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Oswaldo Rivera

Suspect arrested in Camden double stabbing; 1 child dead, 1 critically injured:

Osvaldo Rivera on $5M bail; possible rape, murder charges in Camden attack on boy, 6, and girl, 12:

As I’ve mentioned before I spent most of 2011 in South Jersey on family business. While I was there I was a short drive away from the crime-infested suckhole that is Camden, New Jersey. During that time I wrote a lot about Camden and its ineffective government and its not so slow descent into hell.

Since I came back to North Carolina I haven’t really paid too much attention to Camden unless it somehow made national news. It did not too long ago with a Camden woman who killed her son and killed herself. I let that one slide because I thought it was just a fluke that it made the headlines. Then this week a similar story also made national headlines which made me rethink my Camden writing policies. So from now on, I will be keeping a sharper eye on the Disaster on the Delaware.

Today’s story is just more evidence that Camden needs to be put out of its misery.

31-year-old Osvaldo Rivera has been charged in the brutal murder of 6-year-old Dominick Andujar and the attack and possible rape on Dominick’s 12-year-old sister. It seems that Rivera was high on weed laced with PCP and decided to burst into a random house. The house he chose not only had Dominick and his sister in it bust also a 9-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl who was watching them. Dominick and his sister’s mother was in the hospital recovering from surgery and their father lives out of state.

Rivera allegedly slit Dominick’s throat then attacked his sister slitting her throat, stabbing her and possibly raping her. In what order that was done I don’t know. The girl survived her attack and managed to escape to a neighbor’s home. Dominick was not so lucky. The girl was able to identify Rivera as the attacker by using the name “Poppy”. Rivera’s street name is “Popeye”. I guess we know what he considers his Spinach.

Police caught up with Rivera at a place he sometimes stays between a mattress and a wall. You know, the first place a cop would think to look. Police were also able to match the bloody sneakers Rivera had to bloody footprints at the scene.

Now because of this and the aforementioned murder-suicide, Camden seems to think it has a PCP problem on its hands since the mother was supposedly high on PCP as well. They do, I won’t dispute that. The problem is what are they going to do about it? They have a skeleton crew of a police force due to layoffs and the new proposed Camden County Metro Department isn’t going to be much better.

No wonder the city is invincible, the city is in the control of criminals, the criminals are on PCP and the cops can’t do anything about it.

UPDATE 12/7/2014: This past week Rivera was sentenced to 110 years behind bars for the brutal murder of Dominick Andujar and the rape of Dominick’s then 12-year-old sister.

My hope is that Rivera spends every day of the rest of his unnatural life in the same kind of pain and fear he inflicted on his victims before he’s taken to hell.

One thought on “Camden dusthead slits the throats of two children

  1. Sirkissa says:

    OMG, how messed up. RIP kiddos. And death to the mutant!


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