Why haven’t we heard about Backpage lately?


Man charged with prostituting minor on backpage.com:

Pierce Co. prosecutors: man pimped out two teenage girls:

Recently in Pierce County, Washington investigators there arrested 29-year-old Alfred Anthony Clark for allegedly prostituting two underage girls on Backpage. The girls are ages 16 and 17 and according to reports Clark promised the 16-year-old ‘nice things’ if she worked for him.

Sadly this is a typical story about Backpage and child sex trafficking but it’s been a while since I’ve posted a story about Backpage. Why is that? Has child sex trafficking on Backpage been curtailed? I doubt it. Backpage has implemented no new measures that I’m aware of and lawmakers have been stifled at every turn in trying to deal with Backpage. So why aren’t we hearing as many of these stories anymore? I think that it’s being under reported in the media. It’s really not surprising that this story came out of Washington State because it seems like anymore they’re the only market whose government and media are still interested in the plight of these kids. Mostly everywhere else it seems like that once Backpage ‘split’ from the Village Voice family of newspapers that the media thought “Well since they’re no longer a black eye against our industry we don’t care anymore.”

Not to mention that it was never front page news to begin with. As I’ve said in the past not enough people are outraged about this for these stories to be truly newsworthy. Outside of a number of anti-human trafficking activists no one really seems to care. As a society were to wrapped up in the latest celebrity or political gossip to give a damn about the multitudes of children that are sold for sex in this country every day.

But it only takes one person to start making a change. I implore you to be that person. Get involved. Tell a friend. Do something to make people more aware that slavery is still going on in our country today disguised as the adult section on Backpage.

HBPD catches RSO trolling craigslist for kids


Undercover H.B. officer thwarts possible sex crime:

In my opinion the Huntington Beach Police Department in California is one of the most proactive law enforcement agencies when it comes to catching sexual predators on craigslist. They’ve been featured on this site many times before and it’s good to see that they’re still being vigilant.

Most recently they arrested 55-year-old Carlton Earl Griner for allegedly placing an ad on craigslist soliciting for sex. He thought he was meeting a 13-year-old girl at a shopping center but the person he was exchanging sexually explicit e-mails with was a Huntington Beach detective. Shopping Centers or malls is the other prerequisite meeting place for creepers like this to meet their victims. Griner is a registered sex offender for having a prior conviction in Iowa on child pornography charges.

While the HBPD may be doing their job in catching this creepers it doesn’t feel like the state is backing them up. While Griner is facing a lifetime on the sex offender registry he’s only looking at 5 years in prison. Obviously the registry wasn’t enough to keep him from offending again.

And once again this shows that craigslist has become the weekly flier for sexual predators shopping for victims.

UPDATE 11/2/2013: Griner was only sentenced to 3 years behind bars. Not even the 5 years he was looking at. What does it take to keep a registered sex offender in California behind bars longer?

Oshkosh man wanted the younger the better on craigslist

Sussex Sex Sting: Man Arrested After Posting Craigslist Ad:

Waukesha County Sheriffs in Wisconsin arrested 29-year-old Aaron L. Martin of Oshkosh for allegedly soliciting underage girls for sex on craigslist. According to investigators Martin’s ad said “$$$ younger the better $$ cant host but can travel or in my car.” Of course when he went to the prerequisite meeting place of a fast food joint to meet a 14-year-old girl he was instead met by the Sheriff’s Department.

As I’ve said before when these scumbags are caught it’s usually not their first rodeo. Police say that Martin just about admitted as much…

Martin told investigators he posted ads on Craigslist for years. He admitted to making contact with girls and paying them for sexual favors. He also admitted he drove to Sussex to pay a 14-year-old girl $50 for oral sex, adding that he didn’t normally meet underage girls.

Right, so why did the ad say the younger the better then? The better question is why wasn’t this ad flagged on craigslist by its users? That’s because their users are basically just like Martin. Craigslist could easily monitor the seedier parts of their site like casual encounters but they choose not to. I guess they’d rather see underage girls molested than moderating their site.

