More Chalupa hijinks from Echols’ fans

Over the weekend this fake twitter account showed up in response to my latest posts on Damien Echols…



So apparently they’re not above employing the same tactics as a grade school bully. Bravo. However will I recover from that?

9 Replies to “More Chalupa hijinks from Echols’ fans”

  1. Wow. “Stench” Reynolds. BURN!! Bet you were just beside yourself upon seeing this reach such a massive amount of followers! You’re ruined, Trench!

  2. I’m sure you must be about as distraught as you were after finding out about that “We Hate Trench Reynolds” page on Myspace a few years back, eh? LOL…can’t the WM3 defenders do better than that?

  3. Do Echols’ blind followers not realize that he’s insulting them by calling them “chupacabras”? He’s basically calling them vampires, which is insulting at best. It’s what we call someone who sucks the life out of us, who drains our money, etc. Not what we would call someone who is supportive of us and believes us innocent of wrongdoing, even against all evidence to the contrary.

    These people need to wake up and realize that he has no respect for them at all. He’s using them.

  4. Echols supporters (or friends) are really pathetic. Honestly, to create a fake twitter account to make fun of you is so juvenile. This just shows their light in the public eye. The fact is supporters are not very bright people.
    Did I say too much?

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