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One Goh

One Goh

One Goh ordered to seek psychiatric care:

Accused shooter in massacre at a small Oakland university sent to mental hospital:

Last week an Alameda County (California) judge ordered Oikos University gunman One Goh to undergo psychiatric treatment at a state mental hospital. This ruling came after Goh was previously ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Thankfully this does not necessarily mean that Goh will escape justice for gunning down 7 people at the small Oakland school. If Goh is treated and then found to be sane he would then stand trial for the killings and would be eligible for the death penalty. If after three years his is still incompetent than the state would petition to have him committed indefinitely.

Again this raises the question on what can be done about the dangerously mentally ill before they kill without trampling on someone’s basic human rights? Solve that problem and mass murders like Oikos and Newtown would dwindle.

UPDATE 6/16/2013: Goh has once again been ruled unfit to stand trial.

UPDATE 5/31/2015: An Alameda County judge has ordered a September, 2015 trial to determine Goh’s mental competency.

One thought on “Oikos gunman ordered to psych facility

  1. MsM says:

    This man is just one of the reasons state funded mental institutions need to be re-instated.


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