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***Post by our UK correspondent Cobalt Rose***

Man beats girlfriends 10 month old baby girl to death because he was angry that his girlfriend had met up with her ex:

*sigh* Here I am, writing yet another story of an innocent child murdered by their mother’s boyfriend. This time, the victim was a 10 month old baby girl by the name of Taliqa Fields. On July 1st last year Taliqa’s mother, Zoe Harman, went out, leaving her baby in the care of her boyfriend, 22-year-old Louis Burdett. At 12:47pm Zoe rang Louis to tell him she was meeting up with an ex boyfriend in McDonalds. Louis didn’t like that very much, and within FOURTEEN MINUTES of the phone call, Louis called 999 to report that Taliqa had ‘gone limp’. Zoe must have known something was up from the phone call, because she rushed home to find an ambulance outside her home. Taliqa was taken to hospital but died the next day. She had suffered a fractured collarbone as well as swelling and bleeding on the brain.

It later emerged that Louis, already pissed that his girlfriend was actually taking to another guy (how dare she! *rolls eyes*), became even more enraged when Taliqa interrupted his video game. He decided that the best outlet for his anger was his girlfriends innocent baby girl.

According to doctors, Taliqa was subjected to a ‘sustained’ assault, and there was evidence she had been violently shaken and slammed into a hard surface. On November 9th this year, Burdett was sentenced to life in prison and must serve at least 13 years behind bars. Hopefully the other prisoners will decide that Louis is the best outlet for THEIR anger and will subject him to what he put this innocent baby through. There is NO excuse for child abuse. If you’re pissed, punch a pillow! Hell, punch a wall if you feel like it! The one thing nobody should EVER be punching is a baby not even a year old. What a pathetic little scumbag. I hope he rots.

R.I.P Taliqa.

4 thoughts on “Another Bad UK Boyfriend gets a life sentence

  1. wastintime says:

    What a worthless piece of shit! He could have just waited for her to get home and argued with her like a normal person. And if he still wanted to be pissy, he could have just left. But to beat a helpless baby! I hope he gets a beat down every day in prison. Piece of shit!


    1. CobaltRose says:

      You have to remember that child killers are NOT popular people in prison. We can only hope that he does indeed get the shit beaten out of him everyday. Any child abuse is horrific and inexcusbale, but to kill a baby over such a mundane thing….. It makes me sick to my stomach. That’s why I felt so annoyed whilst writing this.


      1. wastintime says:

        It was a great write up. I feel terrible that there was even a story to write. I had just gotten my 9 month old to sleep when I read this. And looking at my son I tried to imagine all the pain this baby’s little body went through and how scared she must have been, having no idea why she was being hurt by someone. All she understood was pain, and couldn’t even escape it. She didn’t even know words to describe what was going on. And then I had to stop thinking about it, it made my soul hurt. Poor, poor, sweet little baby.


  2. I’m going to have to stop reading this blog. It’s making me heartsick every time I see yet another innocent baby killed by, usually, Mum’s latest junkie dildo.

    I’m currently listening to Miss 4 & Miss 2 whispering to each other when they should be going to sleep…will I go in there & shake them or slam them into a wall or give them sleeping pills? Nope, I’ll ignore them until they get too loud then I’ll go in there & tell them it really is time for sleep or they’ll be too tired to go to Nanna’s house tomorrow…but then, I’m not a worthless oxygen thieving waste of skin junkie.


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