WM3 team still looking to frame an innocent man

Damien Echols (Why no, I didn’t call in any tips.)
Damien Echols (Why no, I didn’t call in any tips.)

Echols’ lawyers want access to tips about 1993 West Memphis murders:

The Damien Echols Exoneration Task Force is still working on Operation: Spaghetti. They’re still throwing everything they can think of to try to get something to stick to Terry Hobbs. Now they’re trying to get the details about Crime Stoppers tips they say implicate Hobbs. The thing is they’re not talking about tips from 1993, they’re talking about recent tips. I’m sure that none of those tips were called in by any number of the fanatical supporters of Echols and the other two or anyone who may or may not be on the dole with Team Echols.

They’ve also been dealt a blow into the credibility of their supposed witnesses who say that Terry Hobbs confessed to killing Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers. The two morons who supposed passed polygraphs who claim that Hobbs’ nephew told them that Hobbs confessed to him, which if I understand it correctly is hearsay. Anyway, those two have been arrested on felony drug dealing. I would have to imagine it was meth.

Again this goes to show that the WM3 team is willing to put anyone in jail that suits their purposes. As I’ve mentioned before the first two Paradise Lost movies heavily supposed that Mark Byers was the ‘real killer’. Now that the so-called DNA evidence belongs to Terry Hobbs they’re doing all they can in their power while defying logic at the same time, to try to put Hobbs behind bars for a crime that he did not commit.

How ironic is it that they’re basically conducting a witch hunt against an innocent man for a crime he didn’t commit?

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