WM3 defense accuse new ‘suspects’ with pot smoking gay tryst scenario

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

Attorney alleges four people killed West Memphis boys:

New Possible Suspects In 1993 West Memphis Murders:

One of my main issues with the supporters of the West Memphis 3 (aka Damien Echols and the other guys) is that they can’t get their story straight on who the ‘real killer’ really is. First they said it was the mysterious Mr. Bojangles, then Mark Byers and when the supposed DNA evidence came out it was Terry Hobbs. I always ask who are they going to accuse next? Well, in an Arkansas courtroom today three additional men were accused of being the ‘real killers’ along with Terry Hobbs.

Pam Hicks, the ex-wife of Terry Hobbs, and Mark Byers are suing the city of West Memphis, Arkansas stating that Prosecutor Scott Ellington is not investigating any leads that would point to the real killer. As an aside in my personal opinion Hicks and Byers together are 40 pounds of crazy in a 10 pound sack but I digress.

In court today that was attended by Hicks, Byers and convicted child killer Jason Baldwin, Hicks’ attorney presented affidavits that allegedly not only implicate Terry Hobbs but David Jacoby, Buddy Lucas and L.G. Hollingsworth. Hair that was consistent with Jacoby’s DNA was presented when the hair that was consistent but not conclusive with Terry Hobbs’ DNA was presented as ‘evidence’. Jacoby says his hair was found there because he was going through the woods with Hobbs searching for the victims. Lucas is described as being ‘slow’ and conveniently Hollingsworth is dead.

So who are the two upstanding citizens who are implicating the gang of four? They would be Bennie Guy and Billy Stewart, two convicted rapists who are serving terms of 46 and 70 years respectively. Real pillars of the community they are. Guy and Stewart say that Lucas confessed to them that the four killed Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. What was there supposed motive? Hold on to your chairs, this is going to be long and unbelievable. I apologize to the Commercial Appeal for using some of their content that is probably way more than fair use but I want people to see it as it was objectively reported…

According to Guy, Lucas confessed to him in March 1994, then again a few months later. Danny Owens, investigator and aide to Swindle, described Lucas as intellectually disabled.

“Well, me and L.G. Hollingsworth and them two, we done it. We killed them little boys,” Lucas said, according to Guy.

In July 1995, Guy added that he found himself sharing a jail cell with Hollingsworth, who died in a car accident in 2001. Hollingsworth was among the first batch of teenagers called in for questioning within days of the murders 20 years ago.

According to Guy, he convinced Hollingsworth to admit his guilt and share details. Guy said that Hollingsworth told him that he and Lucas had been walking in Lakeshore Trailer Park when Hobbs and Jacoby drove up, asking where to buy marijuana.

Lucas and Hollingsworth directed them to Stewart, then went along for the ride. At that point, Stewart tells a similar story, but says that when they drove up to buy weed, he saw Hobbs kiss Jacoby. Stewart added that his son also saw them kissing on a later occasion. He said that a few days after the murders, he delivered pot, cocaine and crystal meth to Hobbs at a Memphis gay bar called J-Wags.

In April 1995, Stewart said that Guy told him of Lucas’s confession, so he asked Lucas about it. Lucas confessed again, he said, giving details.

According to the affidavits, Lucas said that the quartet drank whiskey, smoked pot and drove around, eventually ending up in the wooded area where the murders took place. Lucas told Stewart that Hobbs and Jacoby made the two teenagers wrestle after they got to the woods..

At that point, both Guy and Stewart say that the boys surprised them by riding up on their bikes. Hobbs ordered them to chase down the boys, the affidavit said. Lucas then told Stewart that he and Hollingsworth were forced to hold the boys while Jacoby and Hobbs beat them, according to the affidavits. They then stripped the bodies, dumped them in the water and hid the bicycles, the affidavits said. The bodies were found the next day.

That may be the most convoluted story I have ever heard in my entire life. What’s worse is I’m sure the WM3 supporters won’t even appreciate the irony.

