OKC craigslist creeper caught in Canadian County

Arthur Been Jr.

Arthur Been Jr.

OKC Man Accused Of Soliciting Sex With 14-Year-Old Girl:

38-year-old Arthur Been Jr. of Oklahoma City was recently arrested for soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl through craigslist. Been had responded to the girl’s ad saying that “I would like to meet you. I have never had a younger girl for a girlfriend so let’s see what happens.” Somehow I doubt that is true. When Been went to meet the girl it turned out that the girl was actually the Canadian County Sheriff’s Department. Oops. The Sheriffs say that Been admitted to them he knew what he was doing was wrong. Been has a previous criminal record that does not contain any previous sexual crimes.

Maybe if craigslist policed their own site for personal or casual encounter ads placed by minors the police wouldn’t have to., And always parents, please monitor your children’s internet activity as they have no business being on craigslist for any reason.

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