Teen sentenced to LWOP for murder and rape of 5-year-old girl

Dustin Wallace

Dustin Wallace

Teen who raped and murdered girl, 5, gets life without parole:

In July of 2010 a then 16-year-old Dustin Wallace was arrested for the murder and rape of 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Wallace’s father was visiting Sahara’s mother when the murder and rape took place in Roseburg, Oregon. As I’ve reluctantly posted before Wallace killed Sahara before raping her.

Wallace’s defense stated that he suffered from Aspereger’s and that if he was on his meds at the time he would not have committed these atrocities. As I’ve said many times before Asperger’s does not limit your ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. If Wallace didn’t know what he did was wrong he wouldn’t have tried to lie to investigators.

So far in my recollection Asperger’s has never been used successfully as a murder defense and it shouldn’t be. There are many people who legitimately have Asperger’s who would all be thought as prospective killers if a defense like that was to ever succeed.

Wallace was charged as an adult and was convicted back in June. This past week Wallace was sentenced to life without parole. I’m sure some people may think that this is an overly harsh sentence, those people are fools. Wallace is a monster and at the very least should be caged like one.

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  1. Your_Pal_Nancy

    I don’t think it’s harsh for someone who murdered a little kid. Even if it is harsh, justice is about protecting the world from a murderer rather than protecting a murderer from the consequences of his own actions.


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