So they expect us to take the ‘confession’ of a man deemed mentally slow but not the confession of Jessie Misskelley who is supposedly borderline retarded. We’re not supposed to take the word of people who Damien Echols bragged to but we’re supposed to take the word of two convicted rapists. We’re supposed to believe that the bragging Echols did was hearsay but this wasn’t. In a nutshell they want their cake and eat it too.

So why would two parents of two of the victims claim such a fantastical tale? That one is easy, it’s greed with a side dish of spite thrown in. Pam Hicks has allegedly been very vindictive towards her ex-husband while Mark Byers jumped on the WM3 hype machine when the supposed DNA evidence shifted suspicion away from him. If I was a conspiracy minded man I would say that the reason that Hicks and Byers are suing the city of West Memphis is because Echols and Co. can’t sue anybody because of the terms of their Alford plea. Accusing her husband in public of not only being a murderer but also gay is just the icing in her crazy bitter cake.

UPDATE 4/2/2013: Today an Arkansas judge dismissed the lawsuit. I’m sure the dismissal will also be attributed to the ‘conspiracy’ to keep Echols and Co. guilty.

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  1. T-Rog

    Anyone besides me find it ironic that Pam Hick’s laywer’s last name is “Swindle”?

    1. Donna Marie

      T Rog ROFL .

  2. jadecrowe

    whole lotta batshit crazy in that courtroom…

  3. Donna Marie

    I have to say this is funny stuff. Let me get see if I have this right. Buddy Lucas that all the supporters were saying was nuts because he said Echols lift him off the ground. Now he confesses to convicted rapists but now Buddy isn’t crazy? Did Buddy really confess or was it just someone that he supposedly confessed to came forward? The WM3 are again trying to pin this on TJ again? It will be a lot easier now then in 1994 since he is dead and can’t defend himself. I love the look the judge gave Mr. Swindler AKA
    lawyer. Like are you nuts? I love the part when the two witnesses say they tried to call the police way back 1994 but there was no answer ROFL. A closed police station in AR hahaha. Pam is just a bitter nutcase that is just a media horror like Byers. Pam gets into fights to get into the media and then she tries to sue the state to get into the media Pam and Byers come forth with this ridiculous affidavit s and need to go to the media. I knew Pam was a nutcase from the first time I read her statement. How her first husband held her down against her will and shot her up drugs and that his how she got her drug problem. Yes there are lots of junkies floating around that just love to share their dope. When Pam confessed that she had her father and her brother beat up her first husband
    too. Are we sure that Pam’s family didn’t come from VA and she isn’t related to the –McCoy’s’. ?

    1. Sandy Skrinjaric

      You’re disgusting for talking about Pam like that. She lost her son, you idiot.

      1. Angel

        You mean like rabid supporter PrettyPitbull? Here’s her post to Todd Moore:

        And what are you today? Why did your wife get away with murder? Why did you lie before God…you promised to be with your wife until death do you part, I see you moved on to a new one…I hope she is not a drinker. Did you make that same promise again? Once a liar, always a liar!

        One class act right there. Not disgusting at all

        1. 1PrettyPitBull

          That is 1PrettyPitbull to you Angel…..Because she killed someone! Why is it ok with you that she killed someone? You all are supposed to hate the killers, but yet you like Mrs. Moore. Pam is the victim…I don’t agree with some of her actions but she did NOT kill anyone and not do one day in prison!

          1. Sandy Skrinjaric

            1PrettyPitbull, you are disgusting. THE MOORES LOST A CHILD. You can respectfully disagree with them about who killed their boy, as I and other supporters do, but to say what you did is sick. How dare you.
            I’m betting that her post won’t be removed, because you want everybody to see how OMG EVIL supporters are, but I hope Todd and Dana never have to see this trash.

          2. 1PrettyPitBull

            Yes they lost a child, but Dana Moore took someone elses child from them by drinking, driving, and killing the girl. She didn’t do one day in jail. Murder is murder……

          3. Ellie Karpinen

            That’s manslaughter, dummie.

