Jospeh Cyr’s girlfriend talks about his arrest in Jaymie Adams’ murder

Joseph Cyr
Joseph Cyr

Girlfriend Of Man Charged With Killing Pregnant Blanchard Mom Speaks Out:

In my previous post about the murder of Jaymie Adams I mentioned that police arrested Joseph Cyr after reducing the charges for Justin Adams to manslaughter. Joseph Cyr’s girlfriend, Rebekah Schultz, has taken to the local media questioning the arrest. In the interest of transparency I have been in previous contact with Ms. Schultz prior to Mr. Cyr’s arrest. At no time did she divulge any sensitive information to me.

“You have to see the things in the affidavit that don’t add up, because they are holding a man right now for reasons that are very untrue,” Schultz said.

“To say they have DNA match or cell phone pings that are on the same tower, I’m not quick to believe it because they tried to say the same things about Justin Adams,” said Schultz.

Schultz says the affidavit for Cyr’s arrest is misleading. They did not skip town after Jaymie’s disappearance, but instead relocated to the Tulsa area because of her job. Schultz says they notified detectives about that move and made sure police had their contact information after.

“They portrayed somebody who just up and left and they didn’t know, which is very untrue. They absolutely knew.”

Schultz also denies the claim made in court documents that Cyr tried to sell the truck to get rid of evidence. She says she was pregnant and they needed a bigger vehicle.

“The truck had been taken in. They said they processed it and didn’t find anything and they gave it back. There was nothing that indicated we shouldn’t be able to sell it.”

Normally I would be one of the first people to say how coincidental this would be albeit sarcastically but I tend to believe Ms. Schultz. If you think my objectivity in this case is being swayed by Ms. Schultz you’d be wrong. I have yet to read anything that is a smoking gun that leads me to believe that Joseph Cyr committed this crime. Also I’d like to see the OKC police answer a simple question. If they say that have a sample of Joseph Cyr’s DNA from Jaymie Adams’ autopsy how come it isn’t mentioned in the autopsy report? Not to mention I have yet to hear a motive on why Cyr allegedly killed her while Justin Adams. Jaymie’s husband, had plenty of motive.

Could my opinion be swayed in the future? Absolutely, but it would have to take some pretty convincing evidence on the part of investigators. So far, as far as what’s been published in the media, they do not have that evidence in my opinion. As far as I’m concerned everything points to Justin Adams as being his wife’s killer.

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  1. I don’t know see how you can point to one or the other. seems like all 3 are proven liars if there is indeed dna.

      1. I know justins is a poor example of human but he’s not smart enough to not leave evidence. I know she’s awfuly convince her boyfriend didn’t have time but then neither did justin. The trailor in blanchard is way out in the country. Maybe the autopsy says no visual signs and the swabs had yet to be tested.while I was totally willing to believr justins capable, if they have actual dna I’m gonna lean towards cyr and feal real bad for his girlfriend.

  2. that fu*ker should get the death penalty. he did it they found dna inside her and maybe they didnt say anything about the dna because its an investigation he is a sick motherfu*ker

  3. Justin said Jaymie called saying the last john did a no show. Bet Jaymie did a free B making Justin so mad that after she was alone he attack her in a rage.. he was close to her so he could take the money.. justin also told she was buying her meal that was a lie too. He’s told way to many lies right off the get go! He did it!

  4. For resl Joseph cyr had many ho’s ready and willing! He did not kill jaymie adams.! Justin did.! Joe did over endulge in the flesh but he didnt kill jaymie.. there was to many their was to many other ho’s that was willing! He didnt haven’t have to pay! Jistin killedz jaumie on a ragè..

  5. U alls know justin was pimpn his wife.. he had his eye on the coin! Jaymie was 6 to 8 weeks pregnut, which means morning or nite sickness!!! She didn’t even paint her nails for her tricks! She wasnt into it! Didnt care if she empressed or not .. for future business. Justin new joke needs to pay attention cuz he will b pimpn her next!

        1. Nope just finding these ghetto posts funny. I can point tina in your direction if you want. I’m not a fan of justin hes not a class a person but seems like joseph wasn’t either. His fiance has already stated on websleuths that no matter the out come she’s moved on.

        1. oh hell no, not in a million years, but he is family. I don’t like most of what he does but he’s not capable of murder. heck he’s not capable of changed a diaper.

        1. LOL wow I’m stupid but at least I can type full sentences that make sense. I think only one of us speak “ho” and as I know what a whore is, I’m sure its not me. I’m sure you’ll post an equally poor response to this.

          1. The true issue is the way jaymie died! Just think of the last minutes of that girls life!!! @#&amp*”=%÷×^€£₩¥ $¥&amp’*₩6÷*=

              1. She was with 3 men that nite. Bet she had dna from all of them.. dna doesnt prove who killed her only that she had sex with them. Dang, she was a hooker of course she had their dna. After joe left justin raged on her.

                  1. No justin said joe did a no show. We can go over this and over this.. police cant prove who killed jaymie. Call john edwards , ask him who was jaymies killer. Lol

                    1. She called and said her last guy no showed no names mentioned. Dna seems to say he showed and was the last to see her alive. Whatever you think he’s going down for this.

                    2. If joe is the true killer of jaymie I agree. I feel something has yet to b revealed and all will start unravel ing very soon. I dont see justin not being involved.

                    3. He’s rather a waste but he doesn’t have the stomache for it. Way more likely killer joe. Their only going to charge justin for prostituting her that led to her death. Really then every pimp needs to be charged. He obviously didn’t care what she did for money. I don’t see what he’d be angry over to kill her that night.

                    4. Wait for trial! what is yr eye and hair color , bluehim? Seems to me u have alot of jealousy and unsettled emotionsto the point of obsession.

                    5. We will wait probly another year or too. I have nothing to be jealous of or unsettled. I follow the case because its family. I just think at this point its rather obvious.

                    6. I would like to see justin and joe both go and stay in jail for the rest of their useless lives! They both deserve! from what I read jaymie was doing fine till skirt clinging justin came back. Joes x is doing much better now that he is out of her life. If he gets out she will have to deal with him again. May justin and joe go and stay in hell hell

                    7. Who ever killed jaymie in such a fashion..may a flight of demons wing them to hell. Nobody has the right to take anothers life..

                    8. It was very violent and sick. Prostitution is the oldest and most dangerous profession. 70% of all murders are prostitutes. While I don’t think he murdered her I also don’t think he really cares for anyone but himself.

  6. Joe DIDN’T kill her.. obviously neither of you know him.. he’s not capable of doing something like that to anyone. If either of you took the time to sit in on the trial then you know there was nothing and I mean NOTHING other than Joe’s DNA inside her that pointed to him. He didn’t collect her life insurance.. he had nothing to gain by killing her.. and saying Justin isn’t smart enough.. maybe not.. but I know for fact he is sneaky enough. Anyone who can walk up on someone in a completely empty courthouse without that person hearing a single sound is capable.. the fact that Justin and his mom couldn’t even get their stories straight tells me he knows exactly what happened that night.. did anyone ever think maybe it wasn’t Justin… but I don’t know.. maybe his MOM???

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