Damien Echols holds murderabilia display in NYC

Damien Echols (I’m such a torturing…I mean tortured artist.)

Damien Echols (I’m such a torturing…I mean tortured artist.)

West Memphis Three’s Damien Echols to Exhibit Art Made on Death Row:

The celebrification of convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols. Earlier this month Echols held an ‘art’ show in the SoHo section of New York of some his creations that he made while on death row. I haven’t seen any of his so-called art and neither would I want to. I’m sure it’s the equivalent of an angsty teenager scrawling on his school notebook or a monkey that flings his own feces.

Let’s call this what it really is. It’s not art it’s murderabilia. He’s not making his ‘fame’ off of the plight of being wrongly convicted. He’s making his fame through the fact that he’s basically gotten away with brutally murdering three children. Meanwhile his fans, who he refers to as chupacabras, eat it all up with a spoon.

Damien Echols may just be P.T. Barnum’s greatest protegé since he seems to attract a lot of suckers.

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  1. Tanja Pawluczkowycz O'Dell

    He will get more interest with his artwork than you will get with your article 🙂

    1. Trench Reynolds

      That’s the difference between quantity and quality my friend.

      Just because Justin Bieber has the most YouTube views doesn’t make him any good.

      1. itsbrandie

        yet millions of people love Justin Bieber.

        1. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

          Yes. Girls under 18.

          1. RadioChuck

            It’s also worth noting that a # of Bieber’s more rabid fans sent death threats to Esperanza Spalding after she – gasp! – beat him out of a Grammy for Best New Artist just 2 years ago…I guess these types can only resort to personal attacks and the like, rather than debating the issues on their own merit.

          2. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Um. Okay.

          3. RadioChuck

            Was trying to imply that those who follow him so blindly will pretty much do anything, much like the WM3 defenders have shown time and again.

  2. Angel

    Makes me sick. Arent his 15 mins up already? Where’s a good sniper when u need one

    1. T-Rog

      Damien Echols makes me wish Dexter Morgan was a real person.

  3. Kevin

    Thanks for the plug. We got two more buyers because of your site!

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your blood money.

      1. Kevin

        So you call it.
        Either way. Thanks for the press with your little blog, Patrick.

        1. Trench Reynolds

          So you’re a murderabilia dealer and a stalker. What do I owe the pleasure to?

          1. itsbrandie

            Where do you get off thinking that you know someone just because of what you may have read online or heard someone say? If you’ve even looked into this case you’d know what a tradgedy it truly truly is.

            It’s people like you that cause our justice system to be be run by liars and cheats.

            I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Damien several times, as well as Kevin. They mean a lot to me, they are both amazing people and have nothing to be ashamed of. I promise you, what Kevin says is true. I know it for sure. Never doubted them for a second.

            Maybe you should open your mind up and actually accept the true facts that are right in front of you.

        2. Trench Reynolds

          Or are you just another one of Echols’ fanboys?

          1. Kevin

            Patrick [redacted]
            Damien &amp I are personal friends. I can tell you. The stuff you write in here is far from the truth.
            When we realized you post hostile information on someone whom we do business with, our lawyers check the level of the threat.
            They’ve informed us that you’re just some schmuck living in [redacted] with his wife &amp kid who makes money writing off shitty blogs.

          2. Trench Reynolds

            But I have your attention don’t I? God forbid anyone should upset the Damien Echols gravy train.

            If I didn’t know any better I’d swear your comment sounds like a threat. Is this what he WM3 movement has come down to? Making threatening gestures towards bloggers and their families? I would say that’s pretty low but since we’re talking about a guy who murdered three children threatening me is a high point.

            Let’s also not forget that you’re posting comments using a fake e-mail address. Seems kind of cowardly to me but that I would expect out of an Echols lackey.

          3. Kevin

            It’s not a fake email. Go ahead and send me one. I’ll reply. I have nothing to hide like you, Patrick. Better yet. I’ll email you.
            There is no threat as we have not mentioned any harm to you. We have lawyers who take care of that.
            Your site has created some threats in Damien’s name and has also allowed for comments to post death threats to him. That’s grounds for having a restraining order pulled against you and having your website taken down.

