Mother and Boyfriend charged with Murder in Missing Illinois Toddler Case

***Special thanks to SongBird for the write up***

Scott and Baker

Scott and Baker

Missing Infant’s Mother Charged with Murder:

Mother, boyfriend charged with killing Maywood toddler:

Prosecutors: Mom, boyfriend beat, killed child, made up kidnapping story:

Mother, Boyfriend Charged With Murder Of One-Year-Old:

SongBirds’ prayer:

“Little baby Bryeon, I hope as I write this, I do you proud
And the tears that fall for your journey, comfort your soul
All the worlds hearts hug and nurse you now, and in eternity
Be at home in the Lords house Little Man, Blessed Be”

Lakeisha Baker and her boyfriend Micheal Scott rang police and reported and abduction of her child claiming the involvement of three unidentified assailants. An amber alert was issued and the search began for the suspects and Bryeon Hunter.

While speaking with investigators her story began to unravel, she admitted to using a belt and plastic coat hangers to beat twelve-month-old Bryeon, on Monday 15th April muffling his screams with her hand on his mouth. She also admits she regularly beat Bryeon and she would force him sit for long periods of time on the toilet, as punishment.

Punishment for what!? He was an infant, most likely just learnt to waddle about the world, with eyes full of wonder, precious innocence in his cheeky smiles. And his mother chose only to show him the pain, greed and treachery of this world.

A mother is sent a child as a blessing, to nurture, to love and care for, but also to fill our hearts with love as we admire them, and watch them grow, inspire them to learn. For most parents, mothers, fathers, step-fathers, step-mothers foster mum’s and dad’s and other well-adjusted members of society this commonly understood.

Therefore in my opinion Lakeisha Baker is not a mother. She is a biological birth vessel and a murderer.

One year-old Bryeon Hunter died, on Tuesday 16th April, left alone in a cold bathroom with horrific, extensively painful injuries sustained when accused murderers Lakeisha Baker and Michael Scott beat the tiny boy with coat hangers and a belt, they cruelly and coldly sat by as he strained to take his last breath waiting for him to die! They showed him no more respect in death than they did in his short little life, his limp little body stuffed into a bag and thrown away.

Micheal Scott told investigators that his girlfriend was the one whom beat the child to death and left him to die on the bathroom floor. Micheal Scott never once stepped in protected Bryeon from this murderous monster, and prosecutors have stated that both admit to stuffing little Bryeons’ lifeless body into a backpack, and then they set about disposing of his remains in the surrounding areas of the Des Plaines River in Maywood, Illinois.

Both Baker and Scott are pointing the finger at each other, both claim the other had put Bryeon in to the bag and claim that each other had taken the bag from the apartment to an unknown location. Barker admits she bleached and cleaned the bathroom and disposed of coat hangers and other items.

Crews continue the search for Bryeon Hunter in the Maywood area. I hope Bryeon can be found and laid to rest with the dignity he deserves. May his spirit be free to fly through the Heavens.

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter

Gorgeous little man Bryeon Hunter

Kip Kinkel to use Supreme Court ruling to appeal sentence

Kip Kinkel

Kip Kinkel

Kip Kinkel uses landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling to challenge sentence:

Once again Kip Kinkel is back in the news for appealing his sentence. Kinkel was sentenced to 115 years for the 1998 shooting and killing of his parents and killing two at Thurston High School in Oregon. He’s previously tried to have his sentence overturned by claiming both insanity and improper counsel. Now he’s trying to use a Supreme Court ruling to his favor.

Last year the US Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life sentences without parole for minors is unconstitutional. Kinkel was 15 at the time of his murder spree. I don’t agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling however while they said that mandatory LWOP for minors was unconstitutional they also said that minors could still be sentenced to LWOP for murder as long as the sentence wasn’t a mandatory one.

Kinkel accepted a plea deal of 25 years for the murders however the judge at the time tacked on 40 moths a piece on attempted murder charges for each person he wounded in is spree. There were 26 wounded. That jacked up his sentence to where it is today. His sentence was not a mandatory sentence.

If there are any fancy lawyerin’ types out there wouldn’t the Supreme Court just review the facts then refuse to rule on this?

