Pillhead Breeder tries to sell daughter for GF’s bail money

Shawn Hughes (Dude, I am so wasted.)

Father allegedly sells daughter for bail money:

Tenn. man tried to sell 6-year-old daughter to get $1,500 for girlfriend’s bail, police say:

Police in Kingsport, Tennessee recently arrested 32-year-old (boy, that’s a rough 32) Shawn Hughes for allegedly trying to sell his 6-year-old daughter for bail money.

It seems that Hughes’ girlfriend and baby-momma, 27-year-old Jessica April Carey, was in the clink after being arrested on March 21st. Hughes is said to have called his grandmother, who some reports say is the child’s caretaker, and tried to sell the girl to her for $1500. G-Moms didn’t play as she called the cops and had them listen in on the phone conversations.

When Hughes went to the spot designated for the exchange he was arrested by police. So why was his squeeze in jail? She was arrested on child abuse charges of course. Hughes was also said to be in possession of prescription sedatives at the time of his arrest. Since he was hit with a drug charge as well I’m going to say that he wasn’t supposed to have them.

There is no woman out there worth selling one of your kids for. Considering what he looks like I can only imagine that she’s no beauty queen and since she’s been charged with child abuse I would imagine she’s not the nicest person in the world either.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the top forms if not the top form of drug abuse in our country and drug abuse can definitely lead very quickly to child abuse. Here is a good way to tell if someone you know is abusing prescription drugs.

Backpage child pimp had his name tattooed across girl’s eyelids

Roman Thomas III

Roman Thomas III

Police: Miami pimp forced teen to tattoo his name on her eyelids:

Earlier this month Miami police arrested Roman Thomas III for allegedly prostituting a 13-year-old girl on Backpage. Police say he did this while on probation for having sex (child rape) with a minor. Reports say that he was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his most recent arrest.

When the 13-year-old girl tried to leave Thomas he took her to a flea market and the phrase ‘Suave House’ tattooed across her eyelids. Suave is Thomas’ street name while house indicates that she is his ‘property’. Before I go on a lot of pimps have their victims tattooed as their property. If they’re not already any tattoo parlor caught doing this should be prosecuted as aiding and abetting. No legitimate tattoo parlor would ever tattoo a 13-year-old girl.

Police say that Thomas also supplied the girl with drugs and liquor and threatened her with violence in an incident where she was duct taped after some money went missing.

If you think that this isn’t typical behavior for pimp or trafficker you’d be wrong. In a lot of stories that I post the victims of these traffickers end up brutally beaten, maimed or worse. If you’re looking for somewhere to point the finger at I would suggest Backpage.com since they’re the ones who are not only allowing these underage and abused girls to be advertised on their site but they’re making money from it as well. They make money from every underage girl who is turned out on their site. They make money from the pimps and trafficking lowlifes that beat, rape and torture these girls if they don’t submit to their every whim. Is this the kind of business we want operating anywhere in the world? I sure as hell don’t and neither should you.

Investigators say they believe there are other young victims out there and have established a hotline. Anyone with information may call the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Human Trafficking Hotline at 305-350-5567.

Thanks to Adrianne for the tip.

We get letters: The cycle CAN be broken

Just about every time when I wonder if what we’re doing here is doing any good I receive an e-mail like this…

I stumbled upon this site quite by accident. thank you for these articles. As a young girl, I was horribly abused by my adoptive parents. I am fortunate to be here today, and my heart aches for all the children written about here. I am a mom of two grown sons. Once, when my oldest was a toddler, I…hit him. He was crying…and I was inebriated. Does that excuse my behavior? Not by a LOOONG shot. Did I ever do it again? NO WAY. The cycle of abuse CAN be broken. When he was 3, he let me know that a male friend had “hurt his wee-wee and bottom.” What I did next was call the police, and took another (trusted) male to the Sicko’s house and threatened his penis as well as his life. I guess I just want to say that we can all learn to be better parents, and we can learn how to protect our babies when they can’t do it themselves. Thank you. I will keep reading!