          4. Trench Reynolds

            Your ‘lawyers’ may want to look into the Federal Communications Decency Act which holds me harmless for any alleged ‘threats’ made by any commenter.

            And while you may have not uttered a specific threat posting some of my personal information online sure does feel like an intimidation tactic. It reminds me a lot of the stereotypical mob threat of “You sure do have a nice website here. It’s be a shame if anything happened to it.”

            While your e-mail address may be a legitimate one it’s obviously not your personal one. Again, cowardice.

          5. Kevin

            There you go again. Mentioning my email. I use it on a daily basis and it is my personal one. Not everyone uses their name as their email.
            And you’re half correct about the federal communications act. It’s been updated quite a bit since 1996.
            Since the whole Facebook suicides due to bullies online, moderators are required to delete offensive comments &amp restrict ISP info if one user continues to name threats.
            Not allowing to do so puts your site in trouble. We have screenshots of everything you’ve mentioned about Damien including comments you allow to stay on your site. Don’t think I haven’t consulted with my legal advisors before sending you this info. But either way, you’ll be getting legal info in the mail soon enough. Just a friendly heads up.

          6. Trench Reynolds

            I’m looking forward to it. I plan on having it framed.

          7. Shaun Wheeler

            As you as stupid in real life as you are online?

          8. Courtenay

            ^^ Consider the irony here.

          9. Val DePascale

            Sure it is.

            Your BFF plead guilty to TRIPLE CHILD MURDER. Are you aware of that? He pled guilty. He is legally and factually guilty of killing three children.

            He has absolutely no basis to sue a blogger for stating what Damien himself admitted under oath in August of 2011. He is guilty of murdering Michael Moore, Chris Byers &amp Stevie Branch.

            If I were you, I’d get some better friends.

            Oh noes, don’t sue me!!!

          10. Courtenay Penick

            Factually? Hardly!

          11. Angel

            Trench, if he is referring to my 1st comment, I am sorry to do that to you. It wasn’t a threat to Damien. I’m not a psycho. It was simply wishful thinking :p

            Please remove the comment if it is causing you grief.

          12. Val DePascale

            Come down to, Trench? It’s always been this way. For the past two decades, supporters of the 3 child killers have used intimidation, dishonesty, threats, bribery, and harrassment to shut down the truth.

          13. jadecrowe

            First of all, i doubt that you are famous enough for Damien to even give you the time of day. Second, excuse me while i laugh my ass off at you thinking Trench gets paid to do this. Delusional much? Third, mention Trench all you want, mention me all you want, but you mention my kid and we’re going to have a big problem. That’s not a threat because i don’t know who you are or where you live and have no particular desire to. Unless you mess with my kid. And last but not least, a hearty “fuck you” to whoever corrected him on his spelling of schmuck. you just ruined my night.

          14. Trench Reynolds

            And that’s long enough to leave my personal info up there. If by some chance it turns up anywhere online even remotely related to the WM3 then you’ll be hearing from my lawyers. And trust me Kevin, you’re not as hard for them to find as you think you may be.

          15. Test123456

            So basically, you think it’s perfectly fine to write the nastiest things about other people on your website, but when someone exposes your real identity you get all but hurt. You are obviously not man enough to sign your “articles” with your real name and rather hide behind your fake identity like a coward.

          16. Test123456

            PS: My name wasn’t supposed to show up as “test123456”, it’s Tom Holden. I don’t want to do what I just accused you of doing …

          17. Mr.Bojangles

            Careful Kevin, his wife is going to start getting jealous. Are you a top or a bottom? Inquiring minds and all.

          18. Shaun Wheeler

            Kevin looks like he is into the multicultural thing, you know, like a “Dirty Sanchez”.