Personally I don’t see this succeeding even in our ‘no personal responsibility’ society of today.

UPDATE 5/27/2013: Appeal denied for being 8 years past the appeal deadline. See you in 2113 jackass.

OR teacher suspended over Snapchat exchange


Oregon City teacher on leave after SnapChat photo sent to student:

You can read my initial take on Snapchat here. To sum up Snapchat is a smart phone and tablet app that allows you to exchange pictures but the pictures are only supposed to be able to be viewed for ten seconds.

While this story has not yet been called a crime I think it deserves attention. A male high school teacher in Oregon City, Oregon has been suspended after an alleged inappropriate exchange with a female student on Snapchat. According to reports the student supposedly sent a semi-nude picture of herself to the teacher on Snapchat. In return the teacher is said to have sent the student an inappropriate photo. The photo is said to be not a nude of the teacher but something that is inappropriate to be sending a teenage girl.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Snapchat while they may say otherwise this is pretty much just a sexting app. Why else would you have to have a picture self delete after ten seconds? Not to mention that just about any picture sent on Snapchat can be saved anyway. I would definitely recommend checking your kids’ cell phones to make sure they don’t have Snapchat installed on it.

Now while the teacher has not been charged with a crime why on Earth would he not only have Snapchat but why would he give out his user info so he could exchange pics with students. If this turns out not to be a crime this teacher should at least be fired.

Review of Xubuntu 13.04


Last week the regular series of Ubuntu Linux distributions were released. The only one that concerns me is Xubuntu because the XFCE desktop is my preference. I never was a fan of KDE and screw Unity.

The installation requires at least 5GB of hard drive space which automatically disqualifies it for the Asus EEE-PC challenge so I installed it on my MSI Wind netbook which I am currently writing this on. The first problem I had was that there was an incompatibility that prevented me from installing Google Chrome. However this is a Chrome issue and not a Xubuntu issue. There are two fixes. One is to install Chromium, which is the open source equivalent of Chrome, the other is to download the libudev0 dependency.

While I was trying to customize my install I noticed two programs that I find essential that were missing in the installation. Those were GDebi and Synaptic. These programs allow you to install things that aren’t in the Ubuntu depositories. Granted I could easily use the Ubuntu Software Center to get most of what I need but since this is an older and less powerful computer than current laptops I found the UI for the software center to be slow and kludgy. GDebi and Synaptic can both be downloaded from the software center of the terminal if you’re so inclined.

Other than that it’s a really solid distro. It does what it’s supposed to do with minimal fuss and is highly customizable.

Speaking of customization for my personal preferences I swapped out the lower XFCE dock with Cairo Dock, Audacious instead of gmusicbroowser, QBittorrent instead of Transmission and Gnome MPlayer instead of Parole.

Now that the new Ubuntu distros have been released it’s like Christmas for Ubuntu fans like myself. It means that in the next few weeks we should see new updates as well from the descendants of Ubuntu like Linux Mint, Zorin OS and my personal favorite Voyager.

Xubuntu gets the Trench Reynolds seal of approval. *bark bark*

Emergency Ask BB: Upcoming visitation hearing

You know the drill. We’re not lawyers, take advice at own risk etc.

This is from one of our regulars, not saying who but please read and advise. Names have been changed to protect identities.

Hi, I am curious as to the groups thoughts on the following situation. We go to court in two days. The most I am willing to accept is supervised visitation.

Mr. Smith and I started dating in March of 2010. The relationship moved rather quickly and Mr. Smith was spending most of his time at my residence. The first sign that I had that something was not quite right was when I offered Mr. Smith a drawer in my bedroom and he took it as an invitation to move in. I was a little concerned about that but none of my roommates seemed to mind so I decided to go with it. Shortly after moving in, Mr. Smith was laid off from his employer and two out of my four roommates moved out.

The second sign that something was not right with Mr. Smith involved our landlords cat GiGi. GiGi was left in the house for my roommates and me to care for. GiGi had several health problems and was not a friendly cat. Mr. Smith decided that the best thing to do would be to take the cat out to his grandfather’s farm and shoot her. He did just that after catching her in some kind of animal cage. He told our landlord he had her euthanized at the veterinarian’s office.

