Trench rankles the Church of Echolsology

Damien “L. Ron” Echols

Damien “L. Ron” Echols

Before we get down to business there’s a new word that we have to enter into the Trench Reynolds Lexicon. The lexicon only has two entries. The first was the term mutants which I use to refer to the troglodytes who sympathize or idolize school shooters, specifically the Columbine cowards. Then there’s the three middle names of doom of Ray, Lee and Wayne. It seems that an inordinate amount of criminals have one of those three middle names. Hmmm, isn’t Damien Echols’ middle name Wayne? But I digress. Speaking of convicted child murderer Echols he refers to his murder groupie fans as ‘chupacabras’. That is the dumbest name for a group of fans since Juggalos. I will now be referring to them as ‘Chalupas’ since they have the same mental capacity as the Mexican delicacy.

Now down to business. In my last post about the Damien Echols hype machine I talked about an ‘art’ show in New York City that presented Echols juvenile doodles. It seems that may have been the straw that broke the child killing camel’s back. On that post I started receiving comments from someone claiming to be the owner of the art gallery/tattoo parlor and that he was a personal friend of Echols. It seems that they consider me hostile and had me investigated by their lawyers. Then the lackey of Echols proceeded to post parts of my personal information in the comments such as my given name, the town I live in and who lives with me in my house which includes one of my kids. Granted my son is a 25-year-old aspiring gunsmith but still. He also claimed that the Echols legal team is looking to have a restraining order filed against me and are actively trying to get my site shut down.

If you follow internet culture at all you may recognize these tactics of suppression that are used by another organization that constantly looks to quash criticism of it on the net, The Church of Scientology, a cult. I use this comparison intentionally because it seems that Echols inner circle of Chalupas act very much like a cult. Not occult mind you but a cult nonetheless. To further my point at this ‘art exhibit’ the aspiring tattoo artist Echols was amateurly tattooing people with the letter X if they were willing to cough up two bills and change including his gallery owning confidante. So basically Echols is branding as many cattle in his herd as he possibly can.

In an attempt to show the world the strong-arm tactics being used by Echols cronies I reached out to a national ‘journalist’ on Twitter who had done some pieces for a national news program that was very favorable of Echols. Again my naivete showed thinking that national journalists are anything more than talking heads as she completely ignored my request and told me I shouldn’t hind behind an anonymous Twitter handle if I’m going to call Echols a killer and I better have proof. First off I can can call Echols a child killer because that’s what he was convicted for. Secondly it shows you how far Echols has his slimy tentacles in the media especially since no journalist is willing to seriously question him on his account of the events.

So with my personal information being out there in the wild and the media refusing to do any investigation, you know, their job, I thought about hanging up my keyboard after 13 years. I asked my family what I should do, I asked some of my blogging friends, answers were mixed. Some said I should others said I shouldn’t. Then something happened that convinced me to stay. I received messages from some of the victims’ family members. You remember the victims don’t you? Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, the names that seem to be swept under the rug when it comes to the Echols media tour. These family members thanked me for my work and tenacity on trying to get the truth out there. There’s no way in my heart I could ever let them down. Not to mention that while Echols may think that universe revolves around him this site does not. I have done some good work in the past 13 years in the areas of school violence and human trafficking and I was not about to throw that all away because some trailer trash child killer got a bug up his ass. Plus as a wise man once told me never let the bastards win.

As long as Echols is free I will continue to document how he’s nothing more than a lowlife scumbag using the murders he was convicted of for his own selfish benefit.

If you want to see the truth about Echols I recommend going to The Truth About the West Memphis 3, West Memphis Three Facts and the West Memphis Three Case – Document Archive.

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  1. Mike Pittman

    I was threatened by the friends and family of the Tacoma Mall Shooter, Dominick Sergio Maldonado. Did not let it deter me.

  2. Soobs

    Good for you. I would have understood if you hung it up, when your family was threatened. After all, that’s why one uses a pseudonym. But I’m so glad you realized all the good that you have done, and will continue to do. And my friend, PLEASE divest yourself of the notion that anyone in the media actually cares about the truth anymore. I wonder if that “journalist’s” initials are E.M.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Those MAY or may not be her initials.