          19. Courtenay

            That’s all you have to offer to the conversation? :: claps ::

          20. adahir100 .

            what does that mean? hostile information, lawyers checking level of threat? oh I see, first amendment rights can be suspended if it upsets echols? wow – how funny coming from someone who claims his rights were violated, but I guess that’s just narcissism at work

    2. itsbrandie


  4. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

    Regardless if he did do it or didn’t do it…this exhibit is in very poor taste. Which of course is why people will buy it. Me, I just think he is trying to profit, stay in the limelight. Why he wants to, who knows. But this is pretty disgusting. If I want petty artwork from someone in jail I will get a free pen pal from the Illinois Department of Corrections.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Yes but they don’t get to hang out with Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder. They’ve turned a convicted criminal into a semi-celebrity.

      1. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

        True but he may think he is a semi-celebrity, but he isn’t. I mean John Wayne Gacy stuff gets auctioned off. Who buys that stuff? Sick people. It may get Damien in the spotlight, but at what cost? And just temporarily. Karma comes around for sure. And I used to back him too! This is just too much. Just goes to show that an few HBO specials can skew reality. Damien should be ashamed. Children are dead. And he is profiting from it.

        1. Trench Reynolds

          Just goes to show that a few HBO specials can skew reality. Damien should be ashamed. Children are dead. And he is profiting from it.


        2. itsbrandie

          God forbid Damien try and tell someone of his own story himself…. he isn’t profiting on the children, Arkansas did that. Damien is simply living his life to the full exent. I’m more then happy for him. I would love to buy his beautiful artwork, i’ve already got a tattoo from him. 🙂

          1. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            I thought he already told his story? Bottom line is that he is profiting from the deaths of children. Despicable. He isn’t telling his story. He is profiting from the dead.

          2. itsbrandie

            Explain to me how he is doing that? I’m pretty sure his art has nothing to do with the children, im also sure that his book isn’t all about the kids, it’s about HIS life. He has every right. BTW, he’s trying to keep the case alive in order to FIND THE REAL MURDERER. I think that’s for the children and closure for the families.

          3. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Well he was in jail for murdering those children…so…yes, the artwork he made in jail has to do with those poor boys. And I am sorry, a book now?? Good lord. Sure he isn’t doing THAT for profit either. He just wants to find the real murderers. Not make money right? And what about those boys rights? He needs to learn decency and respect. He has his life but three boys don’t. Yes he can live it. But why live it as such an arrogant, self-righteous slob? I don’t know if he did it or not. But either way this is disgusting. HE is disgusting. And as a father he should be ashamed.

          4. itsbrandie

            okay think of it this way, say you were wrongfully accused and sentenced to death… and everyone said you killed them, even when you didn’t, then you’re set free… so you write a book, make some art, sell it… then someone comes along and says exactly what you just told me. How would you feel? You don’t know anything about him. He’s such an intelligent and remarkable person, I am honored to know him.

          5. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            He was set free because he plead guilty. He should be grateful, become a decent man, get a decent job – not sit around and make money off of dead children. I am a mother of a son, and the thought of what he is doing/going to do is despicable. I cannot even believe he is a father and can do that. So, Brandie, we can agree to disagree about him. I backed him for years. But never, ever again.

          6. itsbrandie

            He plead guilty before Arkansas tried to kill him, it was his way out. I would of taken it being in his situation. I don’t think it’s fair of you to talk about him and his relationship with his son, because you don’t have any idea about that. I’m sure he would get a job if he could, but unfortunately no one will hire someone with his unfortunate record. He’s stated himself, ” it’s not about me, jason, and jessie… it’s about finding who really murder these three kids” and the only way he can do that is by keeping the case alive. It’s not his fault he was the one chosen to carry the burden of the murdered children. I don’t think he should be punished anymore for it, simply because he doesn’t deserve it.

          7. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Oh well. Coward. If I didn’t do something I would fight to my literal death for it. If he really gave a damn about who murdered those kids then why isn’t he donating the profits to the case??

          8. itsbrandie

            they are, they are going to the funding of the dna testing,in order to get the case reopened

          9. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Show me where it says that please. Thanks.