          4. Angel

            Don’t you have to go to family dollar for more peanut butter?

        2. Sandy Skrinjaric

          Angel, no, that IS disgusting. Can you please tell me where this was posted? Because I and other supporters WILL go and tell this piece of shit to STFU and do whatever else we can to stop her from doing it again. Todd and Dana do not deserve this.

          1. Angel

            Thank you, sandy 🙂

            Have a wonderful easter

          2. 1PrettyPitBull

            Yes, thank you Sandy. Dana murders someones daughter but that is okay because she had a child murdered. You two are sick in the head!

          3. Nathan Lovell

            This is not about Dana!

          4. Ellie Karpinen

            Laura Bush killed a guy. It’s true. Same way, drinking and speeding. Kept going after, also under 21. No one calls her a murderer. And she paid no penalty…just sayin.
            Everyone in that town appears to have aoda issues big time. So stop calling this woman a murderer. Geez

      2. Trench Reynolds

        So did Todd and Dana Moore but you see the treatment they get by the WM3 marks.

        1. Sandy Skrinjaric

          Yes, there are some supporters who are vicious to Todd and Dana. And when we are aware of it, I and other supporters call them out on it. Too bad the same respect can’t be shown to Pam.

          1. Trench Reynolds

            I’m sorry but I find it hard to respect someone who either came up with or believes this new supposed scenario.

          2. Angel

            Sandy, I do not think supporters evil. I know its a polarizing case. I do talk shit about Pam, but she really brings it on herself.

            Do you really think she believes Terry had anything to do w/ this? Seriously? Look at the marriage timeline.

            I think she’s despicable for using her sobs death to get even for a bad break up.

          3. Sandy Skrinjaric

            So once again, it’s okay to bash Pam because she “brings it on herself” (because she doesn’t think DJ&ampJ are guilty). Whatever.

        2. Dana Marie

          They deserve it!!

  4. williams 29

    impressive the way jason baldwin has his “i’m innocent” routine down to the point of appearing in court for this joke. isn’t he supposed to be in community college up there in seattle earning “c” grades in things like remedial reading &amp then proudly posting his mediocre efforts on his facebook for all to admire? damien didn’t show ’cause he has his head up his ass so far that he just couldn’t find his way (you know, searching for more inane/insane one-liners for his twitter twaddle).
    and jessie, well, he’s looking more and more like the “smart one” by staying home with the doors locked and the shades pulled in shame.

  5. Shannon Bradley Byers

    Well at least now the heat is taken off those poor poor turtles

    1. Dennis Wilheim

      Free the turtles!!

  6. Jack Dobson

    Desperate, but that shows the degree of all three’s guilt. Echols tweeted this proved his “innocence” and Baldwin sat in the courtroom and nodded along side his sponsor, Mara Leveritt. Innocent people don’t sign onto such nonsense, but no one with a functioning brain ever thought these three didn’t kill the kids.

    1. cpenick

      Echols tweeted no such thing. He posted a link to an article. That’s it.

  7. Sandy Skrinjaric

    Your headline is false. The WM3 Defense Team have nothing to do with this. This is all Ken Swindle, who represents Mark Byers and Pam Hicks. Jason Baldwin has been very clear in saying that he considers this to be nothing more than hearsay. And I think you know that and are choosing to misrepresent this. Prove me wrong and retract that headline.
    And Pam Hicks lost her son. The way you people talk about her is vile. Shame on you.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Please, they’re all means to the same end. If Baldwin says this is all hearsay then he shouldn’t have attended the hearing.

      1. Sandy Skrinjaric

        Bullshit they’re all a means to the same end. Ken Swindle is a charlatan who is trying to attach himself to this case. He has nothing to do with the defense. Your headline remains a lie.

        1. Trench Reynolds

          Again, Baldwin attended the hearing personally and I have yet to see or hear him denounce this particular scenario.

          1. Sandy Skrinjaric

            He denounced it immediately after the hearing on the Memphis Fox News channel, I can’t link from my phone. Doesn’t matter about the link though, you’d probably just say he’s lying.

