Echols’ B.S. in the Boston Globe

Damien Echols (See, I live in Salem because I was part of a witch hunt, get it? I’m so deep and introspective.)

West Memphis 3 figure seeks solace in Salem:

This is an interview that the Boston Globe did with triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols. In it, he talks about how he’s found solace living in the teenage goth girl inspired fantasy camp of Salem, Massachusetts. That’s no knock on Salem but you know that’s the real reason he’s there.

Anyway, this interview was conducted around the time that Echols’ so-called documentary West of Memphis was being screened in Salem. The article is so rife with Echols’ bullshit I just couldn’t let it slide. I’m going to be taking some select quotes from the article but please feel free to read the whole article yourself at the link above.

“It isn’t fun for me to talk over and over about the worst thing in my life,” says Echols, 38, who moved to Salem with his wife, Lorri Davis, last September, barely a year after his release from Arkansas’ Varner Supermax prison. “You don’t even get a chance to heal because you are constantly ripping wounds back open. I look forward to not talking about it.”

Nice turn of phrase there Mikey. I’m sure that your continued public speakings are not ripping the wounds open of the families of the victims. Except they’re still mourning the brutal loss of their loved ones while you play the persecution card in Salem.

“The only two places I’d want to live were Salem and New York City,” he says. “Due to its history, Salem’s like a mecca for people in any form of alternative spirituality.”

You mean Salem is a Mecca for people with the mindset of a 12-year-old goth girl. Essex County, where Salem sits is 78% Catholic and 11% Protestant. I wouldn’t exactly call that a Mecca. If things don’t work out in Salem I’m sure he’ll play the Christian persecution card again instead of the fact that he’s a child killer.

Echols, who sports tattooed arms, long dark hair, and a soft-spoken intensity, says he hopes to open a meditation center in Salem and maybe a tattoo parlor. His dark eyes are often hidden behind sunglasses he wears due to damage from light deprivation after 10 years in solitary confinement.

Meditation center and tattoo parlor, so you can train your cultists and then mark them at $200 a pop with an ‘X’? You may even out-Koresh Koresh. And your light deprivation excuse is bullshit. You want to avoid eye contact with the people who know you’re guilty and you want to try to look like a rock star while doing it. If the light deprivation thing was true we’d be able to identify all ex-cons by the fact that they wear sunglasses indoors. In reality that’s how we identify lying douchebags.

“For the first two or three years when I was in prison, I was pissed off all the time about everything. From the moment my eyes opened in the morning it was like, ‘I should not be here. These people have no right to do this to me.’ ”

Except for the fact that you were rightly convicted and those convictions were upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court. They actually have the right.

Echols and his supporters already understood the power of a documentary. HBO’s “Paradise Lost” trilogy first focused public attention on the case. But that was not an investigative documentary. “West of Memphis” attempts to discredit much of the expert testimony in the trial and presents new witnesses and information that casts suspicion on Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the murdered boys.

Except it doesn’t. It’s all based on hearsay of criminals and the supposed DNA evidence which doesn’t implicate Terry Hobbs at all. The DNA evidence could match Terry Hobbs along with 4.5 million other people who fit that particular DNA profile.

As part of their nationwide promotion of the film, Echols and Davis participated in discussions following two sold-out screenings of “West of Memphis” at the recent Salem Film Fest. The crowd was supportive, treating the couple like neighbors and friends (“You two are adorable!” said one man during their Q&A).

Notice no mention of Mike Blatty’s tribute to victim Michael Moore mentioned.

But a message posted on the festival website by a man claiming to be Todd Moore, father of victim Michael Moore, is a reminder of the past, even as admirers ask to take his picture with their cellphones. “How shameful for anyone to support this monster that brutally murdered my son and his friends,” the message says.

It wasn’t someone claiming to be Todd Moore, it was Todd Moore. He also had his letter published in the Salem News.

Echols dismisses it.

“I spent nearly two decades in a building with murderers and rapists. I’m not concerned with what someone says on the Internet,” he says.

Yeah, that’s not true at all.

Echols says he knows that exoneration for Baldwin, for Misskelley, or for himself, is unlikely.

“I’m not naïve to think it’s going to happen just because of this movie,” he says. “It’s going to be a long, hard, bitter fight.”