          10. Courtenay Penick

            He donates to dharma friends, but he also does speaking engagements, tattoos, and other work that goes into paying for his extensive legal fees. The man has to make a living, somehow. Before he went to prison, he pumped gas. He has been limited to a GED. What kind of decent job is going to get with those limitations of ‘experience’, and with a conviction like this? He’s gotta do what he knows, and I don’t fault him one bit. Personally, I think Arkansas should be supporting him for the rest of his life, for what they’ve done to him. I also have one of his tattoos, and I’m DAMN proud of it. I got it right over my heart, for a reason. It is a cause I feel very close to. I was more than happy to give him my money. I have and I’d be more than happy to give him more.
            BTW, pleading guilty to an Alford plea does not make one factually guilty. Who says he isn’t fighting to the death? Last I heard West Of Memphis is out there, getting the word out about it.

          11. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Sure. Because it’s the State of Arkansas’ fault he screwed up. You reap what you sow. And then I guess you hold auctions that are disgusting at best so you can pay your bills. Ugh. Who cares about your tattoo? I don’t. He is immoral, despicable and should be ashamed to call himself a father.

          12. Courtenay

            Plenty of people are about that tattoos. You’d be right if he were guilty. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me WHY they think he’s guilty. And I don’t want to hear “because he plead guilty”….we all know that doesn’t mean shit.

          13. Courtenay

            ** plenty of people care about the tattoos.

          14. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Yeah you and about five others. Who cares about his crappy tattoos? So he learned to do tattoos in jail? I am so impressed. They either learn to do tattoos, cut hair or become better criminals while serving their time. (eyeroll)

          15. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            In my mind, he is guilty because he is a damn murderer. In yours he is innocent. Regardless he still a convicted felon, I am glad he is suffering. He deserves to suffer. Three children are DEAD. He could give a damn.

          16. Val DePascale

            Don’t worry Vanessa. News from the grapevine is that Echols has no intentions on calling himself a father anyway. He’s as much a deadbeat dad now as he was destined to be in 1993.

          17. Angel

            Actually, it does indeed make him factually guilty. They pleaded guilty and it is on their record. That is a fact.

          18. Courtenay Penick

            …while maintaining innocence. Fact. If you were cooped up for 18 years, and that was your wildcard, you’d do it too.

          19. Angel

            Ummm…..no, not if I had evidence of innocence and had an evidentiary hearing scheduled in less than 4 months to present said evidence.

          20. Courtenay Penick

            Lock yourself up for 18 years and tell me that again when you get out. -)

          21. Angel

            I wouldn’t get locked up for 18 yrs, because I would never do anything to be in that position.

            Oh no! I just realized that I have Cradle of Filth CD’s, a book on Aleister Crowley, horror DVDS and wear black! Hope no kids get brutally murdered…

            :rolls eyes:

          22. Courtenay Penick

            Count your blessings and watch your ass…..people are exonerated all the time. Look at the Central Park 5. Guess you think they are guilty too?

          23. Angel

            I don’t have an opinion on the Central Park 5, as I’m not familiar w/ the case.

            I have no doubt that sometimes, mistakes are made. I feel Darlie Routier may in fact be innocent. I don’t feel these 3 are innocent.

          24. Courtenay

            but WHY? it’s a simple question. what convinces you of their guilt? I promise, i’m not trying to be a smartass. I just want to know WHAT specifically convinces you of their guilt?

          25. Dennis Wilheim

            I’m not answering for anyone but myself, but… Courtenay you keep asking for SPECIFIC reasons SPECIFIC evidence SPECIFIC details. The answer I would give is probably similiar to yours. I’ve look at all evidence and circumstances and possible suspects and came to a conclusion. This is probably where our opinions diverge, my conclusion is that Echols is clearly the most likely perp. I cannot say that there is ONE single WOW piece of evidence, be it circumstantial or physical, that convinces me of anyone’s guilt (although the Evan Williams story is interesting don’t you think). Whoever killed those kids left scant physical evidence, that doesn’t mean that we just throw our hands up in the air and walk away. I don’t think that would be justice for the victims, do you? Also troubling (at least to me) is the fact that WM3 lawyers and PR have set out on an obvious strategy of propagating misleading information and “evidence” since release. Also troubling (at least to me) is that Echols keeps telling easily refutable lies. Does that help?

