basement dweller runs off with teen girl he met on Omegle

Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller

Mississippi Man Charged In Case of Missing British Teen:

Neckbeard The Clown is 21-year-old Zachary Miller of Starkville, Mississippi. Rather than meeting a woman in the real world police say that Miller took to Omegle to meet one. In case you’re behind on the times Omegle is a webcam chat site whose motto is “Talk To Strangers”. Their terms of service allow anyone as young as 13 to be on their site and it’s not moderated for content. If you dare to go there it should take you negative seconds to find some guy showing his junk on cam.

Anyway police say that Miller met a 16-year-old British girl on Omegle and continued their ‘relationship’ on other social networking sites. The pair allegedly hatched a plan to run off together. So when the girl and her family were on vacation in Davenport, Florida Miller made the 650 mile trek to pick her up. He then took the girl back to his home in Miss. where he hid her in his room because he knew his parents would disapprove.

Supposedly no shenanigans took place because Miller has not been charged with any sexual crimes. He has been charged with interference with child custody, removing a minor from the state and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I guess it’s not kidnapping since she went willingly.

While she was relatively unharmed I can only imagine the terror her parents must have gone through. If you want to reduce your chances of experiencing that kind of terror I would recommend that you make sure your kids don’t go to Omegle or any webcam chat site. As I’ve said before no minor child needs a webcam. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure they only use their computers in a public area like the living room. Or don’t if you want to find one of your kids 650 miles from home hidden in someone’s closet.

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