  3. Joe Gillespie

    “Almost Home” = “Dianetics.”

    Damien = Xenu.

    It works.

    Glad you stayed, man.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Comment of the day right there.

    2. Erika Barbara

      LOL, love it 🙂

  4. Scott W.

    As of now, I’m looking at it this way not only was Echols convicted (either with or without solid evidence), but he has plead guilty, therefor admitting to the crime. So now in your support, I see him as a convicted felon and nothing more. Is he guilty? Anyone that sacrifices their innocence, pride, and dignity for freedom is nothing more than a martyr to their own weaknesses. If I had to live in a society that deemed me a child killer, despite mine own innocence, I might as well be strong enough to accept the criticism that I have succumb unto myself through my plea, my admittance to a crime that I did or did not commit. In other words, fuck him for being the humanure of his own admittance.

  5. Erika Barbara

    Trench, thank you for remembering the children. I am so fucking tired of Damien Echols and his celebrity ass kissers and inept reporters who don’t do their job to FACT CHECK and report the truth. I know some people who use to follow Damien’s ever whim and once they read your blog as well as the other sites reporting the truth about the case, they would say “How the fuck did I ever fall for this bullshit? How did I ever think about supporting a triple child killer???” Unfortunately, Damien has a lot of people fooled, even Johnny Depp, Eddie Vedder, Robert Smith and Henry Rollins. If Damien was able to look at Eddie Vedder’s eyes and tell him he didn’t kill those boys, forget about that poor guy who runs that Tattoo/Art Gallery place in New York. Hell, he got his wife Lorri fooled. Get your Lawyers together as well because what he is doing to you is illegal and the truth of the matter is this: If what you are writing was false, how come Damien has not sued you for slander or defamation? He can’t. I’m glad the victim’s families have your back. We all do. I wish people would start remembering the victims, the 3 dead 8 year olds who were brutally killed. The reporters don’t remember the victims, Damien’s groupies don’t care about them, and what’s worst is Damien doesn’t give a fuck about them either. As long as he’s famous and keeps himself in company of celebs, that’s all he cares. Jason is in La La land trying to be a lawyer but he doesn’t show remorse either. Only Jesse has been the one who shown some emotion. Guilt? Who knows. But don’t close your site. Your site together with the other 3 have opened many people’s eyes. God Bless.

    1. MsM

      I completely agree with you – although it wouldn’t be hard to pull the wool over Henry Rollins’ eyes, he doesn’t strike me as all that smart to begin with.

  6. Shaun Wheeler

    I am both shocked and appalled at Erin’s comments. While I am unsurprised that she cannot be candid or truthful, it’s disturbing that she cannot directly address difficult questions.
    I asked her how she would feel if somebody published her home address. Her reply was “it’s been done”. A more compelling answer would have been “It has been done” followed by “I felt” along with whatever her particular feelings were.
    Why did she supply an answer to a question I did not ask rather than the one I did? Because the followup would have been “do you think that’s a very responsible thing to do, threaten somebody because you disagree with them?”
    48 Hours is capable of doing a reasonable job of reporting but they seem to have abandoned any pretense of objectivity where this case is concerned. It’s impossible to get direct answers to difficult questions from them. This certainly paints many of the programs they have produced in a very, very different light.

    1. Erika Barbara

      I saw Erin’s tweets. It’s amazing how Journalist no longer bother to do their job and investigate. You can tell she only went by with what Lorri and Damien said to her and the same recycled “facts” about the heavy metal teenager who wore black and was trouble. She didn’t interview the Police, Judge, Juries, Psychiatrists who examined Damien and put him away a few times (all this before he was arrested for the murders) or the Pathologist who performed the autopsies on those 3 boys….
      It’s all about ratings in this day and age and a TRUE journalist would look into everything before airing a show like that on national TV. Seriously, poor journalism. Screw the facts, lets get some ratings!

  7. susan

    When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.
    – William Blake

    1. susan

      Three little dead boys know the truth. Please continue to defend them.

  8. Fred J Walsh

    Good to see you’re staying, Trench. And you’re not alone in the comparison of Echols’ followers to a “cult”:

    [Medical Examiner Frank] Peretti says the case has shadowed him through the years. He’s been
    threatened and followed by those who believe in the innocence of the men
    convicted of killing the boys.