  8. T-Rog

    I have an honest question for any supporter who cares to answer…

    What do you think of all this lying?

    From the beginning (Paradise Lost), the supporter movement have lied, odmitted, changed, or flat ignored the facts of this case to suit their agenda. The list is staggering:

    Jessie’s IQ
    The 12 Hour Interrogation
    Byers as a suspect
    The softball girls recanting
    Damien living in Marion, not West Memphis
    Jessie immediately recanting his confession
    The alibis
    Satanic Panic
    The Hobbs Hair
    The Jacoby Hair
    The hairs not mentioned
    Damien being “troubled” or “misunderstood” and not “psychotic”

    …and on and on and on.

    Does it not bother you? Does it not make you wonder? Or are you so caught up in trying to support the “outcasts” (which is a joke in itself) that the fact there’s more likes than the Watergate scandal doesn’t even register?

    Like a lot of other people (Trench included) I was a supporter at one time. However, once I realized I was being lied to that made me question my stance. I’m not asking you to do this. I’m simply asking you what’s going through your head. Why do you believe like you believe?

    I’m not here to belittle. I’m not even here to try and change your mind. I simply want to know why. Why let someone lie to you over and over and just…accept it. It doesn’t make any sense.

  9. Grateful Reader

    Trench, I’ve been following WM3 news on your site for quite some time now, and I’d just like to thank you for your dedication to the truth, and to justice. Especially in light of the intimidation tactics you’ve been exposed to since my last visit, I feel it’s necessary to let you know how much your work is appreciated.

    As for this latest chapter of the WM3 travesty… I can barely believe what I’m reading. The sheer stupidity of this “theory” just boggles the mind. It’d be great for a laugh, if not for the real people who are affected and harmed by the nonsense theories that supporters keep coming up with.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

  10. Bobert

    What is this obsession with what “supporters” say? They are random people on the internet what a surprise they don’t all subscribe to the same theory. The fact that two different idea’s exist doesn’t automatically invalidate both. Reading up on the WM3 case is like watching Jr. high girls fight, “nons” say this “supporters” say that. How does any of this B.S. have anything to do with the facts of the case?

    I’m a skeptic myself but saying an idea is wrong because someone on the same “team” said something else 6 years ago is not a logical counterpoint.

  11. Doom

    Hobbs Guilty, Jacoby Guilty, Buddy Lucas Guilty

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Not in this reality.

  12. Dana Marie

    Terry Hobbs could of done it to hide his homosexuality,that wasn’t his blood son so he was probably secretly resented him.. It is conceivable Terry Hobbs guilty and also caught in lies!!

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Terry Hobbs could of done it

      Not to be a grammar nazi but that speaks volumes and no, no he couldn’t. Damien Echols has been caught in more lies than anyone especially about his alibi.

      1. Dana Marie

        I just have a gut instinct!!

        1. Trench Reynolds

          It’s probably just gas. Let me know when you have a brain instinct.

          1. Dana Marie

            I don’t think so and neither does half of the people I know , have a nice life pig!!

          2. Trench Reynolds

            So these would be the people who believe anything a movie tells them?

          3. Sarah Kay
  13. Emily

    Is Terry Hobbs disguising himself as all the detractors on this thread? It makes no sense. How could ANYONE ever believe that Damien, Jesse and Jason are guilty? This notion is so absurd it’s almost laughable. The recent theory posted here is the first theory that finally puts all the pieces together. It makes perfect sense. All of it. All of Stevie Branch’s family said that Terry Hobbs was a child molester and child abuser. In the first statement made by an expert criminal profiler, the scenario told by Buddy is almost exactly what he believed happened. The criminal profiler explained that more than one person committed these crimes and that the person who cut Chris Byers penis did so because he probably had homosexual tendencies and carried shame associated with that. He claimed that the boys had probably seen something they shouldn’t have and their injuries were punitive in nature. Both Buddy and LG were originally connected to the trial in a big way. They both failed polygraphs, lied about alibis and many other strange things. Even people who thought the wm3 were guilty believed LG was the fourth perp. And if you saw West of Memphis there is not a single doubt that Jacoby is innocent. His crocodile tears instantly gave him away. My husband and I both looked at each other wide eyed and said, “He helped in those crimes,” when we saw his fake tears in that movie. And there is no question that Terry Hobbs murdered the three children. Absolutely no question whatsoever. The man is clearly a sociopath.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      Wow. There’s just so much wrong with what you said it almost defies reality.

