Judge orders ankle monitor removed from Justin Adams

Justin Adams
Justin Adams

Oklahoma judge agrees to remove ankle monitor of man charged in pregnant wife’s death:

This comes straight from the ‘You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me’ department. It’s not bad enough that Justin Adams has been released on bail but this past week a judge in Oklahoma has ordered that his ankle monitor be removed.

If you’re wondering why I think that’s a big deal it’s because Adams is accused in the brutal stabbing and blunt force trauma murder of his wife, Jaymie Adams. There’s more to the story than just that though.

Justin Adams and his crazy mom, Tina Clarke, claim that Jaymie Adams worked on craigslist as a prostitute and was killed by a john in Oklahoma City. However, a cubic ass-ton of strange behavior on Justin Adams’ part lead me to believe that he’s the killer. Like that he allegedly took out a life insurance policy on his wife shortly before her murder or that he supposedly started having an affair with another woman prior to his wife’s disappearance. And let’s not forget the accusations of possible witness tampering by Justin Adams’ mom. Not to mention that cell phone records possibly place Adams’ near the scene of the crime. That’s why it’s a big deal to me.

Adams’ attorney says it’s because the murder was committed by someone else. That would be awfully convenient for his client.

2 thoughts on “Judge orders ankle monitor removed from Justin Adams”

  1. Actually, if they don’t have proof that he will harm others then they can’t legally make him wear it anymore. But , If he runs, then he will prove that he is guilty as hell. If he stays and tries to harass witnesses like his mom did more charges. If he stays and has his day in court still guilty as hell (just not as easy to prove since he didn’t run). They are expecting him to do something stupid and I think that he will because everything he and his mother did was stupid and pointed more to him (craiglist proved that even though he tried to date it before the her death it was posted after.).They are making Scott Peterson look like a look like a criminal mastermind.


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