UK toddler dies after drinking mother’s methadone

Riley Pettipierre

Riley Pettipierre

Toddler ‘died after drinking methadone from child’s beaker left in bedroom shared with his father and drug addict mother’:

The adorable face you see above is that of two-year old Riley Pettipierre, who lived in Derbyshire, England. Last March, Riley’s ‘mother’ Sally Dent awoke to find her son unresponsive in bed. His lips were blue and he wasn’t breathing. He was rushed to hospital but sadly, died shortly after arrival. An autopsy later revealed that Riley had consumed between 10 and 20ml of Methadone. Turns out, Sally Dent had a ‘history of drug use going back many years’ and had been prescribed Methadone to help her kick a heroin habit. Yesterday, Sally and Riley’s father, Shaun Binfield, were both found guilty of manslaughter and cruelty to a child. Turns out, these mouth breathers thought it would be perfectly safe to leave a CHILD’S BEAKER full of Methadone on top of a chest of drawers in their toddler sons bedroom. Why? So it could be in ‘easy reach’ of Sally. Yeah, it was in easy reach of their son, too. That just makes a terrible situation even more outrageous. They KNEW the cup was there and yet they didn’t move it and still allowed Riley into the room unsupervised. Riley did what any toddler would do. He probably drank from the cup thinking it was juice, not something that could, and did, take his tragically short life. The judge has adjourned sentencing until the 19th of February. Personally, I hope they throw away the key, as it was entirely their fault Riley died, but I know it’s a futile hope.

Shaun Binfield

Shaun Binfield

Sally Dent

Sally Dent

What class acts. I’d just love it if someone would wipe that stupidly smug look off her face.

R.I.P Riley.

***Thanks to UK correspondent Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Trench rankles the Church of Echolsology

Damien “L. Ron” Echols

Damien “L. Ron” Echols

Before we get down to business there’s a new word that we have to enter into the Trench Reynolds Lexicon. The lexicon only has two entries. The first was the term mutants which I use to refer to the troglodytes who sympathize or idolize school shooters, specifically the Columbine cowards. Then there’s the three middle names of doom of Ray, Lee and Wayne. It seems that an inordinate amount of criminals have one of those three middle names. Hmmm, isn’t Damien Echols’ middle name Wayne? But I digress. Speaking of convicted child murderer Echols he refers to his murder groupie fans as ‘chupacabras’. That is the dumbest name for a group of fans since Juggalos. I will now be referring to them as ‘Chalupas’ since they have the same mental capacity as the Mexican delicacy.

Now down to business. In my last post about the Damien Echols hype machine I talked about an ‘art’ show in New York City that presented Echols juvenile doodles. It seems that may have been the straw that broke the child killing camel’s back. On that post I started receiving comments from someone claiming to be the owner of the art gallery/tattoo parlor and that he was a personal friend of Echols. It seems that they consider me hostile and had me investigated by their lawyers. Then the lackey of Echols proceeded to post parts of my personal information in the comments such as my given name, the town I live in and who lives with me in my house which includes one of my kids. Granted my son is a 25-year-old aspiring gunsmith but still. He also claimed that the Echols legal team is looking to have a restraining order filed against me and are actively trying to get my site shut down.

If you follow internet culture at all you may recognize these tactics of suppression that are used by another organization that constantly looks to quash criticism of it on the net, The Church of Scientology, a cult. I use this comparison intentionally because it seems that Echols inner circle of Chalupas act very much like a cult. Not occult mind you but a cult nonetheless. To further my point at this ‘art exhibit’ the aspiring tattoo artist Echols was amateurly tattooing people with the letter X if they were willing to cough up two bills and change including his gallery owning confidante. So basically Echols is branding as many cattle in his herd as he possibly can.

In an attempt to show the world the strong-arm tactics being used by Echols cronies I reached out to a national ‘journalist’ on Twitter who had done some pieces for a national news program that was very favorable of Echols. Again my naivete showed thinking that national journalists are anything more than talking heads as she completely ignored my request and told me I shouldn’t hind behind an anonymous Twitter handle if I’m going to call Echols a killer and I better have proof. First off I can can call Echols a child killer because that’s what he was convicted for. Secondly it shows you how far Echols has his slimy tentacles in the media especially since no journalist is willing to seriously question him on his account of the events.

So with my personal information being out there in the wild and the media refusing to do any investigation, you know, their job, I thought about hanging up my keyboard after 13 years. I asked my family what I should do, I asked some of my blogging friends, answers were mixed. Some said I should others said I shouldn’t. Then something happened that convinced me to stay. I received messages from some of the victims’ family members. You remember the victims don’t you? Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, the names that seem to be swept under the rug when it comes to the Echols media tour. These family members thanked me for my work and tenacity on trying to get the truth out there. There’s no way in my heart I could ever let them down. Not to mention that while Echols may think that universe revolves around him this site does not. I have done some good work in the past 13 years in the areas of school violence and human trafficking and I was not about to throw that all away because some trailer trash child killer got a bug up his ass. Plus as a wise man once told me never let the bastards win.

