Two WA men charged with exploiting teens for sex on Backpage


Two men face prosecution in sex trafficking case:

In Snohomish County, Washington authorities have charged 20-year-old Jevante McCray and 18-year-old Isiah Martin with prostituting several underage girls on Backpage.

Two girls, ages 14 and 16 that police caught up with told them that McCray and Martin were not their pimps. I wouldn’t be surprised if their victims thought that they were girlfriends of one of the men. One of the girls said that McCray and Martin gave her the pre-paid credit card used to place the ads on Backpage. How much would it cut down on the sex trafficking ads if Backpage just refused to accept them as payment? But that would be turning away potential bags of money for them to sleep on.

Now that Backpage is allegedly disassociated from Village Voice Media they’re not making money off these girls to prop up a dying print industry. Now they’re just making the money for the hell of it.

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