Charges amended to manslaughter in death of Jaymie Adams

Justin Adams

Justin Adams

Oklahoma County prosecutors reduce charges against Justin Adams in death of wife and unborn child:

Earlier today prosecutors in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma reduced the charges against Justin Adams to first-degree manslaughter in the death of his wife Jaymie. Jaymie Adams died after being stabbed and struck repeatedly. She was also pregnant at the time of her death.

Prosecutors, in the latest charges, allege Adams “aided and abetted Jaymie Adams in engaging in acts of prostitution,” engaging in criminal conduct “that resulted in the death of Jaymie Adams.”

The Adamses were allegedly swingers and Justin Adams contends that his wife was a prostitute that advertised online.

I have yet to see an article that details why the charges were amended. It could just be that investigators do not yet have conclusive evidence to pin the murder of his wife on Adams. In my opinion while the evidence so far may just be circumstantial all roads lead to Justin Adams. As I have detailed before there was a life insurance policy taken out on Jaymie by her husband, the alleged affair that Justin Adams was having and the matter in which Jaymie was killed seemed incredibly personal.

Adams’ attorney, the ever vocal Irven Box, said that he is going to try to have the charges dismissed tomorrow.

Some reports mention Joseph Cyr as a possible suspect who I posted about here. Supposedly Cyr’s DNA, specifically semen, was found on Jaymie Adams’ even though the initial autopsy report makes no mention of it. I still don’t see Cyr as a viable suspect. Even if Jaymie was a prostitute and Cyr was one of her clients what would be his motive for murdering her so brutally? The only thing I could think of is if Cyr was on PCP at the time. Mr. Cyr has not been charged with anything as of yet.

Maybe the OSBI should take over this investigation much like they did with the murder of Carina Saunders because in my opinion it seems like local investigators are in over their heads.

UPDATE 11:46 PM EDT: Joseph Cyr has been arrested in the murder of Jaymie Adams. Again the investigation states the DNA evidence and that Cyr’s cell phone records show that he was in the area at the time of Jaymie’s death. They originally said that about Justin Adams too but now they say those reports were inaccurate. I’m still not convinced that Cyr is the right suspect. This investigation has been so mishandled I can see everybody walking on this case.

Joseph Cyr

Joseph Cyr

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