As an adoptee myself I’m sorry to hear that you’re adoptive parents were abusive. While my dad wasn’t exactly father of the year and can only imagine what my situation would have been like had I not been adopted. But I digress.

Thank you for this e-mail and letting us know that we are actually making somewhat of a difference.

Backpage child pimp busted. Yes, it was in Washington


Man busted for selling minors as prostitutes on Backpage.com:


The FBI recently arrested 22-year-old DeMarquez Xavier Austin, aka ‘Chaos’, for allegedly prostituting two girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in King County, Washington.

According to reports Austin knew exactly what he was doing by turning out the girls. He allegedly said “he could get into serious trouble for pimping out a teenager.”

So if the FBI is on these cases why are these arrests hardly ever reported outside of the state of Washington? As I’ve mentioned before Washington has been very on the ball about trying to get Backpage to stop participating in sex trafficking trade so it would make sense that it would be reported in Washington. Yet rarely do we hear about these arrests in other parts of the country. These stories need to be heard. People need to know that child sexual slavery is going on in all parts of our country and Backpage needs to be held accountable for making it so easy.

Three Okla. craigslist creepers caught in one sweep

Anderson and Walters

Anderson and Walters

Three arrested for Craigslist solicitations:

Craigslist Crime: Three in Custody for Soliciting Sex from a Minor:

In the city of Guthrie, Oklahoma three men in two separate incidents were arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a 15-year-old boy on craigslist.

In the first instance authorities arrested 46-year-old Wallace Walters and 26-year-old Bobby Anderson. The pair was said to have been working together in their quest for the boy. They arranged to meet the boy at a local restaurant. They were unable to locate the boy and were arrested shortly thereafter.

The third man was 41-year-old Johnnie Jones. Jones was also arrested after not being able to locate the boy at the restaurant.

This restaurant they keep speaking of, I wonder if it had arches of the golden variety, but I digress.

The reason that the suspects could not locate the boy was because the boy was actually the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Oops.

Here’s the thing that should wake people up about child predators like these. Guthrie is only a city of about 10,000 people yet they were able to catch three predators on their local craigslist in the matter of a weekend. Who knows how many are out there in that area that haven’t been caught yet. And as usual don’t expect craigslist to do anything about this. Since the media isn’t applying pressure on them anymore they could not care any less.

The Lanza search warrants

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Newtown Killer’s Obsessions, in Chilling Detail:

The search warrants for the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut were made public on Thursday. You can read the article for the entire list of what they found at the home of Adam Lanza. I’m just going to over a few of the things that caught my attention.

The amount of weaponry that was found leads me to believe that Nancy Lanza may have just been spoiling her son with his obsession. I’ve posted about something similar in the stabbing of James Alenson by John Odgren in the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High stabbing. Odgren was allowed to keep a vast knife collection and stabbed a random target to death in his high school bathroom. The similarities continue between Odgren and Lanza as books on Autism and Asperger’s were found in the Lanza household. As I have mentioned several times in the past people like Odgren and Lanza are not indicative of all Asperger’s patients. They’re not all potential killers waiting to explode and to use Asperger’s as an excuse or defense for murder is just a way of spreading F.U.D.

Here I’m going to show my true ignorance about firearms. The reports say that Lanza was in possession of 10 magazines that held 30 rounds each for the Bushmaster he used in the killings. I have to ask is there any civilian reason for having that many magazines? Are they interchangeable with other firearms? Again, this leads me to believe that Lanza was just a spoiled brat.

There are conflicting reports about whether Lanza was bullied or not while in school. Now before you start the pity party for Lanza let’s remember that he was 20-years-old when he committed mass murder and had been out of school since 10th grade. If you’re holding on to a bullying grudge for that long not only are you in desperate need of mental help but you’re letting your bullies win by letting them live in your head rent free.

