Timothy Smith convicted in Illinois craigslist murder


Timothy Smith

Smith found guilty of first-degree murder:

Today 28-year-old Timothy Smith of Woodstock, Illinois was convicted of first-degree murder for the May 2011 shooting of 48-year-old Kurt Milliman.

At the time Smith was prostituting his pregnant wife on craigslist and Milliman went to their home to use her ‘services’. According to Smith’s wife, Milliman was drunk and she asked him to leave. When Milliman tried to force the issue by allegedly slapping Smith’s wife Smith shot Milliman in the back with a .38. However, instead of calling police Smith tried to make the crime scene look like a break in by breaking a window and rearranging various items in the home. Meanwhile, Milliman was still alive and bleeding to death. Smith claims he did this because he was ashamed of what he and his wife were doing. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he didn’t want to be arrested for pimping his pregnant wife.

Smith is facing 45 to 85 years while his wife was granted immunity from the murder charges for her testimony. He is scheduled to be sentenced in late April.

While justice has been served there are no good guys in this story, only bad guys. Smith was turning out his pregnant wife while Milliman was supposedly violent towards her when she refused his money. All during a time when craigslist had supposedly gotten rid of prostitution ads on their site. If only one of the parties involved actually acted like a responsible human being none of this would have happened.

UPDATE 6/3/2013: Timothy Smith was sentenced to 50 years. His wife is looking at 1 to 6 and will be sentenced later this week.

UPDATE 6/16/2013: Smith’s wife was sentenced to two years probation.

Suspect poses as craigslist escort service owner to assault woman

Loyton Francis

Loyton Francis

Man arrested for assault of woman who answered Craigslist ad:

Police in Conway, Arkansas have arrested 31-year-old Loyton Francis for allegedly assaulting a woman that he met through craigslist. How he met her through craigslist is a new one on me.

Francis, while using the alias ‘Jake Lancaster’, allegedly placed an ad on craigslist posing as an escort service owner looking for new employees. Police say that he picked up the woman at her home. She believed that they were going to dinner for an interview. Instead the victim says that Francis ordered her out of the car at a vacant field and tried forcing her to undress. Luckily she was able to get away and call a friend. Police were able to trace the ad back to Francis.

Not surprisingly Francis was out on release awaiting a federal trial. I was unable to find out what exactly those charges were but this arrest put him back in federal custody. Police also believe that Francis may have had more victims…

The department asks potential victims or those with information about the case contact Conway police at 501-450-6120, or contact the US Marshal’s Office in Little Rock.

Applying for a normal job on craigslist is risky enough. Applying for ‘adult’ employment opens you up to a whole other level of possible dangers.

Chardon High gunman pleads guilty

T.J. Lane

T.J. Lane

T.J. Lane pleads guilty to Chardon school shootings:

On almost a year to the day since Russel King Jr., Demetrius Hewlin and Daniel Parmentour lost their lives in a senseless act of violence their killer has pleaded guilty to their murders. Today T.J. Lane was ruled competent to stand trial for the shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio. It was at this point that Lane’s attorney entered the guilty plea on behalf of his client.

Lane was 17 and waiting for the bust at Chardon that would have taken him to his alternative school. Instead of getting on the bus Lane entered Chardon armed with a .22 killing the aforementioned victims and wounding Joy Rickers and Nick Walczak. Mr. Walczak is now in a wheelchair because of the wounds he received at the hands of Lane.

Lane’s defense claimed that he suffered from visual and auditory hallucinations. A story that’s been tried many times before in school shootings and has yet to work.

Even with his guilty plea Lane is still looking at a life sentence since he was charged as an adult. He is scheduled to be sentenced on March 19th.

Perry Hall High shooter sentenced to 35 years

 Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Perry Hall High School shooter Gladden gets 35 years in prison:

Today 15-year-old Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the shooting that took place at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore. Back in August of 2012 Gladden stormed the school cafeteria with a shotgun. He ended up shooting 17-year-old special needs student Daniel Borowy in the back. Luckily Daniel survived his injuries.

The state recommendation was for a 20 to 30 year sentence for attempted murder but Baltimore County Circuit Judge Robert E. Cahill Jr. decided to go past the state recommendation for sentence and I say good for him.

Before every one gets all tear eyed thinking about a 15-year-old going to jail until he’s 50 let’s not forget that the kid was a Columbine worshiping mutant, wished he could have been at Sandy Hook and according to this article didn’t give a rat’s ass if Daniel Borowy lived or died. And oh yeah, he also shot someone in the back with a shotgun at his school. He wasn’t bullied by his own admission as well.