Echols knows he’s not going to be exonerated because he knows that he did it and he can’t play the outcast messiah if he’s not the martyr.

87 thoughts on “Echols’ B.S. in the Boston Globe”

  1. Obviously public attention torments Echols. Of all his recent misfortunes, the widely circulated screen shot of his poorly attended Memphis “fireside chat” seems to have set him off the most.


        1. I guess you were looking at a different picture but there were just a few people that attended the Q&ampA or the fireside chat. I can tell you there were college students that did attend the conference and were complaining “What does Echols have to do with new technology”. I don’t blame them either. What does Echols have to do with new technology? We could have put someone’s grandmother up there and she could have told the group the same thing. Without the this is the worst thing that happened to me and buy my book and see my film speech.

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  2. Will Echols ever stop playing the pity card? Will anyone ever tell him to shut up?
    OMG the worst thing that could ever happen to him who is he trying to kid. Echols
    must have missed his time sniffing gas and visits to the mental hospital or
    maybe he missed his son’s growing up? Funny how now that he is free he doesn’t
    even visit his son. Even if I bought the stories he puts out there I would have
    to tell him “Your pity card is all use up “. They cured that life threatening arthritis
    you had. The worst tooth ache in the world is gone and Bono wants his glasses

    If there was the
    one percent chance he was innocent. He is the dick that did it to himself. I don’t
    know why the police would see him as a suspect when he ran all over town
    telling people he did it. His mental history just seals his fate. Then during
    the trial blowing a kiss and licking his lips was really helping his case. The prosecutor
    could have sat back and let him hang himself. Oh wait they did when he took the
    stand. The statement he gave to the police was like I did it now prove it statement.
    I been read my rights but it more fun for me to give bits and pieces of
    information. More worried about his hair then he was getting the death penalty.
    The smirks he made during the trial remind me of someone. I got it ! TJ but he
    gave the victim’s family the finger instead.

    Even when I was a
    supporter at one time I was smart enough to go wait a minute. They are giving
    you a chance at this new trial with the best lawyers’ money can buy and they
    are going to plead guilty. Unless AR has some special court system to say they
    could have dragged it out for 5 years was a joke.

    WM3 are guilty
    and are lucky that they are out only after 18 years. Now a CONVICTED killer is
    rocking around the world still using the pity card. I say since we can’t send you back to prison Echols.
    Get a job and stop begging for money from the rock stars and supporters, producers.
    You are not trained to do tattoos or hold classes to teach meditation. Go get
    the training you need because I hear the death rattle of you fame coming to an end.

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    1. Echols was not looking at a camera out the back of that car and do you have any idea how many others confessed to this crime? Even the mother of one of the softball girls questions her daughter now. It was all made up. THAT is your proof that Echols was involved, he licked his lips? lol The same people here that were hanging the witches (not burning, Todd) back in Salem. SSDD
      I suppose next someone will again make the claim that Jessie is still ‘confessing’. How someone, especially a parent, can claim they are guilty, when they haven’t seen or heard all of the evidence, is beyond comprehension. Similar fibers are not evidence. A phony lake knife that was in the water a year before the murders is not evidence. Lying witnesses is not evidence. Hearsay is not evidence. A coerced confession is not evidence Echols 500 is not evidence, sorry.
      They plead innocent and got locked up. They plead guilty and got released. Not that hard to figure out.


      1. John,

        I don’t know where you get your information but as far as the mother of the daughter of the softball team. The mother never said her daughter was a liar. What she said is she didn’t KNOW if her daughter made it up. It was a twist on words to make you believe something that wasn’t true . John you have to be on your toes at all times to keep up with Echols lies. John, I am hoping what you meant by confess you meant recanting their testimony. Matter of fact Echols admits in an interview
        that he did said to the girls from the solfball team “I killed them” but now he says it was only a joke , hahaha funny NOT (and I don’t buy he was joking ). Echols licking his lips was admitted by Echols and he said it was only teen stuff also now he apologizes to family members that are on his side. No one but you has argued that fact. Now Exhibit 500 and it was all made up a new story that Echols is claiming ,now that is one of his new lies . If you look over exhibit 500 you will see doctors and nurses’ signatures and letter heads of the hospitals on the records . You will also see request forms and the dates on the forms for the hospital records and his therapist records. These are not forged documents and it would have been great evidence in the court room if they could have used
        it. Unfortunately the defense only presented it in the penalty phase of the trial,trying to keep Echols from the death penalty. Yes his own defense tried to save
        Echols from the death penalty and tried to use the pity card during the penalty