Also found at the Lanza home was a crime scene photo of a victim that was covered in blood and draped in plastic and a newspaper clipping about the shooting at Northern Illinois University. Between the NIU clipping, the spreadsheet and the documentation the Nickel Mines shooting I’m starting to lean towards Lanza being nothing more than a copycat killer. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Lanza was a card-carrying mutant. For those of you new to the site that’s the term I sue for people who are admirers of school shooters, especially the Columbine cowards.

And once again the spectre of video games, especially Call of Duty, has been brought up. Video games did not cause Adam Lanza or anybody else to kill. Call of Duty is one of the most popular games in modern-day video game history and there have not been a rash of killings because of this or any other game. They are not ‘murder-simulators’ as some people like to call them. They don’t teach you how to shoot or how to handle a gun unless your gun is controlled by an Xbox controller.

There is only one thing responsible for the senseless death and tragedy at Newtown and that was Adam Lanza and nothing else. While we may never know his actual motive it’s pointless trying to blame guns or video games or other inanimate objects. Evil is created in the mind not through a lifeless hunk of metal or plastic.

WM3 defense accuse new ‘suspects’ with pot smoking gay tryst scenario

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

Attorney alleges four people killed West Memphis boys:

New Possible Suspects In 1993 West Memphis Murders:

One of my main issues with the supporters of the West Memphis 3 (aka Damien Echols and the other guys) is that they can’t get their story straight on who the ‘real killer’ really is. First they said it was the mysterious Mr. Bojangles, then Mark Byers and when the supposed DNA evidence came out it was Terry Hobbs. I always ask who are they going to accuse next? Well, in an Arkansas courtroom today three additional men were accused of being the ‘real killers’ along with Terry Hobbs.

Pam Hicks, the ex-wife of Terry Hobbs, and Mark Byers are suing the city of West Memphis, Arkansas stating that Prosecutor Scott Ellington is not investigating any leads that would point to the real killer. As an aside in my personal opinion Hicks and Byers together are 40 pounds of crazy in a 10 pound sack but I digress.

In court today that was attended by Hicks, Byers and convicted child killer Jason Baldwin, Hicks’ attorney presented affidavits that allegedly not only implicate Terry Hobbs but David Jacoby, Buddy Lucas and L.G. Hollingsworth. Hair that was consistent with Jacoby’s DNA was presented when the hair that was consistent but not conclusive with Terry Hobbs’ DNA was presented as ‘evidence’. Jacoby says his hair was found there because he was going through the woods with Hobbs searching for the victims. Lucas is described as being ‘slow’ and conveniently Hollingsworth is dead.

So who are the two upstanding citizens who are implicating the gang of four? They would be Bennie Guy and Billy Stewart, two convicted rapists who are serving terms of 46 and 70 years respectively. Real pillars of the community they are. Guy and Stewart say that Lucas confessed to them that the four killed Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. What was there supposed motive? Hold on to your chairs, this is going to be long and unbelievable. I apologize to the Commercial Appeal for using some of their content that is probably way more than fair use but I want people to see it as it was objectively reported…

According to Guy, Lucas confessed to him in March 1994, then again a few months later. Danny Owens, investigator and aide to Swindle, described Lucas as intellectually disabled.

“Well, me and L.G. Hollingsworth and them two, we done it. We killed them little boys,” Lucas said, according to Guy.

In July 1995, Guy added that he found himself sharing a jail cell with Hollingsworth, who died in a car accident in 2001. Hollingsworth was among the first batch of teenagers called in for questioning within days of the murders 20 years ago.

According to Guy, he convinced Hollingsworth to admit his guilt and share details. Guy said that Hollingsworth told him that he and Lucas had been walking in Lakeshore Trailer Park when Hobbs and Jacoby drove up, asking where to buy marijuana.

Lucas and Hollingsworth directed them to Stewart, then went along for the ride. At that point, Stewart tells a similar story, but says that when they drove up to buy weed, he saw Hobbs kiss Jacoby. Stewart added that his son also saw them kissing on a later occasion. He said that a few days after the murders, he delivered pot, cocaine and crystal meth to Hobbs at a Memphis gay bar called J-Wags.

