Taft Union shooter pleads not guilty. Was he bullied or “annoyed”?

Bryan Oliver

Bryan Oliver

Taft High School shooting suspect appears in court:

California School Shooting: Alleged gunman, Bryan Oliver, pleads not guilty to attempted murder:

Today in court 16-year-old Taft Union High gunman Bryan Oliver pleaded not guilty. That should come as no shock. Rarely if ever do one of these cowards take responsibility for their actions. What I’d rather talk about is somethings that were mentioned in each of these articles.

In the top article I linked to it states that Oliver shot at his intended targets because they “annoyed” and “bullied” him. That was from official court documents. Annoyed is an unusual word in this circumstance but in my opinion not surprising. Most shooters like Oliver consider themselves superior in one war or another about those around them. Harris and Klebold were the perfect examples as they thought they were better than everyone else and should have been recognized for the self-inflated senses if superiority.

In the second article a student interviewed by CBS says that Oliver was bullied because he was ‘a ginger’. For the uninitiated a ginger is a person with red or reddsih hair. A few years ago on South Park a running joke was made that gingers have no souls.

If this is what passes for bullying these days no wonder these kids are a bunch of emotional marshmallows. I hate to pull the ‘in my day card’ but when I was bullied it resulted in concussions and broken bones and again not once did I ever think to pick up a gun to solve my issues. We need to stop raising our kids like there isn’t a cruel world out there because that’s all it is.

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