        As for your question” Is that all my proof against WM3 and Echols licking his lips?” HELL NO !. Now I can see you are getting your information from the films. We’ll let me take you for a quick walk through the Callahan files. well maybe you might want to check and see what Jennifer Bearden statement really was. Unfortunately for Echols Bearden doesn’t give Echols an alibi at all but Jennifer does the opposite. In Jennifer’s Bearden statement she kills Echols claim he was home all night talking one the phone . Opps Jennifer Bearden said Echols and Jason were gone between 3:30 to 9:30 PM. Echols said he wasn’t at Jason’s house that day( Damien caught in another lie ). Well Jennifer calls Jason’s house at Echols request around 3:30 and talks to Echols. He tells her they are going out and ask her to call him back at 8:00 at his house. Well she does just that and calls him at 8:00 PM and Echols’s grandmother picks up the phone and says he isn’t home . Jennifer calls back around 9:20 or 9:30 and reaches him. She asked where he went and Echols tells her that he and Jason was with Jason’s mother .Which would have been a good alibi but unfortunately Jason’s mother was at work till 11:00 PM. Now you can see why the defense didn’t call her to the stand. Echols mother tries to make up an alibi for her son and the prosecutor smashes that one
        on the stand and proves they all lied . Echols on the stand can’t even remember the details of what his mother alibi she provided for him was. List of evidence against just Jason and Echols .1) Fiber 2) witness seeing Echols and Jason (who she thought was
        Domini but most likely was Jason) all muddy walking along the road. 3) Echols statements himself to the police. 4) and yes after looking over Echols medical
        records it does make me think he did it . 5) The knife was like the one Echols had so says his ex-girlfriend.If that knife had been in the water for over a year why didnt the knife have rust on it . 7) Echols telling PEOPLE that he killed the children. We get to see what the jury didn’t. He told a friend he killed them when he was drunk and again he said he was kidding. Now to kill the rumor this case is all about witch hunting and rock music and black clothes. Murray Farris admits to the police in a statement that he does practice Wicca. He was looked into and had an alibi like many others that were looked into. Black clothes and
        there was other people in that town that wore black clothes not just Echols . In the photos of people making statements I found two people with metallic tee
        shirts on. Guess that kills that theory they were accused because of black clothes and music and even religion. look them over what you seen in the films are not even half of the facts to the case .If you need help sorting through Exhibit 500 just ask it is a mess 😦

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        1. Callahan’s documents all pretty much point to innocence of the three, I’ve read and looked at everything.
          It’s called freedom of religion, you should check it out if you are FOR our constitution.

          Now I see nons throwing out their heavy metal tee’s and next they’ll be burning their heavy metal records. Johnny Depp is no longer a good actor to them and suddenly Pearl Jam’s music is all bad. Some even avoided The Hobbitt.

          Chis Morgan said he raped and killed the boys, then recanted. Burnett refused to let him take the stand and that was no surprise since he was basically on the prosecution team from the get go, even holding a secret meeting w/ prosecutors.

          Oh..the phony knife brought into evidence was stuck in the bottom up to it’s hilt. You did not know this?

          …and sorry again…but ‘most likely Jason’ is NOT evidence. The witness said DOMINI. Just like the cops did…make up facts. smh


  3. Terry Hobbs along with 4.5 million other people who fit that particular DNA profile.

    Oh really? How many were males and living in West Memphis? Then narrow that down by color. No matter what, it keeps coming back to Hobbs, even he admits it could be his, he knows it’s futile to deny it.
    The Jacoby hair is the clincher. That is no coincidence.


      1. We know that the WM3 didn’t leave it there, in fact, they left actually absolutely nothing behind during their supposed drunken killing spree, amazing as hell, isn’t it?


