Perry Hall High shooter sentenced to 35 years

 Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Perry Hall High School shooter Gladden gets 35 years in prison:

Today 15-year-old Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the shooting that took place at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore. Back in August of 2012 Gladden stormed the school cafeteria with a shotgun. He ended up shooting 17-year-old special needs student Daniel Borowy in the back. Luckily Daniel survived his injuries.

The state recommendation was for a 20 to 30 year sentence for attempted murder but Baltimore County Circuit Judge Robert E. Cahill Jr. decided to go past the state recommendation for sentence and I say good for him.

Before every one gets all tear eyed thinking about a 15-year-old going to jail until he’s 50 let’s not forget that the kid was a Columbine worshiping mutant, wished he could have been at Sandy Hook and according to this article didn’t give a rat’s ass if Daniel Borowy lived or died. And oh yeah, he also shot someone in the back with a shotgun at his school. He wasn’t bullied by his own admission as well.

His attorney argued that Gladden had a tough life because of his parents’ divorce and a relative that committed suicide. Boo-Hoo. His lawyer even said that “He was just starting adolescence.” The last time I checked none of the stages of reaching adolescence included trying to commit mass murder at your school.

This kid got exactly what he deserved and if you think teenagers are too dumb to know that murder = prison then you’re insulting everyone’s intelligence.

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