          26. Courtenay

            The Evan Williams story would only implicate Misskelley if anyone. I wont claim to agree with the evidence they have. Mitochondrial DNA wont convict Hobbs, or anyone for that matter.
            What I’m looking for tho, is what is so damning for Echols? Exhibit 500? The lake knife? Fibers? The fact that Damien is a smartass? He may not have been an angel, but that doesn’t prove he committed those crimes.
            I agree, we should not throw our hands in the air either, and I feel that is exactly what the state of Arkansas is doing.
            What lies do you speak of, btw?
            Thank you, Dennis, for being civil by the way….if only everyone else could knock off the name calling and personal attacks here….

          27. Dennis Wilheim

            Lies? Here’s a good one, or a bad one depending on how you look at it I suppose:


          28. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            See this is what I read: Echols, now 38, credits the Rinzai Zen tradition of Japanese Buddhism for inspiring his artwork. Organizers of the exhibition say part of the proceeds raised Saturday will benefit the Dharma Friends Prison Outreach Project, a division of the nonprofit Compassion Works for All, which distributes letters and dictionaries to inmates
            Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/west-memphis-three-s-damien-echols-to-exhibit-art-made-on-death-row-20130105#ixzz2Is4nBUZs
            Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

          29. itsbrandie

            its easy for you to say youd fight for your freedom, but you dont truly know till you’ve been in his shoes

          30. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

            Again. Agree to disagree.

          31. adahir100 .

            Jason Baldwin got a job in construction and he has the same record.

          32. Angel

            Regardless of how you feel re innocence or guilt, there is nothing intelligent or remarkable about him.

            Hell, even Misskelley (you know – the one you supporters call the retard) shows more intelligence simply by keeping his mouth shut.

          33. Courtenay Penick

            You’re kidding, right? Arkansas fucked up, period. I’d be screaming too!

          34. Val DePascale

            Damien Echols does not give a shit who murdered the children, and that should be obvious even to people who think he is innocent.

            He’s a lowlife, profiting off the murders of 3 8 year olds, and he is a disgusting person. He’s also a shitty writer, a shitty artist, and of no more than average intelligence. Legions of idiots consider him a “rock star” despite the fact that he neither sings nor plays an instrument.

            You’ve been had. If you want to ignore the evidence and believe he’s innocent, knock yourself out. But at least accept that he’s a talentless hack who would still be living in a trailer w/o so much as a GED had he not been convicted of this crime.

            He disrespects the memories of Michael Moore, Chris Byers, &amp Stevie Branch every single day. And you idiots pay the no-talent hack $200 to tattoo an X on your body. Why not donate that $200 to victims of violent crime if you care so much about justice? Cause that wouldn’t earn you the coveted title of Damien’s Chupacabra?

          35. Angel

            How did the state of Arkansas profit from these murders?

        3. Angel

          FYI –Johnny Dell purchased a painting from John Wayne Gacy, as well.

          1. Angel

            Johnny Depp, too. Damnable auto correct!

    2. adahir100 .

      he wants to stay in the limelight because he sounds like a self-centered narcissist who found pseudo celebrity – remember, he himself said he knew from a child he would be important and people would know who he was and remember him. He comes across as very self absorbed, not in touch with reality or other people in the world, only that which advances his narcissistic self importance.

  5. itsbrandie

    I’m pretty sure this website it sick, you’d rather spend your time making a stupid website just to talk bad about someone, rather then having a life. If you don’t like him, fine… but why do you have to bash him? You don’t even know him.

    1. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

      Girl stop. This website was not created for Damien, I am pretty sure of that. If you are going to like someone like him you are going to have to deal with it. Not everyone agrees with you. So what. Welcome to Earth.

    2. Veronica Dobell Prior

      Trench has been writing about crimes committed by teens since your “friend” was wearing his Scooby-Doo undies. Get over yourself.

    3. jack bain

      The unintended irony of someone complaining about another on the Internet not “having a life’ never ceases to amaze. You are a murder groupie. Some people don’t like that.

