Is the Echols media facade starting to crack?

Damien Echols (How much is that child killer in the window?)
Damien Echols (How much is that child killer in the window?)

South of Heaven:

The article I linked to is a review of the movie West of Memphis by the Santa Fe (NM) Reporter. Now the Reporter is the kind of newspaper they call an alt-weekly or alternative weekly. Much in the same vein as the Village Voice. These alt-weeklies have long been a source of Damien Echols support but in this review we can see a glimmer of hope that light bulbs are starting to flicker in the minds of some reporters.

The critic, David Riedel, says in his review that it’s hard to see the other side of the argument, meaning the viewpoint that Echols is actually guilty. However he does see fault in the WM3 hype machine’s latest so-called suspect…

All the famous people who supported the three pop up, including Eddie Vedder, Natalie Maines and Peter Jackson. And though the filmmakers try to pin the killings on another person, it doesn’t quite work.

Emphasis mine.

Now if a movie critic can see this why can’t so-called investigative journalists?

Also please check out an even brighter glimmer of hope yet still falling short over at

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  1. It takes time, but this facade Damien carries around of ‘woe is me’ is going to eventually go bust. It always does. 4 documentaries defending these 3 murders. Amazing. Now if only there was money to make a documentary from the other angle.

  2. i love damien i mean if he were a murdere wouldnt he do it again i just can’t picture him killing someone he’s too calm i don’t think he know how too raise his voice lol

  3. the latest from damien’s twitter:

    Damien Echols‏@damienechols
    You never know who is going to turn out to be a divine link to your destiny – so treat everyone with respect.
    Hahahahaha! This from a murdering, narcissistic, psychopath.

      1. Damien lives just a very few minutes walk across from the playground at The Common in Salem. Parents should be aware of the fact. He bears watching. I wonder if the local law enforcement have an eye on him?

  4. another load of b.s. from damien echols on his twitter:

    Damien Echols‏@damienechols
    “Everyone makes mistakes – but if we are to learn from them we must first own them instead of blaming others”
    he has been invited to speak at tonight’s (3/8) film fest in Salem, MA.
    do you suppose he’ll own up to his mistakes? oh yeah. psychopaths don’t ever do that, do they??

  5. From what I understand more and more people are coming out against Echols. Parents in Salem are p*ssed he is living there including the son of the author of The Exorcist . His bizzarre Tweets , self absorbed behavior and fame whoring are not helping the sleaze bag.
    I will say this with no doubt or problem calling him this . Damien Echols is the worst Malignant Narcissist I have studied since Eric Harris . He might claim he is a Wiccan but he worships at the Temple Of Echols .

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