His attorney argued that Gladden had a tough life because of his parents’ divorce and a relative that committed suicide. Boo-Hoo. His lawyer even said that “He was just starting adolescence.” The last time I checked none of the stages of reaching adolescence included trying to commit mass murder at your school.

This kid got exactly what he deserved and if you think teenagers are too dumb to know that murder = prison then you’re insulting everyone’s intelligence.

Charges dropped against Carina Saunders murder suspects

Carina Saunders

Carina Saunders

Murder charges dismissed in Carina Saunders homicide case:

Two men who were charged in the brutal murder and mutilation of 19-year-old Carina Saunders have had the murder charges against them dropped.

Carina’s body was found mutilated in a duffel bag behind a Bethany, Oklahoma grocery store in October of 2011. Jimmy Lee Massey Jr. and Luis E. Ruiz were believed to have tortured and murdered Carina. Witnesses even allegedly placed them at the at the location of Carina’s murder. Her murder was supposedly done in order to intimidate others into participating in a human trafficking and drug ring.

The charges were dropped after the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) were asked to take over the case and the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. However the charges could be refiled if new evidence is discovered.

Ruiz is currently free while Massey is still imprisoned on drug trafficking charges.

I really feel bad for the family and friends of Carina Saunders. After dying a horribly violent death and believing that her killers were brought to justice only to receive the news that the Bethany police may have gotten the wrong men must just be even more heartbreaking for them. I pray that the OSBI does not make the same mistakes and brings her killer or killers to justice.

UPDATE 3/7/2013: Here is more information on why the murder charges were dropped for now.

Backpage child pimps busted but not in Washington

Dontavious Mingel Blake

Dontavious Mingel Blake

Couple used Backpage.com to pimp 15-year-old girl, say federal prosecutors:

Federal investigators recently arrested 32-year-old Dontavious Mingel Blake and 26-year-old Tara Jo Moore for allegedly prostituting several people in the Palm Beach County, Florida area including a 15-year-old girl. The 15-year-old was not only advertised on Backpage but she says that Blake and Moore continued to use her picture even after she stopped working for them. She should consider herself lucky because most pimps and traffickers don’t allow anyone to stop working for them. Blake and Moore are both looking at life sentences although I’ll believe that when I see it.

Now I would imagine that Florida has to be one of the biggest sex trafficking hotspots in the country. Between all the tourist attractions and the multitude of reasons there are for visiting Florida you would think that he would hear more of these stories out of the Sunshine State, yet we don’t.

The last Florida Backpage story I posted was in January but before that the most recent child prostitution arrest I posted about was in July of last year. Again, I doubt that child sex trafficking activity has curtailed in Florida and I doubt that Backpage is doing anything about it. Granted in this case Backpage did respond to FBI requests but obviously didn’t do anything to prevent the advertisement of an underage girl being sold for sex from appearing on their website.

It’s not just Florida though, this is happening all over the country yet it’s barely being reported anymore. Are these type of stories too depressing for readers so publications and media outlets don’t do them, or is it because rarely are the victims blonde girls from suburbia?

One child, any child regardless of race, religion or social status being trafficked for sex in this country is too many and the people need to be informed that it is going on in their backyards no matter where they live.

Is the Echols media facade starting to crack?

Damien Echols (How much is that child killer in the window?)

Damien Echols (How much is that child killer in the window?)

South of Heaven:

The article I linked to is a review of the movie West of Memphis by the Santa Fe (NM) Reporter. Now the Reporter is the kind of newspaper they call an alt-weekly or alternative weekly. Much in the same vein as the Village Voice. These alt-weeklies have long been a source of Damien Echols support but in this review we can see a glimmer of hope that light bulbs are starting to flicker in the minds of some reporters.

The critic, David Riedel, says in his review that it’s hard to see the other side of the argument, meaning the viewpoint that Echols is actually guilty. However he does see fault in the WM3 hype machine’s latest so-called suspect…

All the famous people who supported the three pop up, including Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines and Peter Jackson. And though the filmmakers try to pin the killings on another person, it doesn’t quite work.

Emphasis mine.

Now if a movie critic can see this why can’t so-called investigative journalists?

Also please check out an even brighter glimmer of hope yet still falling short over at wm3truth.com.