      1. Emily

        Ahhh, so you are Terry. Terry, why don’t you do one decent thing in your entire life and walk into a police station and confess. Only one problem though, you are a sociopath with no remorse, so of course you will never confess. What a shame.

        1. RadioChuck

          Weren’t you saying just a few years back that it was John Mark Byers, no doubt about it? And I seriously doubt Terry Hobbs spends his days creating online sock puppets to argue w/Echolytes such as yourself.

          1. Trench Reynolds

            +1 for use of the term Echolytes. If I steal that I’ll give you credit.

          2. RadioChuck

            Well, thanks…actually coined the term awhile ago, but never used it until now, apparently!

          3. Emily

            Nope. You’re wrong, actually. I did think maybe John Mark Byers did it briefly after I saw Paradise Lost.. Well, it was either him or that other creepy looking dad who looks likes he is terrified the jig will be up any minute and he will get busted. (I’m talking about Terry, btw.) Then I saw PL 2 and I knew it wasn’t Mark Byers. I’m willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but this isn’t rocket science here. It’s a fact, not a debate that there is no real confession. So what do we have linking the wm3 to the crime? Gossip. Oh, and some dude who took a couple of courses who claims that the three worshipped the devil. Have you ever noticed that the people who support the 3 are intelligent, educated, well read people from big cities and the people who defend Hobbs are rednecks who never finished the seventh grade? There’s a reason for that.

          4. RadioChuck

            Yesterday, you said anyone who disagrees w/the Echolytes must be Hobbs in disguise…which is it?? LOL

          5. Trench Reynolds

            Don’t bother Chuck. This one is far too gone. She’s taken way to much of the Kool-Aid. When they’re that far gone they can’t be reasoned with and are ironically close-minded.

            I’ll just leave these here.

          6. Emily

            Nice try. I’ve read those silly sites. Ok, answer me this: If Jesse really did commit those crimes, why would he not testify against Jason and Damien for a lesser sentence? Can you answer that question? No, because there is only one answer: He didn’t commit those crimes. Have you heard of the rape case that happened in Central Park in the 80’s? A group of boys ALL admitted to partaking in this woman’s rape and beating. All intelligent, young boys with high IQs. They spent over a decade in prison and later recanted their confessions. And you know what happened? Well, the real killer ended up confessing. They checked his DNA and sure enough he was the true rapist. He was also a serial killer and serial rapist. No one would have ever believed those guys were innocent if it wasn’t for DNA and another confession. Because people just can’t understand how anyone could ever confess to a crime they didn’t commit. Well, it’s actually quite common. And very common among someone who AT MOST, as an IQ in the 80s. Even if Jesse is not “retarded” he is most definitely very slow. Being that is extremely slow and unintelligent, uneducated (7th grade level) and extremely poor, who knows why he would confess. It could be for money, attention or even ignorantly believing it would somehow help him. A confession from a person like Jesse means zilch to me. So what else i s there? Oh, a knife. You mean that knife that was thrown in the lake a year before the murders? Hmmm. And didn’t Jesse say that the knife that Jason was a switch blade that one could open or close?