  6. susan

    Sorry. Gotta comment on the “art” this clown does. Did anyone else see the tree he finger painted for some charity cause? I swear my cat litter box has a more pleasing effect. Keep on writin’ that next book, Damien, can’t wait to see what kind of shit you produce. Your “fame” is limited, as is your talent. What will you do when you are forgotten?

  7. Trench Reynolds

    I’m sorry everyone. For a moment there I thought Kevin was someone to be taken seriously but it’s hard to take someone seriously when they’ve been tattooed by Echols himself.


    Does Echols like to mark all his lackeys? Did you get matching tattoos like Johnny Depp and Peter Jackson?

    Now let’s see. What kind of groups get similar tattoos to each other? Gangs and cults.

    I feel sorry for you Kevin. You’re just another piece of branded cattle in Echols’ herd.

    1. guardian2

      I first thought Kevin had some sense but hes nothing more that Echols gofer, he set up the gallery, taught him a little about tattoing hes in the cult following, lets hope he has a little sense to get out and maybe do some reading about Echols, the truth not the bull the supporters are handing out.

      1. Courtenay Penick

        I would love to hear your version of “the truth”. I’ve done TONS of reading (yes, even “Exhibit 500”). I am still waiting to see some hard evidence that he committed any crime. Wearing black, and being weird doesn’t count.

        1. Sheri Edwards Vandre

          Nice to see someone with “common sense” on here!

    2. Courtenay Penick

      I have one of his tattoos as well. I’m damn proud of it. Gangs and cults? Give me a fucking break. I support Damien and I think he is VERY lucky to have a friend like Kevin who will deal with the harassment threats, and general bullshit that comes with this kind of controversy. Kevin is a real standup guy, and I’m proud to know him.
      Every time I argue with you ‘nons’, I ask “please explain to me why you think he did it, and what evidence convinced you?”…nobody ever has a an answer besides “he’s just weird”….so what????? So I’ll ask again.

      1. Courtenay

        Stilllll waiting.

        1. Angel

          No one (other than Damien and his chubacabras) have ever claimed guilt because he was weird. He is guilty because of the collective evidence. He was convicted and the convictions upheld. And now he has pleaded guilt.

          Say what you want about judge Burnett, but the ASSC upheld all his rulings.

          Read Callahan.8k and tell me they are innocent. You supporters claim to have read it all, but your arguments for innocence only lead me to believe you base your opinion on PL mockumentaries.

          1. Courtenay Penick

            I have read Callahan. And you still haven’t shown me SPECIFIC evidence. I know what evidence convicted them. I want you to tell me what evidence convinces YOU.

      2. Val DePascale

        Typical supporter hyperbole. I’ve never heard a single non claim they believe Echols is guilty b/c he’s weird.

        Please tell me, what has Echols done in his life that causes you to admire him? I’ll pretend he’s innocent for this game. Explain to me why he is such a hero that you decided to permanently brand your body with his autograph.

        1. Courtenay

          I never said he was my hero. Now you’re putting words in my mouth. Sure I admire him. He is making a point to try and found out and expose who really committed these crimes. He’s not obligated to do that. Of course it will lead to exoneration if he succeeds at that. But he’s doing a hell of a lot more to find the truth than the state of Arkansas has done. He’s a good person. Have you ever met him? I’m guessing not.

        2. Sheri Edwards Vandre

          How and the hell do you think he was singled out in the first place!?! You are clueless when it comes to this case. Maybe you need to go back to DAY ONE and re-familiarize yourself!!

      3. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

        Ok why are all the Damien supporters talking nonstop about his tattoos? Who CARES!! Children are dead! Shut up about your worthless body art!! You all are as despicable as he is!

    3. Test123456

      “What kind of groups get similar tattoos to each other?”
      Friends. You might have to google the word though, since it is probably not a part of your vocabulary.