    “People don’t know all the facts,” he says. “They only read the garbage.”

    Peretti compares supporters of the three men to a cult.

    are being worshipped as child killers,” he says. “In my 25 years as a
    pathologist, I’ve been involved with high-profile cases, but I’ve never
    had groupies attack me like this.”

    1. Courtenay

      Because Peretti (who was never certified) has any fucking idea what he’s doing.

  9. Your_Pal_Nancy

    After all these meaningful comments I almost don’t want to say it but….lol @ chalupas!

    1. Trench Reynolds

      That’s ok Nancy. It was meant to be lol’d at .

  10. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

    Just “yay”. Your writing is amazing, inspirational and truthful. You are a true journalist and I am glad you are not letting these people bully you. The Right to Free Speech is alive and well. 🙂

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thank you Vanessa but I’m not a journalist. I’m just a man with a website and an opinion.

      1. Vanessa Suzanne Chamberlain

        Whatever you want to call yourself…we all thank you. 🙂

  11. Todd Moore

    Trench I don’t know who you are but as Mike’s dad I wanna say thank you for continuing to put the truth out there, I hope to one day find out your true identity .

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thank you Mr. Moore. Just you commenting here means a lot to me.

    2. I'm Batman

      It’s pretty easy to find his true identity. It’s public info.
      Look at his Facebook page and you’ll see who he’s married to. Search for who is wife married to and you’ll find him.

      He’s not batman.

      1. Trench Reynolds

        The IP address comes back to a Verizon iPhone in New York City. Are you using Kevin’s phone or are you just another lackey?

    3. Ed

      Shouldn’t the truth speak for itself? So why does someone, who claims to tell “the truth” feel the need for childish name calling, insults and threats? Because “the truth” is not what matters, what matters is catering to his audience. Just look at the comments from some of his readers and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

      If you are who you claim you are you should look more deeply into things before associating yourself with people like Patrick, who will only use you to add some kind of credibility to his blog. At the end of the day, its not you who matters to him and its not the poor victims either – its the attention and the ego boost he gets, its the traffic his blog receives and its the money he makes from it. (and yes, I’m aware I’m adding to it … )

      1. Trench Reynolds

        You do realize that everything you said about me can be said about Echols right? Except substitute blog with book or movie.

        Nice anonymizer by the way. Just more WM3 cowardice.

        1. Ed

          That’s all you have to say? “But he does it too”? Wow. I stopped using these kind of rhetorics when I was about ten, because not only did they not work on my parents, I also noticed that by saying something like that I basically admitted to what they accused me of. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since you ‘re so very fond of name calling, which is also not exactly a sign of maturity, now is it?

          Also, I’m pretty sure the “cowards” in the IT department do not anonymize outgoing traffic for your amusement. And you with your fake online identity calling them cowards is pretty ironic anyway.

          1. praline

            Such a silly argument. Trench isn’t trying to change anyone’s mind. Hell Echols could scream as loud as he can how he killed the boys and the majority of his followers would call him a liar. Stepford groupies. Nothing Trench says in his articles will make any difference what so ever in the case, convictions or people’s opinions. Every person who researches the case (at this point in 2014) has a firm opinion on guilt or innocent and isn’t willing to change sides now.

            He is adding valuable humor and entertainment to those of us that have a brain and can decipher between the truth and text book defense lawyer tactics. Not only his Trench NOT falling for the smoke and mirrors ~ he is blowing on it and aggravating it because its fun. =)

          2. Trench Reynolds

            I do like to to poke the bear from time to time.

    4. Courtenay

      Willing to bet that post is fake.

  12. Erika Barbara

    Seems that a few people trying to tell Erin Moriarity something got their accounts on twitter suspended by the Chulupas. I’m hoping Mike Blatty (son of the man who wrote The Exorcist) comes back to that thread. He really gives some great responses there.

    1. RadioChuck

      Apparently their only defense is trying to silence those who disagree and making fake Twitter accounts…can’t the pro-WM3 crowd do better than that?

      1. Trench Reynolds

        I’m beginning to think they’re all teenage girls or have the minds of teenage girls.