Phoenix woman posed as pregnant teen on Facebook to rape teen boys

Jennifer Dempsey

Jennifer Dempsey

PD: AZ woman has sex with teens, fakes cancer to avoid arrest:

Jennifer Dempsey accused of faking cancer, having sex with minors:

35-year-old Jennifer Dempsey of Phoenix, Arizona was arrested recently for allegedly raping two boys, ages 14 and 16, that she met through Facebook. Now the news articles will say she ‘seduced’ or ‘had sex’ with the boys but let’s call it what it is, rape. It may be statutory rape but rape nonetheless. In case you’re wondering the age of consent in Arizona is 18.

Authorities say that Dempsey posed as a 16-year-old pregnant girl on Facebook and told both victims that she knew her parents. According to reports this shouldn’t be unusual since she’s a faker of epic proportions. According to police she also had her family convinced that she was suffering from cancer going as far to shave her head, buying wigs and having a chemotherapy port attached to her chest, albeit taped to her chest. She even tried using the cancer defense on police saying she was too ill to rape her victims.

Police believe that the rapes may have been going on for some time.

People with information related to the case are asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department’s Family Investigation Bureau at 602-534-2121 or Silent Witness.

Now there are going to be some douchebags out there who are going to say there’s no crime here. These are the same guys, and it’s always guys, who say I wish I was getting that tail at 15. You people, and I use that term loosely, are borderline pedo defenders. Yes I realize it’s actually called ephebophilia but a creeper by any other name is still a creeper. These are probably the same guys who call all women sluts. If this happened to my son when he was 14 I wouldn’t have been patting him on the back saying ‘Noice’. I would be at the courthouse every time this predator had an appearance to make sure that she was going to jail. As the old saying goes if this was a 35-year-old guy who ‘had sex’ with a 14-year-old girl we’d all be storming the jail house with pitchforks, torches and nooses.

Anybody who thinks this form or any form of child molestation is acceptable should do society a favor and kill themselves.

Tacoma man pimped out teen girl on Backpage for love

Love is blind and often brain damaged.

Love is blind and often brain damaged.

Tacoma man, teen girlfriend charged with prostituting teen on Backpage:

21-year-old David Diaz of Tacoma, Washington and his 16-year-old *ugh* girlfriend were arrested by police in Lakewood, Wash. for allegedly prostituting another 16-year-old girl on Backpage. Diaz allegedly told police that he did it out of love.

The girl was allegedly turned out at least 75 times by Diaz and his squeeze. The girl knew Diaz’s girlfriend from school. The girlfriend allegedly recruited the girl for Diaz.

Diaz had only been dating the girl for two months and claims that she came up with the idea.

Diaz told police he met his girlfriend two months ago and she started talking about prostituting girls to make money. He claimed he was only paid $20 per “date” and his girlfriend gave him gas money for driving the victim to various motels.

“The defendant admitted he knew what he was doing was wrong, but he tried to make (his girlfriend) happy because he loved her,” according to documents.

I remember being young and stupid thinking that I loved someone after an incredibly short period of time together. But no matter how stupid I was I would have never agreed to something as degrading as prostituting my girlfriend’s friend. What the hell are kids thinking these days?

Also this another story out of the Sea-Tac area. The only region where it seems these stories are being reported anymore. Ever since that Backpage allegedly split from Village Voice Media it seems like that we’ve gone back to square one in trying to raise awareness on how Backpage is making money off of the exploitation of these women and children. Where’s CNN? They seemed to be so hot on the topic when it was craigslist but now nothing? The same goes for 48 Hours when there was the ‘craigslist killer’ Philip Markoff. Yet nothing about an underage girl who was sold for sex 75 times. Sad.

TX woman charged with sending child porn to RSO that she met on MocoSpace

Desiree Lee Padilla

Desiree Lee Padilla

Harlingen infant porn suspect met sex offender on MocoSpace:

Swiss Miss up there is 22-year-old Desiree Lee Padilla of Harlingen, Texas. She was recently arrested for allegedly sending explicit pictures of an infant girl to a registered sex offender that she met on MocoSpace. Again with Texas and MocoSpace. I have to wonder once again if it’s just being reported more in Texas than any other area.

Anyway, the sex offender in question is 41-year-old James Leland Copeland Jr. who was convicted on child porn charges in Tennessee in 2005. He’s been in and out of prison since. He’s been arrested as well in this case.

Investigators say that Padilla sent pictures of her performing a sex act on an infant girl at Copeland’s request. The articles come out have not said if the girl was Padilla’s daughter.

Unfortunately this is not the uncommon occurrence you may think it is. Over at Bad Breeders there have been a multitude of stories of women who have sent their insignificant others child porn usually involving their own children. I don’t care if the guy was a multi-billionaire who was going to set you up for life on a private island. There is no man or woman out there that’s worth violating a baby for.

Do we as a society think so little of our children anymore?