As long as Echols is free I will continue to document how he’s nothing more than a lowlife scumbag using the murders he was convicted of for his own selfish benefit.

If you want to see the truth about Echols I recommend going to The Truth About the West Memphis 3, West Memphis Three Facts and the West Memphis Three Case – Document Archive.

December craigslist murder in Indy over an iPhone

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton

Dominique Clanton, 18, charged with murder, robbery in iPhone Craigslist killing:

Second arrest made in Craigslist, iPhone murder case:

On December 17th 31-year-old Nishant Patel of Indianapolis was shot and killed after trying to sell his iPhone on craigslist. Police say that Bryant “BeDo” Dowdy was the triggerman and that 18-year-old Dominique Clanton has also been charged with Mr. Patel’s murder.

Apparently there is no honor among thieves because police say that Dowdy not only shot and killed Patel but shot both Dominique Clanton and Eric Clanton in order to eliminate all the witnesses. Eric Clanton did not survive his injuries.

Two people dead over a trendy piece of plastic. Such a waste. However it does show once again just how dangerous doing any kind of business on craigslist still is. It’s not the online hippy commune of peace, love and sharing that it once was. It’s now an online directory of potential victims.

UPDATE 4/21/2016: Dowdy has been convicted of murdering Nishant Patel and was already serving a 75-year-sentence for the shootings of the Clantons. Dominique Clanton pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Damien Echols holds murderabilia display in NYC

Damien Echols (I’m such a torturing…I mean tortured artist.)

Damien Echols (I’m such a torturing…I mean tortured artist.)

West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols to Exhibit Art Made on Death Row:

The celebrification of convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols. Earlier this month Echols held an ‘art’ show in the SoHo section of New York of some his creations that he made while on death row. I haven’t seen any of his so-called art and neither would I want to. I’m sure it’s the equivalent of an angsty teenager scrawling on his school notebook or a monkey that flings his own feces.

Let’s call this what it really is. It’s not art it’s murderabilia. He’s not making his ‘fame’ off of the plight of being wrongly convicted. He’s making his fame through the fact that he’s basically gotten away with brutally murdering three children. Meanwhile his fans, who he refers to as chupacabras, eat it all up with a spoon.

Damien Echols may just be P.T. Barnum’s greatest protegé since he seems to attract a lot of suckers.

Eric B. Wolf was looking for an ‘attentive babygirl’ on craigslist


Police: Man, 48, expected to meet girl, 14, for sex:

Now that the bullets have stopped flying for now I can catch up on the usual spate of craigslist creepers.

Late last December Will County Sheriffs in Illinois arrested 48-year-old Eric B. Wolf of Matteson, Ill. on charges of child solicitation. Wolf allegedly placed an ad on craigslist seeking “a sweet attentive babygirl for some ongoing fun.” In craigslist-speak that means he was looking for an underage girl that he could repeatedly rape.

Wolf did receive a response from a 14-year-old girl and arranged to meet the girl at a fast food restaurant. Fast food places seem to be the go to meeting places for these scumbags. I may never look at my local golden arches the same way again. Anyway when Wolf arrived at the meeting instead of being met by a potential rape victim he was met by the Will County Sheriff’s Department and promptly arrested.

Police say that in his car they found condoms and a webcam. So not only was he looking to rape a child it seems like he was planning on either recording it or streaming it as well.

Still no legislator and no advocacy group is calling on craigslist to do anything about this. Ever since they closed down the erotic services section it seems like they’ve been given a free pass. I don’t mind being the lone man in the woods shouting to the wind because sometimes, especially in this case, the lone man is right.

‘Master Ed’ pleads guilty in Lebanon, MO sex slave case

Edward Bagley Sr.

Edward Bagley Sr.

Final Suspect Pleads Guilty in Sex Slave Case; Faces 20 Years:

As alluded to yesterday 45-year-old Edward Bagley Sr.of Lebanon, Missouri has pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking, torturing and raping a woman he kept in his home for several years. Just a slight recap of some of the torture this woman had to endure at the hands of this white trash hillbilly.

The victim was tortured over a six-year period by strangulation, suffocation, breast and vaginal penetration with skewers, and electrical voltage.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about her ordeal in the archives.

While it’s good to see that all involved are being sent to prison Bagley is only facing 20 years thanks to his plea deal. That means he could get less than 20 years. The torture of this woman is almost Dr. Mengele like proportions and all he’ll get at the most is 20 years? This is not justice unless there some kind of Marquis De Sade room in federal prisons that I’m unaware of. With any luck his fellow inmates will return unto him what he gave to that poor woman tenfold.