Judge was unaware of T.J. Lane’s ‘KILLER’ shirt

T.J. Lane

T.J. Lane

Chardon High School shooter TJ Lane ‘KILLER’ T-shirt controversy continues:

According to the judge that presided over T.J. Lane’s sentencing for killing 3 at Chardon High in Ohio he was unaware that Lane’s shirt said ‘KILLER” as I posted about the other day.

The following statement was issued by the court…

Except when the judge entered the courtroom the defendant was seated for the entire sentencing. The court was unaware of the shirt. The court did not notice the shirt.

Had the court noticed the shirt, the court would have immediately stopped the proceedings, adjourned the court and the court would have ordered the defendant to put on proper attire.

However disgusting it may be, the defendant has a right to make a statement at sentencing.

I’m actually glad in a strange way that the judge did not see it since it showed just what kind of cretin Lane really is, I just hope that the fact the judge did not notice it results in some kind of appeal for Lane. This little assclown deserves more than every day that he spends in prison.

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