Throughout the next year, Mr. Smith became a bully in our home. No matter what anyone else did, it was never good enough. He had not been able to hold a job and was unwilling to do even the smallest amount of housework. Another roommate moved out.

In February of 2011, I found out I was pregnant. The already tense relationships in our home become even worse. Mr. Smith became even more difficult to live with. In the first few months of my pregnancy, I asked Mr. Smith to sleep in another room under the guise of being uncomfortable. Mr. Smith made several statements during my pregnancy that left me frightened. He stated on multiple occasions that if we ever broke up he would fight me for full custody of our child because he had “a bigger support system than I did.” He threatened to just take off with the child if tried to keep our child away from him; he also threatened to kill the child for the same reason. He also stated that he would kill our child if it was born with Down syndrome or any other serious “defect.” I was miserable in the relationship and afraid to ask him to leave.

By the end of my pregnancy, Mr. Smith and I fought all the time and our last roommate moved out without an explanation. Our daughter was born on October 11, 2011 and it did not take long to figure out that this relationship could no longer last. However, Mr. Smith had gotten a job and I had just had a baby so I stayed despite my better judgment.

Five weeks later, Mr. Smith lost the new job and things became even worse. I could no longer financially support the household and Mr. Smith’s physical and mental health had declined. He mostly stayed in the house, without showering for days. I returned to work in the beginning of January. Mr. Smith stayed at home with the baby for around a month. In that time, I had walked in on him screaming at the baby to “Stop Fucking Crying.” He refused to clean her diaper area properly or give her a bath. On January 13, 2012, Mr. Smith called me at work irate that the baby was trying to put her hand and her pacifier in her mouth at the same time. I immediately contacted the director of the Early Childhood Care Center to see if they had an opening for Patience. I was told they would have a spot for her the 2nd week of February. I couldn’t wait that long so after a little more talking to people, I was able to get her in on January 31, 2012. I was so relieved to have her somewhere that I did not have to worry about her while working.

Mr. Smith was still not working and his health was continuing to decline. I had started making plans to leave. On March 4, 2012 Mr. Smith’s health had gotten too bad. Mr. Smith would not listen to me, so I called his father. I told his father that he needed to come take Mr. Smith to the hospital or take him home with him. I couldn’t take it anymore. During his stay in the hospital, Mr. Smith got mad at me for sharing his condition with his sister and told me I was a traitor for making him go the hospital. He was preliminarily diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. During our arguments while he was in the hospital I told Mr. Smith that I would deal with either his physical condition or his attitude. I would not deal with both. He promised to try to improve. He did not and things continued to get worse. It was during this time that Mr. Smith told me he did not love our daughter. I told him that he would never tell her that and that he would pretend to love her because of what having a father like him would do to her.

Mr. Smith and I broke up on May 2, 2012 after yet another argument in which he told me he would fight me for full custody of our daughter. The night of our breakup Mr. Smith begin to tell me that he was not sure if he wanted to be in our daughter’s life anymore. This was a threat that I heard many times over the next month while we made other living arrangements. On May 9, 2012 Mr. Smith sent me and his sister (whom he had broken ties with in April) an invitation to a cell phone app that tracks your location using your phone’s GPS.

On Monday May 14, 2012 Mr. Smith, his father and I went to see an MS specialist regarding his condition and received bad news regarding how far his condition had progressed. Prior to this appointment he had a Psychologist appointment, in which he claimed to be perfectly fine mentally. I however was concerned because he had once told me that he would kill himself if he ever had a debilitating disease. As soon as we got home that day, I hid his guns until I could make arrangements to get them out of the house.

On May 19, 2012, Mr. Smith had taking his sleeping medication (Ambien). We were talking about his medical condition and our daughter. He broke down in tears for the first time ever. He then threatened to leave the house and just go. He mentioned committing a crime so that he would have a place to stay, food, and medical attention. I told him that he if he left this house, I would call 911 immediately. I made him get back into bed and then hid all of the vehicle keys in the house.

Mr. Smith’s sister Ann asked if she could keep Patience while I was moving out of the house. I told her I would have to ask Mr. Smith because it was his last night in the house with his child and he might want to keep that time. When I asked Mr. Smith he said he did not care. Ann picked the baby up on Friday May 25, 2012 around 5:30 p.m. When they left, Mr. Smith told Patience, “See ya kid, call me when you’re 35.”