  8. Anita

    So let’s see, a guy is found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, has to spend 18 years on death row, has lost most of his informative years to an unjust system, finally is released, rightfully so I might add, and you don’t want him to make a living? and the word profit is being thrown around quite causually I might add. When any person goes to their job, no matter what their job is or what they do for a living, they have earned their paycheck, so when Damien sells his artwork for a “profit” as you call it, I see it as earning his paycheck, off of his actual talent. How about knocking off all of the jealousy (yes, I say jealousy because you wouldn’t be spending so much time hating on this subject if you weren’t so damn jealous) and knocking off all of the hatred and let the man live his life. I saw his artwork first hand as I was at the opening reception. He has talent. He paid 18 yrs of dues that he didn’t even owe to an unjust system that is supossed to be “just”. Nothing better to do with your life or don’t actually have a life?? Then go get one!!!

    1. jackson bad

      “Make a living.” That is an interesting turn of a phrase for a convicted triple child murderer selling his killer art. Yes, by all means, this man should make a mint off the fruit of his homicidal labors.

    2. Angel

      Its not jealousy — its disgust. And his “art” is childish and amatuer.

      I hope those that make a purchase don’t expect to see this art increase in value.

  9. Scott W.

    I don’t know if Echols committed the crimes, but I do know three things: Our justice system is messed up when a) a man can be convicted of a crime and put on death row without any real evidence, and b) a man can plead guilty to a crime and be released. Lastly, nobody would give a shit about Damien’s ‘art’ under any other circumstances.

  10. Sean

    Looks like you’re having a bad day.
    Sorry to hear that. I’d probably delete my website too if I had this many people throwing stones at me too.

    1. Angel

      I certainly hope he does not delete this site. WM3 are not the only dirtbags Trench shines a light on.

      These supporters are here behaving like rabid animals, yet accuse non’s of making threats.

      Although I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not disappointed that Echols escaped the needle or that they aren’t all rotting away in prison.

      1. Courtenay Penick

        Who’s being rabid? Shuan is the one talking about Dirty Sanchez &amp Mr Bojangles is talking about whether Kevin is a top or bottom! LMAO….come on!

  11. myloridarlin

    Meanwhile, Jason Baldwin has started a non-profit org. for wrongfully convicted individuals. It is called Proclaim Justice and can be found on facebook and twitter as well as via web.

    1. Angel

      Sure. Why not start his own rather than donate to the Innocence Project. Maybe because they refused to assist the WM3. Why is that? Maybe because Scheck and crew thought they were in fact guilty?

      1. Courtenay

        Funny you say that. I saw Scheck a few months ago on a panel discussion at the New York Law School, sitting right next to Damien. Turns out ol’ Barry was directly involved in getting a DNA statute passed in Arkansas that would allow for that evidentiary hearing they were promised. Barry is on team Echols, brother.

      2. myloridarlin

        What in the world does that have to do with the difference in what Echols is doing and what Baldwin is trying to do? Baldwin is at LEAST trying to do some good by attaching himself and his name to something honorable.

  12. Test123456

    Just saw that you pretend the reason you’re cowardly hiding behind your fake identity is to protect your family from WM3 supporters.

    The fact is however, that YOU wrote this nasty little entry (and I assume no one forced you to do so), which apparently resulted in threats towards Kevin, from YOUR readers …only then did some people come to his and Echols’ defense. If your family needs protections it’s because of YOUR little hobby and it’s because of the bad decissions YOU made.


    1. Angel

      Who threatened either one of them?

      1. Test123456

        Congratulations, you totally missed the point of my comment. Too many long words in it?

  13. Jason

    If you’re worried about protecting your family. 2 seconds searching online shows on your trench reynolds Facebook who you are married to. All they have to do is look up who she’s married to and it shows you, where you live, where your family lives in other states. That’s all public information.

    You can’t expect to slander this man for year and not expect backlash. Our chapter has had these guys backs for years.

    You probably went barking up the wrong tree &amp won’t be able to get back down for a while.

    1. Courtenay Penick

      Yeah, seriously. For someone who pretends that Damien and “his rabid fans” might actually physically come after him, you’re not very good at being anonymous, Patrick. Please, dude. No one is showing up on your doorstep. It cracks me up that you even consider that a threat.

      1. Test123456

        Also, the only threats I’m aware of came from HIS “rabid fans” and were directed at Kevin.

        1. Angel

          Again — who threatened this nobody Kevin?