          7. Emily

            So what else is there? Vicki’s testimony was recanted, the kid from juvie recanted his testimony. The woman who saw Domini and Damien that night, well it turns out she is the aunt of LG- so that means a whole lot. Not to mention that there have been suspicions of LG from the very beginning. Even from people who think the WM3 are guilty. So, again, what is there? If Damien raped the boys, there would have been pubic hairs or DNA. Either in their mouths or anus’. It’s also rather interesting how Jesse said that Damien raped these boys but Peretti said there was NO damage to anuses. A little eight year old boy would have some sort of damage if someone stuck a penis in him. So did Jesse lie about that or did it just not happen? And again, where is the DNA? Why is Jesse’s description of the knife different from the knife from the lake? Since Damien was an immediate suspect, why did no one notice bruises and cuts on his hands? If a kid is going to beat another kid to death, his hands are going to be pretty messed up and noticeable to police who are interrogating. And let’s forget about Damien and Jesse for a second. Do you TRULY believe that Jason committed a crime? Ever in his life? Look at him in PL. You can’t get a more meek, quiet KID. And what about the top criminal profilers saying that it was done by a family member? Do you know that in almost every single murder that happens in this sort of manner, it’s done by a family member? Do you care at all that you are helping the real killers of children walk free by writing and posting this nonsense on this site? It’s disturbing and very unsettling. Terry Hobbs did it. And I cannot wait till the day that Buddy Lucas grows enough courage to confess to this crime and put Terry Hobbs behind bars for the rest of his life.

          8. Emily


          9. Trench Reynolds

            Why? What’s the point in replying to you? You’re like a WM3 version of a fundamentalist Christian except instead of pointing to the bible you point to a series of slanted movies. You’re unwilling to entertain any notion that they may be guilty no matter how logical or factual the evidence is. You’re as close minded as the people you claim railroaded Echols into prison.

          10. Emily

            Ahh. That definitely answered my question. I thought if you came back with some solid responses to my questions, that would mean you really believe this nonsense and had some misguided belief you were actually doing some good. Now that I see that you have NO response and know you have no response, I think you know that the WM3 are innocent, you just want blog hits. That is reprehensible. What logical/factual evidence do you speak of, btw?

          11. MY PRECIOUS

          12. Trench Reynolds

            You must get a lot of exercise jumping to conclusions like that. If I wanted cheap blog hits it would make more sense to be pro-WM3 since there are more supporters on the web than ‘nons’ as you ironically label us.

          13. sweetd

            Stop replying to yourself. I’m sure you find it appropriate to talk to yourself in public but you look foolish

          14. louielovett

            She doesn’t look foolish – she’s the only one making any sense here.

          15. Trench Reynolds

            Not really. If she believes in the scenario suggested above in my post then she’s making no sense at all.

          16. EastTennessee

            Jessie had already been convicted and sentenced before the Echols/Baldwin trial even began. I’m sure prosecutors offered him some sort of a deal, but apparently it wasn’t sweet enough or his lawyers would have advised him to take it.

          17. Emily

            Is there a difference between Terry Hobbs and rednecks who never finished the 7th grade? lol

          18. allan

            There isn’t any evidence that proves wm3 are innocent.

          19. sweetd

            Oh yeah you watched something on tv and decided the creepy guy did it. Do you see the hypocrisy???

          20. louielovett

            Great comment and so true – all of the uneducated hillbillies still insist the WM3 are guilty! Absolutely absurd at this point.

          21. Trench Reynolds

            Uneducated hillbillies. How closed minded of you.

        2. sweetd

          Wow, you’re a little slow.

    2. louielovett

      Right on, Emily. You are the only one making any common sense on this forum.


    I feel sorry for those poor young 8 year old boys, they never got a chance to live their life. I wished there was sufficient evidence to convict the murderers who give them and give them the death penalty!

    1. Bradley

      The death penalty is archaic and stupid. It’s revenge, not justice.

  15. wombleranger

    So much loss and tragedy in this town that seemingly will never end….sad.

  16. Chris H

    Hobbs &amp Jacoby ( especially Hobbs) make make intriguing suspects, as does Byers, ( DESPITE Pradise Lost 3 info). But ANYONE who says that they KNOW who did it, or that the original WM3 were convicted beyond a REASONABLE doubt, is EITHER full of $hit, OR was there &amp KNOWS. Period, the end.