On Saturday May 26, 2012, I was moving out of the house, at the request of my brother; Mr. Smith was not to be there while we were moving. Mr. Smith got up and asked about his guns, I had never gotten them out of the house. I asked Mr. Smith what he wanted with the guns and he said, “I’ll take them to my grandfather’s today.”

After, I moved everything of mine and Patience out of the house, I stopped by to grab a load of laundry that I had in the dryer. Mr. Smith was sitting in a chair looking miserable. I asked him what was wrong and he said he just didn’t feel good. He had me feel his throat, one of his lymph nodes were swollen. I told him to go to the community clinic. He said no, I will be okay. He also informed me that he got a ticket for not having a seatbelt on when he left Wendy’s. He told the officer that his condition has made it difficult to manipulate the seat belt.” The officer asked why he was still driving, he said because no one has told me I couldn’t. He also told me that he had not taken the guns to his grandfather’s. I left the house and on my way to daycare to pick up Patience, I called his father to tell him that Mr. Smith was sick and had his guns. I never got in touch with him, we played phone tag.

On Sunday May 27, Mr. Smith posted on his Facebook that he was on his way to the community clinic. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him on his way. I called later that evening to check on him, we had a short conversation and he never asked about Patience. Mr. Smiths’s grandmother called me to find out what was going on in the family and she and I talked for quite a bit about his mental health, physical health and his in ability to take care of our child. I then spoke to his grandfather about the guns and he was going to try to get in touch with Mr. Smith about the guns.

Patience and I moved into my mothers. Mr. Smith moved in with his mother and her boyfriend. This was a tumultuous living arrangement and did not last long. The relationships between the three of them were all to tense to live together. On June 10, 2012, there was a huge argument at that house and Mr. Smith came to visit us at my mother’s house. This was the first time we had seen each other since moving and we had rarely spoken. The visit consisted of him telling my mother and me all about how horrible his living situation was. He then informed me that he no longer wanted Patience around his mother. I consented to his wishes. During this visit, Mr. Smith did notice a miraculous thing about our daughter. She wasn’t crying while not being held. In just the short time we had been gone her behavior had changed drastically.

Mr. Smith moved into a shelter for the homeless who had substance abuse or mental health issues. He was unsure if he was going to be able to stay there because he did not fall into those categories but he had nowhere else to go. Patience and I visited Mr. Smith on father’s day at the shelter. The visit lasted about two hours. There was nowhere private for us to go and nowhere for Patience to play. Patience was sick with a virus for several days after that visit.

I confronted Mr. Smith with my fear that the center was not a safe place for our daughter to visit. He told me that my concern stemmed from experience I had when I was under four and visiting my own father at a hospital.

On June 28, 2012 Mr. Smith sent me a message on Facebook that said, “Goodnight beautiful.” I replied that he could no longer say those kinds of things to me. This led to a phone call in which I asked Mr. Smith to remove me from being his power of attorney and anything else that did not involve our daughter. Mr. Smith accused me of wanting him to be just a check to our daughter and the discussion quickly went downhill. This conversation ended so badly that I decided my feelings would interfere with any time Mr. Smith spent with our daughter. I asked Mr. Smith’s close friend, Paula, to supervise the visits until we could get to a better place.

Mr. Smith next saw Patience on July 14, 2012. This visit was supervised by Paula at the center. It was supposed to last three hours but only lasted an hour and a half. Mr. Smith brought Patience out to my car and said that she was getting fussy and it “was time for her to go.”

On July 24, 2012, Mr. Smith asked to see Patience again. I told him that I would like to discuss some things with him first and we made arrangements to meet on the evening of July 26, 2012. Instead Mr. Smith showed up at my place of work and asked if we could talk while there. I took my lunch break and we went to the vending area at the college that has tables. I had wanted to talk about the problems with Patience visiting the shelter, my concerns about him all together and what his plans were for the future. The conversation ended up being an argument. Mr. Smith threatened to try to have me arrested for kidnapping even though we both know that I had every right to take our child. When Mr. Smith said that, all I could think about was that if he were successful in that threat: what would he do with our child? I told Mr. Smith that if he wanted to see Patience, he would need to get a court order.