          1. This dude is hating on them. It’s so odvi they didn’t do the crime. An iDiot would only think they did. I remember watching paradise lost when I was young and I knew right away they didn’t do it. Fake confessions happen all of the time. This confession was so badly done that the cops should of thrown him out of the police station. They needed to look for the bloody guy who came running into the fat food place. The stupid cops lost all the blood and never had it tested. The DNA they did have at the scene didn’t even match these kids. This dude who’s writing this nonsense must be one of those incompetence cops


    1. No matter if it was Hobb’s hair or not . Christopher was at Hobbs home on the floor not no longer then 3 hours before he was murdered . Even Echols defence lawyer said it was most likely seconday transfer . Jacoby’s hair if that was his was found months later . No clincher is that Jason had only one shoe string that was new on his shoe . There was a extra shoe string that was used to tie the children up . Jessie crying all night that same night the children were killed and even crying the next day . Echols telling everyone he killed the children and the information he gave in his statements about what he knew about the death of the children that was known to the public . Echols saying he heard it from rumors and news papers that he didnt know what paper it was . Rumors that he cant remember who told him .

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      1. You must not be aware of the juror misconduct in the Echols/Baldwin trial. Even Peretti’s TOD estimate was grounds for Jessie to get a new trial back in ’94.

        Those sticks were also found months later as they tried desperately to find physical evidence linking the three to the murders and they came up totally empty. Some folks may believe that Damien choked Christopher with a big ‘ol stick, but in the real world, we all know by the actual evidence, that it never happened. It’s people just picking and choosing when to believe Jessie and what to believe in Jessie’s ‘confessions’. I don’t believe any of it. Neither does Jessie. Jessie was merely crying because his girlfriend was breaking up with him. Ya, Hutcheson must have been so fearful of him and Aaron must have seen Jessie do it, because she had Jessie babysitting for her the night before he was arrested, right?


      2. Wow, all this information you have, can you tell us exactly where you got this from, come on name it exactly. Damien should have been able to, you should be able to also.

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  4. Echols will forever be known as “Douche Goggles”

    Great blog as always, Mr. Trench! Hope you and the lovely Mrs have a wonderful Easter.


    1. Do you think calling out people names are going to scare anyone ? Best you have is man crush ? It is calling reporting and opinion which you throw temper tantrum when people dont agree with you .


      1. How was my statement at all threatening or a temper tantrum? Wow. Just seems ol’ Patrick has become obsessed considering how many opinion pieces he’s written about him lately. As for me, Damien is a friend that I would defend to the end. If that’s obsession….whatever. I call it being a friend. If you’re disputing the use of name calling, then you should take a look at this article and see why I’d take offense.


        1. Exactly. Don’t sling your garbage around on an issue that’s this widely divided without expecting some lash back. What a poor sport. You’re in the wrong business.


          1. Nope. Not me. I do move from place to place because, ya know, I work and stuff. Might I point out tho that I’m not the one running a phony DamienEchols93 twitter feed.


          2. He should try to keep things more private, He has an FB page that links to his wife and the state they live in. Put her name in a search and I know his real name, age, where he was born, and the 2 previous states he lived in. But I would never post the info on his blog…it is more fun in disguise 🙂


  5. echols’ latest twitter:
    Damien Echols‏@damienechols9h
    “Anytime you do good for others, you are sewing a seed for the universe to be good to you.”
    ….the mental illness continues
    …..sociopaths have no self-awareness &amp little grasp of reality


    1. He is saying to treat others well so in return you will be treated well, and you think this is a bad message? I think you are in need of some mental help if you read something bad out of this message.


  6. Court is deciding today about the WM3 evidence and guess who is there? Jason Baldwin. He wants his name cleared and he wants the REAL killer caught! This case is still being investigated, obviously!


  7. Damien loves the attention. I’m so sick and tired of him which is why I had to back off a little from the WM3 discussion for at least a week. The thought a child murder wanders the streets – freely – makes me sick to my stomach. God help us all.


    1. This coming from the girl that knows Damien is guilty because her aunt is a ‘physic’…LOL someone please tell this girl the difference between a physic and a psychic!


      1. Yep. Knew that was you.

        Don’t tell me…..late 40’s, single, no kids but a house full of pets.

        You are a pathetic human being and give supporters a bad name. Stop stalking Erika and get a life.


