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Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

Lupica: Morbid find suggests murder-obsessed gunman Adam Lanza plotted Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy Hook massacre for years:

Source: Lanza studied previous mass killings:

Police Not Challenging Report Adam Lanza Planned Newtown Massacre on Spreadsheet:

In my previous post about Sandy Hook murderer Adam Lanza I posted about how the Connecticut State Police denied reports that Lanza was influenced by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. It turns out that was partially true. Lanza wasn’t just influenced by Breivik but by at least 500 mass murderers from the US and abroad.

According to reports Lanza had a spreadsheet that was 7 feet by 4 feet that included the names of at least 500 mass murderers. The list was so detailed with body counts and weapon types that some investigators and criminal experts are saying that Lanza’s research mirrored that of a doctoral thesis. This more than dispels my hypothesis that Lanza snapped after his mother, Nancy Lanza, tried to get him to live a more social lifestyle.

I tried to find at least a partial list of the names on the spreadsheet but so far the only ones mentioned in the media were those of Breivik himself and Charles Carl Roberts IV. Roberts was the one who stormed the Amish school in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania where he made the male students leave the school before shooting at least a dozen girls killing five.


What really burns my ass about this story is that too many people who I thought would know better keep referring to Lanza’s spreadsheet as a score card and comparing it to the video games that Lanza liked to play. Lanza’s actions were that of a demented coward and not that of your typical gamer. The first person shooters that Lanza liked to play are rated M meaning that they are not intended for children under 17. Lanza was 20. Are lawmakers going to try to regulate R-Rated movies? I would say violent movies are more of an influence for violent crimes than video games not to mention that art imitates life not the other way around. If kids are getting their hands on these violent video games then it’s the fault of the parents and not the video game makers. I’m a first generation gamer. I got my fist gaming console in the late 1970s and have been playing games ever since. I’ve played first person shooters and violent survival horror games and the last time I checked I haven’t killed anybody nor had the desire to. MOst gamers who play these games couldn’t work an actual gun if their Cheeto stained lives depended on it. Let’s not forget that Nancy Lanza was the one who owned the guns used in the massacre and she often took her son to the shooting range. Whether the video games sparked Lanza’s interest in the guns is of no consequence.

14 years ago people said the same thing about the game Doom and the Columbine shooters. That assertion turned out to be wrong and this one is too.

I am far from trying to defend Adam Lanza. He is just another coward in an all too long line of cowards who thought he would be a big man by shooting defenseless children. Personally I hope that he is rotting in hell. However it was not video games that drove him to kill. Lanza was just a copycat trying to make a name for himself.

2 thoughts on “7′ x 4′ spreadsheet suggests Lanza planned Newtown massacre for years

  1. Fred J Walsh says:

    Well I’ve gotta take issue, a bit, here. Before doing so, let me say I’m not typically into censorship, and I’m not suggesting games be banned. Not saying that’s the answer. But if the suggestion is that violent first-person shooters don’t in any way influence or impact admittedly already warped minds, that would seem on the face of it, most likely incorrect, no? That is, take the same person and have him log 1,000 hours on, say, Pac Man, or better, Ms. Pac Man, instead of Doom or its current equivalents, and I would think there’s be less amplification and encouragement of those homicidal fantasies. Again I don’t think the games put the fantasies there, but a steady diet of the games instead of other activities surely cannot help. I agree with you that the answers lie elsewhere than banning such games, but placing no blame on hours and hours of murder simulations seems a mistake too.


    1. Fred J Walsh says:

      Hit reply too soon. Anyway, I’m not sure that we’re at all far apart on the issue, really. Just thought I’d toss those thoughts into the mix. (To be fair, my hours of playing Ms Pac Man probably did contribute a bit to gained weight, but I subsequently wore a bow in my hair only occasionally.)


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