  13. Guest

    reporter Erin Moriarty has been taking some criticism on Twitter for
    her case reportage, specifically her clear sympathies with the

    Here are 15 Questions I suspect she will not be asking
    Echols at their upcoming Feb 5 Brandeis appearance (see link) — and that he
    wouldn’t be too inclined to answer anyway.


    @EFMoriarty Again, your coverage of the wm3 case was disappointing — in
    part because you posed no tough questions to the convicted.

    Here are 15 Questions for Damien Echols you could have asked–questions
    DE likely wont answer to satisfaction #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 1 ) Why did he tell Larry King he lived in Marion, 10-15
    miles from crime scene, when at time of crimes… he by his own
    testimony lived at Broadway Trailer Park in W Memphis, less than 2 miles
    from crime scene? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 2 ) Why has Echols told interviewers he went to West
    Memphis “hardly at all”…when in fact he lived there, and testified to
    walking around W Memphis with Jason Baldwin “frequently”? #WM3

    @EFMoriarty ( 3 ) Why has
    Echols told interviewers he was unfamiliar with crime scene neighborhood
    where victims lived…when he testified in 1994 to walking through that
    neighborhood “2 to 3 times a week”… #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty …and when he can vividly recount living as a kid for a
    time at Mayfair Apartments, across from crime scene? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty ( 4 ) Why has Echols dismissed tales of his mental illness
    as the work of “third- &amp fourth-hand rumors”…when 1st-hand
    documentation from mental health professionals &amp peers supports his
    dealing w mental issues? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 5 ) When Echols reported to the SSA as having been treated
    for “Homicidal, Suicidal, Manic Depression…Schizophrenia, Drug Abuse,
    Alcohol Abuse &amp Sociopathic,” how much of that self-assessment was
    legitimate? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty And if certain of
    those assessments were not legitimate, why did he offer them in
    application for benefits? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 6 ) Awaiting trial, why did he write his body was
    changing via Koolaid packs, making him into “the Christ”? #WM3

    @EFMoriarty ( 7 ) If a “white
    wiccan” at time of arrest, why’d he write imagery of himself as”Satan’s
    artillery captain”? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 8 ) How does he reconcile his contention he was on the
    phone with 4 girls when cops said crimes occurred…with the 1993
    statements offered by those girls, who did *not* cover him for the hours
    from 5:00-9:20pm? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 9 ) And further, why did Jennifer Bearden report that his
    Grandma had told her he was “out,” at 8:00 pm? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty …And why did Bearden report that Echols told her he was
    out somewhere with Jason Baldwin that night? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty ..And why did Heather Cliett report Holly George had told
    her D said he’d been out that night walking around? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 10 ) Why, on May 10, speaking w/ WMPD, did his account of
    May 5 differ sharply from the story Domini told? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty Specifically, when Domini was dropped home. He put her drop
    home before 3pm her own account put her home 7pm #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty ( 11 ) The softball girls. Why at trials did he smirk at
    their testimony and call them liars from the stand? #WM3 #DamienEchols

    @EFMoriarty (To your credit you asked him about softball girls–but
    didn’t hold him accountable for what may be perjury.) #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 12 ) What is the truth of the Mark Gardner rape
    allegations, that he’s submitted and withdrawn at points…If the rape
    allegations were false, which Echols has at times contended, then why
    were they made? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 13 ) Was Joe Bartoush’s account of DE killing a dog–
    corroborated by Cliett/Hodge, &amp D’s dog skulls–true? #WM3

    @EFMoriarty …If not true, why does he think
    Jason’s cousin would offer the damaging account, especially w D&ampJ in
    peril? #WM3 #DamienEchols


    @EFMoriarty ( 14 ) When he said that, like Manson &amp Bundy, he’d be
    remembered by the world, was this what he had in mind? #WM3

    @EFMoriarty ( 15 ) Does he
    feel his parents were truthful, telling doctors in Sep 92 they did not
    want D in their home…for fear of what he could do to them &amp
    children in the house? If not, why would they offer that statement? #WM3

  14. Dennis Wilheim

    Curious behavior from a “journalist”, no doubt. Mr. Echols is leaving a trail of baffled reporters in his wake, that’s for sure.