In April 1995, Stewart said that Guy told him of Lucas’s confession, so he asked Lucas about it. Lucas confessed again, he said, giving details.

According to the affidavits, Lucas said that the quartet drank whiskey, smoked pot and drove around, eventually ending up in the wooded area where the murders took place. Lucas told Stewart that Hobbs and Jacoby made the two teenagers wrestle after they got to the woods..

At that point, both Guy and Stewart say that the boys surprised them by riding up on their bikes. Hobbs ordered them to chase down the boys, the affidavit said. Lucas then told Stewart that he and Hollingsworth were forced to hold the boys while Jacoby and Hobbs beat them, according to the affidavits. They then stripped the bodies, dumped them in the water and hid the bicycles, the affidavits said. The bodies were found the next day.

That may be the most convoluted story I have ever heard in my entire life. What’s worse is I’m sure the WM3 supporters won’t even appreciate the irony.

So they expect us to take the ‘confession’ of a man deemed mentally slow but not the confession of Jessie Misskelley who is supposedly borderline retarded. We’re not supposed to take the word of people who Damien Echols bragged to but we’re supposed to take the word of two convicted rapists. We’re supposed to believe that the bragging Echols did was hearsay but this wasn’t. In a nutshell they want their cake and eat it too.

So why would two parents of two of the victims claim such a fantastical tale? That one is easy, it’s greed with a side dish of spite thrown in. Pam Hicks has allegedly been very vindictive towards her ex-husband while Mark Byers jumped on the WM3 hype machine when the supposed DNA evidence shifted suspicion away from him. If I was a conspiracy minded man I would say that the reason that Hicks and Byers are suing the city of West Memphis is because Echols and Co. can’t sue anybody because of the terms of their Alford plea. Accusing her husband in public of not only being a murderer but also gay is just the icing in her crazy bitter cake.

UPDATE 4/2/2013: Today an Arkansas judge dismissed the lawsuit. I’m sure the dismissal will also be attributed to the ‘conspiracy’ to keep Echols and Co. guilty.

Bad dad shakes baby daughter to death over football match

Mark Lackenby

Mark Lackenby

Father, 32, shook his newborn baby to death after losing £2.50 bet on Arsenal in Champions League match:

The scumbag you see above is 32-year-old Mark Lackenby. Now, this guy likes his football (or soccer as those across the pond may call it). In fact, he likes his footie so much that when his favourite team wasn’t playing as well as he’d of liked, he took his rage out on his five-week old daughter, Ruby.

Sometime last year, Lackenby was watching football at his home in Sheffield, England while Ruby’s mother Gemma was upstairs in the bath. When the opposing team scored a goal, Lackenby wasn’t impressed. It was at this moment that Ruby (who was next to Lackenby on the couch) began to cry. Instead of tending to her like any decent sort of father (or human being) should, he yanked the tiny baby up and ‘violently’ shook her, causing ‘catastrophic’ brain and nerve injuries. She was taken to hospital, but unfortunately she died the next day. Of course, there were people queuing up to defend this ‘loving and caring’ father (who has three other children from previous relationships). What a load of bull. Firstly, no ‘loving and caring’ father violently attacks their child like Lackenby did. No ‘loving and caring’ father would put a damn football game before his child.

What’s worse, evidence showed this wasn’t the first time Lackenby had attacked Ruby. An autopsy showed Ruby had suffered BROKEN RIBS a week before she died. So daddy was breaking baby’s ribs when she was just a month old. Sick piece of shit! Today, Lackenby was found guilty of manslaughter, but was cleared of murder. He received a measly 10 years in prison. Just 10 years for killing an innocent baby. Ruby’s egg donor was originally facing charges of perverting the course of justice after allegedly lying to hospital staff about how Ruby got injured, but she was acquitted by the jury. What I wanna know is, where the hell was mum when baby’s ribs were getting broken?! She obviously knew her bed buddy was a violent thug but put her own desires before the needs of her daughter, and Ruby lost her life due to her incubators selfishness. Both breeders should rot behind bars, but such is our justice system, that’ll never happen.