  17. Shelle

    Wow, it seems you’ve bought into the bullshit hook, line and sinker. There was ZERO evidence to convict Damien, Jason and Jessie. ZERO. A coerced “confession” after 11+ hours of harsh interrogation is not a confession at all. Jessie was 17 years old, mentally challenged and not at all a candidate to be a reliable witness. No reasonable attorney would ever call a kid like that to a witness stand in any case, so why on earth would the police decide to believe him? It’s because they new he was gullible, slow and easy to manipulate and intimidate. Why the hell would it take 12 hours to get his “confession”?! Why is the only record of the interrogation (it was NOT an interview as police have claimed–it was a harsh interrogation) a 43-minute tape? What happened those other 11 hours?

    I assume you are a bright, educated person, so your opinions about the WM3 are puzzling and troubling. Your comments make you sound like your ability to reason, apply logic and evaluate evidence in a neutral manner appears completely non-existent. If that is the case, I hope, for the love of God, you NEVER serve on a jury.

    ~Shelle ✝

    1. Trench Reynolds (Post author)

      Just because you and the other WM3 supporters keep repeating the same falsehoods, that won’t make them true. Try to find out what was left out of the ‘documentaries’ and the Echols’ ass kissing news reports.

      1. Shelle

        I gave you the benefit of the doubt and would hope for the same courtesy. I don’t live by documentaries. I teach this case to my second year law students. The evidence, both real and circumstantial, is quite compelling. Ask me anything. Just don’t point fingers or make assumptions. There’s been plenty of that already.

        1. Trench (Post author)

          Then please indulge me if you will.

          What is your response to the reports that Misskelley made numerous confessions even after his own conviction?

          What does Echols’ history of animal abuse indicate to you? What about his previous history of violence and mental illness?

          What do you make of the scenario posted above in my blog post? Do you consider it to be a plausible one?

          If the evidence against them was so flimsy then why were their convictions never overturned on a state level?

          As an aside please see my experience in how Echols inner circle deals with people who they don’t agree with…



  18. Bradley

    “If the evidence against them was so flimsy then why were their convictions never overturned on a state level?”- You seem extremely naive. There are MULTITUDES of cases all over with flimsy evidence, sometimes much, much more blatantly flimsy, that take forever (or never) to get overturned. Read John Grisham’s great non-fiction book “The Innocent Man”. It casually mentions how in one small town in Oklahoma, in the span of a year, several young men, in separate murder cases, were convicted with circumstantial evidence that was almost laughably ridiculous, and sentenced to the death penalty. They were all eventually overturned, but it was a long, uphill battle. And pathetic losers still think the death penalty is a good idea. These are the same bloodthirsty jackasses who used to form lynch mobs.

    Ever heard of Tulia, Texas? In 1999, about 10% of the town’s black population were rounded up and hit with drug charges. Sentencing happened quickly, with some of the sentences up to 100 years in prison (for drug charges!). Turns out, the undercover cop who made the arrests was fucking insane (and blatantly racist to boot) and had no corroboration whatsoever. When they finally (after years of wrangling with the prosecution during the appeals) tested the cocaine he had admitted to evidence, it was diluted to an incredible degree. Meaning, sure, at least a couple of the arrests were legit, but most were not, and it turned out the cop was selling the shit on the side as well. Of course the community and the prosecutor fought tooth and nail but eventually, after enough noise was made by sane people, the appeals ball finally got rolling and the cases were all overturned. After a guilty verdict is made, a successful appeal is extremely difficult, no matter how ridiculously flimsy the evidence is.

    Your seemingly blind trust in the justice system would be cute if it weren’t so destructively stupid. Here in America, we are supposed to err on the side of the accused, and for very good reason. If it can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, we must acquit. Mass hysteria and witch hunts have no place here. Sounds like you would enjoy Saudi Arabia or Iran’s “justice system” a bit more. Your blog is like if Juror #3 from Twelve Angry Men ran a blog.


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