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The sisters Meakens

The sisters Meakens

The ass-hats Tatiana Meakens, 23, and aunt Britany Meakens, 22, of Englewood Chicago, have been charged in the death of two toddlers of which they left at home…alone with two other children!! Why were they left alone? Because they both had a party to attend, at 3:30 in the morning! Stupid asses!!

Tatianas son, Javaris age 2, and her daughter, Jariyah, age 3 were found in a bedroom where the fire started. The home was heated with space heaters and a fucking hot plate which incidentally started the fire!! So they had no money for appropriate heat but plenty to go “party” on! Fuck-ups!! The children died from soot inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The two older children were able to escape. Apparently Tatiana had agreed to stay home with the children while Britany went out and partied but Tatiana (what the hell kind of name is that) got a phone call and yo, she had to go!! Hey, Tat told Brittany that she was leaving and Brittany said nooooo, your suppose to watch the kids….but Tat said fuck that and left! Tat came home…..when she found out her house was on fire, stupid c***!

So the explanation is the Aunt thought she was coming right back, mom technically did not leave her kids alone, the aunt did it, in the apartment, with a space heater…anybody got a clue? The heat was cut off and dumb and dumber were doing the best they could said the stupid public defender. Well I call horse shit on that excuse. Also this is completely the landlords fault cause there were no smoke detectors in the apartment. OK, well, as a good parent, you go to your local home improvement store and buy one or better yet go to your local fire station and they will GIVE you one.

As bad as it sounds I hope the carbon monoxide got to the babies first. A fire has to be a horrible way to die! Dumb and Dumber were charged with two counts of felony for endangering a child causing death and two counts of misdemeanor for endangering the life and health of a child. On December 24th a judge set bond…what a great way to spend Christmas! Those poor children!!

A former neighbor of Tats said that the was a single mom of 4 kids and a good parent. Really??? Another neighbor said it was hard to believe cause they were always with their kids. She loved them kids. Again…Really???

The two surviving children, both boys, age 7 and 4 were taken into CPS. Not to mention, the family was under investigation for child neglect….a little too late there CPS!


***Thanks to April for the tip and Leslie for the write up***

2 thoughts on “Mom and aunt charged in “toddlers’ death by fire.”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Actually Tatiana, I understand, is a Russian name, and Tatiana was the name of one of Russia’s last Grand Duchesses.
    Now, with that out of the way….
    You’d think they could get on HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) or something….


  2. I love the name Tatiana. It’s Russian. One of our former Olympians is a Tatiana (Gregorieva?) – pole vault from memory.


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