Ever since that day, I have constantly worried about the safety of Patience. I do not leave her with anyone, including my mother because I worry that Mr. Smith will try to take her. I have nightmares about him killing us. I truly fear for our daughter’s safety. Mr. Smith is not able to provide for our daughter if she were in his care. He has no home for her. I have concerns regarding his physical ability to take care of her. I know that he is not mentally able to care for a toddler. Mr. Smith is a threat to Patience’s physical and emotional well-being.

Any advice for the e-mails writer to help protect her and her child?

Ask BB: How to handle ‘accidental’ touching


We received the following e-mail not too long ago from someone who is concerned about inappropriate contact with a child. Some details of the e-mail have been changed to protect identities.

Hi, I know none of you are lawyers, but I need some opinions on what to do for a situation involving a 8-year-old girl.

She has told me that her father, when tickling her, has “accidentally” touched her breasts and “thinks it’s funny.” She claims that she’s not uncomfortable with this and knows it’s accidental.

I have given her a book about child sexual abuse which she has read. I also will be seeing her today, and I intend on trying to instill the concept of setting boundaries (though it’s not her fault he’s doing this). I am unsure whether I should also talk to him (this might cause him to prohibit me from seeing her, as he is very sensitive to any criticisms on his parenting) or just call CPS or police (I have done this several times and they always fail to do very much).

As usual, even though the reader mentioned it, I have to preface this by saying that we are not legal experts here at BB and following any advice given is at your own risk.

Before I can personally give my opinion I would need to know how often this ‘touching’ is happening. It is a common occurrence or just a once in a while thing? If it is in fact inappropriate touching and CPS and the police are unwilling to act I would definitely recommend seeking the service of an attorney to see how things can be handled from that point on.

And as usual Breeder Readers, what do you have to say?

Shop for car parts on craigslist, have your child propositioned

Christopher Howard Beachum

Father turns in suspected child predator found on Craigslist:

So this guy in the Houston, Texas area was shopping for a tire cover for his Jeep online. He found exactly what he was looking for on craigslist. He contacted the seller and then after the arrangements for the tire cover were made the seller allegedly started asking some typical questions. And by typical I mean typical for craigslist.

The seller started asking the man if he had kids and would they be interested in ‘modeling’ for him. The man says that the seller offered him $5 for clothed photos of his kids and $10 for nudes. After their conversation the man called the local police and the FBI.

This led authorities to one 22-year-old Spencer House. When police searched his home they found child porn on his computer and children’s’ underwear in his closet. Police say that House may have also solicited other parents since he was advertising on craigslist as a child modeling studio.

This is why you shouldn’t do any sort of business on craigslist at least until they promise to clean up their site. No matter how legitimate the item may be that you’re searching for you have a pretty good chance of running into one of these creepers.

(Picture source)

Philly Breeder was just trying to knock dog off of bed

Samuel Cabrera (Angry looking little troll isn’t he?)

Father Accused of Beating 3-Month-Old Son to Death:

Earlier this month 3-month-old Samuel Cabrera Jr. of Philadelphia was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’ll get to the who and why in a moment.

Samuel Jr. was rushed to the hospital for being unresponsive and doctor’s noticed he was covered in bruises. As is all too usual in these cases the Breeders gave conflicting stories. The egg layer stated that the bruises were from the baby’s father performing CPR. The sperm donor in question, 27-year-old Samuel Cabrera, allegedly told police that he was trying to knock the dog off of the bed. Cabrera the elder must have some massive leg strength then because reports say that Samuel Jr. had broken bones, a crushed liver, a crushed spleen and all of his abdominal organs had been crushed. That’s one hell of a nudge because it doesn’t sound anything like that he was beating the baby repeatedly in the abdomen.

Cabrera’s 15-month-old daughter is also said to have bruises and is now living with a relative. His squeeze’s kids have also been removed from the home however she has not been charged as of yet.

I lived in and around Philly most of my life. It’s kind of like a prison. Most everybody is up to some kind of no good (at least in the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with) yet when a child is harmed it can galvanize the city or a neighborhood. I don’t believe in vigilantism but if there was ever someone who was in desperate need of good old-fashioned Philly street justice it’s this scumbag. Maybe instead they should let the top MMA guys use him as a human sparring dummy. That way he could feel just a fraction of what he put his own defenseless flesh and blood through.