  15. Andy Prendergast

    Keep on doing what you do so well Trench. Erin Moriarty is a disgrace as a so-called ‘journalist’.

  16. Paul Overton

    Keep up the good work man.

  17. Shannon Bradley Byers

    Trench, you know I appreciate all that you do, not just with this case, but as a whole. I would have supported any decision you made, but I’m really glad to know you are not going quietly into that good night. When he started calling his cult that ridiculous name, the first thought was…he’s found a way to call his followers suckers and have them like it! The tide IS going to turn. Echols is going to do whatever he can to feed his narcissism, and it will be is undoing..eventually. I don’t it doesn’t mean a lot in the big scheme of things, but I’m proud to have you on the Non side with the rest of us.

  18. slowbutsteady

    Sadly, I have to say I was one of the people who thought that the WM3 had been jailed falesly…I am now, whole heartedly one of the “nons”. Thank you Trench for saving me $20 I was going to spend on Echols last book. After speding all morning reading the various documents, I now know these child killers should still be in prison and Echols on deathrow. Hopefully, he’ll hang himself on his lies and be shipped right back into prison.

  19. clevo

    Good for you for standing your ground Trench! Don’t let the bastards get you down. And to use John Sandford’s term the movie people (meaning journalists) are so transparent in their worship of pop culture, scandal and celebs of even the murderous kind that they are making themselves irrelevant, though they haven’t noticed yet.

  20. Angel

    If I am not badly mistaken, Trench, the term “chupacabra” may be a more
    fitting name than most people realize. The chupacabra is a Latin
    American (primarily Puerto Rican) version if the bogeyman. It is said to
    be vampiric and mean, with a foul smell and vicious temperament. It
    supposedly sucks the blood of goats and other pets, and usually kills
    them. Kind of like a smaller, meaner, more loathsome version of bigfoot.
    As I said, perhaps this term is applicable to Echols’ followers (and
    Echols himself) after all.

  21. Janice Thomsen

    Love it, I am going to fax it too Terry Hobbs. Thanks for bringing out the truth.

  22. praline

    I just found your site. Just posting a drive by to let you know I love your articles on echols. I have followed the case for years and your writing what I have always thought. However you SERIOUSLY made me LOL when I read ” So basically Echols is branding as many cattle in his herd as he possibly can” Because that is EXACTLY what it is.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thanks, hope you stick around.

  23. Kit

    Oh wow, glad you didn’t quit! I found your blog today (I love it) and I appreciate what you do. I run a bizarre murders blog, and well, let’s just say the messages I get are more insane than the content. Kids and embarrassing adults defending killers and the like…*facepalm*
    Anyway, you’re awesome. Just wanted to say that!

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thanks Kit.

      Do you have a link to your blog?

  24. Laura Miller

    Do you mind if I ask why you hate this guy so much? I have read a lot about him and the other two and I personally think these guys did not have the means to kill these boys. How do you write off no DNA of theirs on these boys yet DNA did show up from Terry Hobbs, How did they clean that up when back then they did not know to clean it up? I happened to be in West Memphis once and talked to some folks out there and I asked them if they thought those boys did the crimes and not one of them thought so. These were not stupid rednecks these were well educated people. I am not a big follower of the boys but I have read some on them and also seen some news on them and the “witches and devil worshiping” well that is a wild stretch, many who testified admitted to the lies they told about Damon and the others, even two parents think these boys were not the killers! Why did they let them go? I know why the Alford plea was to keep them safe from law suits but why would they for the first time ever release someone from death row? Did you see the new evidence that was presented? If your so able to see the guilt why is it nobody in the courts seen it? I am not trying to be a jerk here I am being open minded and really trying to see your side of things.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Hate is a pretty strong word. Echols doesn’t matter so much to me that he elicits feelings of hate in me. The reason I dislike him is because he’s a three time convicted child killer, whose conviction was upheld multiple times mind you, who is walking free and making money as a minor celebrity off of it. I’ve addressed your other concerns in other comments.

  25. Laura Miller

    That is easy to say when your not sitting in a shit hole of a prison. Now try it from them other side and I don’t think you would stand like that..


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