        1. That’s why you shouldn’t be deciding someones guilt or innocence, you only got one right…the age. I am married, been married for 26 years, also have a son…but he is a big boy now and lives on his own. I work with animals for a living, I have only 1 dog and a few cats 🙂


        1. How is it stalking when she posted a pic of Damien on a wm3 FB page …she posted that he was gulity because her aunt is a ‘physic’ and she held the picture and could tell he was evil? Maybe her aunt the ‘physic’ should have told her she was not a doctor but a ‘psychic’ a nut that can tell guilt from holding a pic.


          1. Wow you really ARE Obsessed with me. Following me around onto other boards…. Sad part is you are suppose to be some ‘animal lover’. Did you know that Damien (the one you are so madly in love with) killed animals just for kicks? Yup. So I suggest you stop sticking your nose into my aunts business and think about the fact YOU support a guy who killed animals for shits and giggles you sick, sad, little fuck.


  8. I believe Echols has been an attention seeker since day one. His behavior in the trials made him look so bad ,guilty or not. While the other two try to get by the ” I Love Damien Fest” continues just like it has for uber pricks Harris and Klebold.
    I want to see him actively looking for the killers just like Brenton Butlers amazing attorney did . I do not see it though. I want to believe Jason is innocent . The man is articulate ,sincere and really was convicted for befriending a creep . But Echols just reeks of lies and deceit .

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  9. And it hurt me so badly to see him playing with his infant in Paradise Lost as the poor Moores just looked in disbelief . No matter how you look at it justice failed here.


  10. 2 nights ago, CNN aired an old jail interview…circa 2010 I believe, where DE said tbe reason he didn’t like to go outside for sunlight was “It’s too dirty.” So light deprivation is complete bullshizt. He CHOSE to stay in the dark.What a lying sack.


  11. “If the light deprivation thing was true we’d be able to identify all ex-cons by the fact that they wear sunglasses indoors.”

    Or at the very least, Echols would not be the ONLY special snowflake ever freed from prison to have this problem. It’s not like he was in solitary for two decades and they never turn lights on in prison. I snorted when I first heard he was making this claim.


  12. I am late, reading articles like this one and others (all with an open mind and respectfully) just trying to take it all in.I only want to point out one thing I find amusing about his move to Salem (although I think he’s in NYC now) and their assumed acceptance due to this tainted past, etc. etc. My boyfriend, from Boston, pointed out Salem cashed in on their reputation when the truth is the trials really didn’t take place there.

    It’s just another tourist trap. Just something amusing to smile at. Maybe that’s why he moved.


  13. LOL Echols is a 13 year old goth girl LOL. Good one! Whether guilty or not, he is strange and I doubt his mental illness has disappeared, or that he will adjust without serious intense psychological help. He is ok now because of his strong support system, and the glory of celebrity “pals” but I wonder what he’ll be like in 5 years from now, when there are no more movies, books, talks to give, $$ to be made, and perhaps celebrities and the media grow tired of him. He is an actor and a BAD one at that. Yes, his speeches are all robotic, exact repeats of each other and very canned. Like a zombie. Or a con man. He also contradicts himself a lot and is clearly a perpetual liar that apparently thinks everyone else is too stupid to catch on. Of course, he did say in his mental health records that the human race are two kinds of people – wolves and sheep, and wolves eat the sheep. Guess his narcissism makes him believe he is the alpha wolf eating us all alive with his lies. Even if not guilty, why does he have to lie over and over about stupid stuff, even? Why can’t he ever have a frank, earnest discussion spontaneously and sound sincere, without the rehearsed lies? He made $$ off his books, movie and thousands of appearances, so why is he so angry at Jason Baldwin for making Devils Knot? Who is he to demand to approve and rewrite parts of that movie? The suckers fell for it, they allowed him to rewrite parts of the movie script to make himself look better and got his approval. He still refuses to speak to or respond to Baldwin. Huh? Even if he is completely innocent, he is still a freak who gives me the creeps and certainly a big ass narcissist. Wonder if Lorri will stick around in the future, wonder whehther he will “get real” and become well adjusted in the next 5-10 years, or whether his world and his mental health will come crashing down when his celebrity status fades and he is no longer in the limelight.


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