Thanks to Warrior Artemis for the tip.

Returned From the Land of the Liars: Damien Echols the TV critic

Damien Echols . (Even in my HuffPo profile pic I’m wearing the douche goggles.)

Damien Echols . (Even in my HuffPo profile pic I’m wearing the douche goggles.)

Returned From the Land of the Dead:

Apparently they’ll let any con man or bullshit artist write for the Huffington Post. For example take our favorite outcast messiah and thrice convicted child murderer Damien Echols. Apparently someone at the HuffPo gave him the assignment of reviewing a TV show about a man who was wrongly convicted and spent 19 years on death row. Starting to sound familiar? Let’s join the review already in progress…

First, I should probably say that I’m not a big fan of prison shows. Or cop shows. Or lawyer shows. Or courtroom drama shows of any sort. I guess that’s one of the side effects of being sentenced to death for a crime I didn’t commit.

Your multiple upheld convictions by the Arkansas Supreme Court and Alford plea say otherwise.

One thing I learned is that almost everything you see on television shows is complete and absolute fiction.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that all the movies about him are 100% accurate. Hey, isn’t 48 Hours a TV show? Hmmmm.

Rectify is the story of a man who was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit, and spent 19 years on death row before getting out. Much like in my own real life case, the local politicians refuse to admit he’s innocent even after DNA testing points towards someone else.

According to Google Maps it’s 130 miles from West Memphis to Little Rock. I mention that since obviously Echols considers the State Supreme Court to be ‘local politicians’. Also I guess I have to point out once again that the supposed DNA evidence does not point to ‘someone else’. I guess his handlers told them to cool it on the Terry Hobbs accusations.

The writer of the show, Ray McKinnon, was somewhat familiar with my case. His late wife, Lisa Blount was a friend of mine. She and I exchanged letters while I was on death row in Arkansas, and she even sang at a concert in Arkansas, along with Eddie Vedder, Patti Smith, and Johnny Depp, to help raise awareness about my plight.

That speaks volumes. I’m surprised Mikey isn’t a creative consultant on the show. Of course Echols has to name drop all his celebrity friends again to give himself some kind of validation.

It was odd, thinking back on how I’d been beaten, starved, and treated as something sub-human by prison guards for years.

None of which has ever been proven.

Law enforcement and politicians in the show say that despite what DNA testing shows, the lead character would not have confessed if he weren’t guilty. That greatly mirrors the sentiments I’ve heard in the outside world. The reality is that anyone can be so worn down that they’ll eventually confess to anything, no matter how strong they believe themselves to be. And it happens all the time — from people who are killed after confessing to practicing witchcraft, to people sentenced to lethal injection even though the crime scene bears no resemblance to the confession tortured out of them.

Of course had to throw a reference to the Salem Witch Trials in there because he lives in Salem in case you didn’t know. Apparently Echols like to wield symbolism like a blunt object. I wonder if his statement about confessions was a jab at Jessie Misskelley for his multiple confessions that led to their convictions. Kind of like a “you better keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you” kind of jab.

I’ll give Echols credit for one thing. He seems to be a pretty decent cult leader. I think he’s brainwashed himself into believing his own lies.

Washington State enacts new Backpage law


Inslee Passes New Penalties for Online Minor Sex Ads:

The State of Washington show once again why they’re in the forefront of trying to put a stop to the online sex trafficking of children.

Last week Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill into law that would fine someone $5,000 to anyone caught advertising *Cough*Backpage*cough* a child for sex online. Instead of going after Backpage directly, which his predecessor Gov. Chris Gregoire tried but the law was blocked, Gov. Inslee is targeting the pimps and traffickers.

That’s a great strategy but I have one question. Is $5,000 a big enough fine to make the risk greater than the reward? I don’t think it is. A lot of these pimps can make this kind of money in a night. In my opinion $50,000 would make more of a dent in their blood soaked wallets.

While Governor Inslee is taking a step in the right direction I don’t think he and the Washington legislature have taken a big enough step.