R.I.P Ruby x

***Special thanks to Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Chicago area craigslist rapist caught, may have 20 victims

Charles Oliver

Charles Oliver

Woodstock man held in Craigslist sex assaults:

Police trying to locate as many as 20 women in Craigslist rapes case:

Police checking for more victims in Craigslist rapes:

One of the things that craigslist has more than killers is rapists. I remember that some time ago I was asked to do a guest post for the Investigation Discovery website and they had asked me do to a post on the craigslist rapist. My reply was “Which one?” Yet people are still putting themselves out there as victims on the Sears catalog of sexual predators.

44-year-old Charles Oliver of Woodstock, Illinois has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting several women that he met through craigslist’s personal ads and ads for escorts. Wait, weren’t they supposed to be removed from craigslist? Huh. Anyway, police know of 5 victims but say there may be as many as 20.

In once case Oliver locked the woman in his basement, another has said that Oliver flat-out raped her. The attacks were said to have taken place from November of 2011 to early this year. Police identified three other victims in their investigation.

When police investigated Oliver’s home they said they not only found videos of Oliver having sex, some consensual some supposedly not, along with the identification and personal belongings of women that did not belong to the women that have already been identified as victims. They say there may be as many as 20 victims.

Oliver was arrested in January and released on bond which of course did not deter him at all. Oliver was re-arrested in February for allegedly trying to intimidate one of the victims by confronting the woman’s husband.

Oliver is being held on $3M bond.

Ladies, if you’re in the dating scene I implore you not to use craigslist as way to meet guys. There’s way too much of a risk that you’ll meet someone like Oliver. You may think that you can spot one of these predators from miles away but I would imagine some of his victims felt the same way. As far as the professional ladies go I urge you to get out of the life. Is the money really worth being possibly locked in someone’s basement and have God only knows what done to you. Please check in your local community to see if there are resources that will help you escape the life.

As far as craigslist itself goes this just goes to show one more time that they have no interest in monitoring their own site regardless of how many people are being made victims of horrible crimes. Only when enough people stop using craigslist will they eventually take notice. There more concerned with the green ink of their money than the red blood of their victims.

UPDATE 4/1/2013: More victims have either been discovered through investigation or have come forward.

UPDATE 2/10/2014: More victims have come forward bringing the total number of known victims to eight.

UPDATE 3/4/2014: Oliver was found guilty in his first trial. He’s looking at 9 to 33 but won’t be sentenced until all of his other trials are over and prosecutors are seeking to have him serve each sentence consecutively. His next trial starts at the end of this month.

UPDATE 3/26/2014: Oliver pleaded guilty before his second trial began. According to the terms of that plea deal he could be sentenced anywhere from 20 to 93 years.

UPDATE 5/8/2014: Oliver was sentenced by a McHenry County Judge to 36 years behind bars set to be served consecutively with any additional sentencing.

The latest craigslist killing happened in Tinley Park, IL

Christopher Dyson

Christopher Dyson

Markham man charged in Tinley Park shooting:

The latest name to add to the ever-expanding list of craigslist killers is 18-year-old Christopher Dyson. He’s accused of allegedly shooting 24-year-old Thomas Mastro to death after a craigslist deal gone wrong in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Police say that Mastro placed an ad on craigslist looking to unload his Playstation 3 and had agreed to trade it with Dyson for an iPhone. Mastro went to get the PS3 in the box from Dyson’s trunk when a struggle for the box ensued and Dyson shot Mastro in the chest. This was all done in broad daylight in front of a local convenience store. Dyson was caught after a 45 minute manhunt.

Again doing any kind of business on craigslist is like taking your life in your own hands. It doesn’t matter the location, the time of day or how many witnesses are around. Some people don’t care and will stop at nothing as long as it benefits themselves no matter how small the dollar amount may be.