          1. Test123456

            Some rabid fans of this nobody Patrick.

    2. Test123456

      This must be the “Scientology Methods” he whines about on his
      Twitter … I have to say, I’m a bit dissapointed, I was expecting more from Scientology.


  14. michaeljcheaney

    I can sum up the only 2 reasons that anybody would be friends with Damien.
    1. He is (in)Famous and they think that when he “cashes in” either via Movie deal or book….
    2. It makes them feel important. (As in Hey look at me, I am being seen with someone famous….)

  15. Andrew

    I think Ecohls is guilty. I can’t believe how blind people can be to the truth. It’s ridiculous…. I’m in utter shock actually.

    1. Andrew

      I just watched the Paradise Lost films and the thing that got me was how easy the wm3 were to accuse Mark Byers and then the other father on just as much evidence that there was against them and then the bitch n moan about omg we were accused with no evidence and there’s just as much evidence against mark byers…. and then.. oh wait… after researching online theres a shit tons more evidence against damien and his 2 tarded boyfriends than anybody ever admits. INSANITY!

      1. RadioChuck

        The irony is that John Mark Byers now believes the WM3 are innocent, as does Stevie Branch’s mother, Pamela Hobbs…who would’ve thought?

  16. Sheri Edwards Vandre

    Another “blog” showing just how ignorant people are when it comes to the law and evidence (or lack there of) as well as the other elements in our criminal justice system that need rehabilitation!!

  17. anonymous

    Hey people…….jealous much? If you spent the last 17-18 yrs in prison (for something you didnt do), do you think you know how to go about getting a 9-5 that would let you live above the poverty level. I HIGHLY doubt it. Just finding someone to hire you would be a challange. This IS a way for him to make a living and continue to help w/funding to find the REAL murderer/s. I have followed this case since the day I heard about it and I truly believd those guys are innocent. I have first hand expirence with knowing half of what the news reports is BULL S%*T and lazy good for nothing police detectives not wanting to find the real murderers so they decide to label it a murder/suicide so they have a quickly closed case! Police do make mistakes, they do set people up. The faster they can “catch” the bad guy, the faster they close a case and all looks good for them. Do the reasearch before spouting off at the mouth or bashing someone for what you may feel is in poor taste. You may not like Damien Echols or agree with his choices of how he spends his time now, but that does not make him a killer. All the comments I have read have been STUPID, POINTLESS opinions. No facts. Why would you waste your time and energy on this blog? It serves no pupose, good or bad.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      I’d love to hear about your first hand experience I’m sure you’ll be presenting this to the courts in order to get Echols exonerated right?

  18. cerealmom

    I am glad I am not the only person disgusted by this coat-tail riding fame-sucking waste of space.

  19. susan

    Damien Echols‏@damienechols
    The universe is much more magickal because you are in it.
    I’m pretty sure Damien left this one on twitter for you, Trench. 🙂

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Did he really type ‘magickal’? He tweets like a 12-year-old goth girl.

      Besides, the universe is more awesome with me in it.

  20. Emily Craftsman

    I know I’m 2 months late to this topic but I just wanted to add this…If Damien wanted to, he could go back to school and work towards a degree that way he can in the future make a decent living. If Jason Baldwin got a job 3 days after release why couldn’t Damien? I

  21. William Ramsey

    To all:

    Today is the first day of a Kickstarter campaign intended to raise money for post-production costs related to my documentary about the West Memphis Three. You can obtain more information here:


    The film is currently in post-production. As 150 minutes of material has already been compiled, all that is needed are some additional funds to complete the project. Please help if you are able.

    If I can surpass the amount I’m looking for, I’d like to add an additional disc to the DVD case with visual information on the following provisional topics:

    Mara Leveritt and the Devil’s Knot: Grinding A Dull Axe

    The Defense Rests: Obfuscation and Omissions in all Defense arguments

    Fools on Parade: Hollywood and journalistic dupes, etc.

    I also just completed a small article about a data point many researchers have missed—the pentagram tattoo on the chest of Damien Echols. See here:


    Thank you!!

    William Ramsey


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