Was the Taft Union shooter a ‘Phycopath’?

Bryan Oliver

Bryan Oliver

Documents: Taft high school shooting suspect wrote story of killing, torture:

In most school shootings bullying is almost always brought up as a motive. It’s a go to for most knee jerk reactions to school shootings. In my opinion this is a misconception because I have yet to see bullying being proven as a motive in any school shooting. The shooting at Taft Union High School in California is no exception.

Right after the shooting witnesses have told the media that gunman Bryan Oliver was bullied for being a ginger. As I said in my previous post if this is what passes for bullying that causes kids to go on shooting sprees then we are raising a bunch of emotional marshmallows. When I was bullied it was because I was smaller than everyone else, nothing more. My bullying resulted in concussions, a separated shoulder and many other trips to the hospital. In Oliver’s case he may have brought the bullying on himself.

In their investigation police found a short story allegedly written by Oliver called ‘Phycopath” that was posted online.

The story, which was posted in June, details the tribulations of a bullied high school student who slaughters his former tormentors as an adult.

Peers torment the abused main character, “Demian,” pretending to befriend him to gain his trust only to use “that to destroy him.”

“In school (Demian) couldn’t make any friends at all no matter how much he tried. It soon seamed [sic] that everyone that looked at him became determined to make his life hell,” the story said.

At graduation in the story, bullies douse Demian with a bucket of goat’s blood. Later, after a tour of duty in Iraq and stint in law school, Demian kills the student who tipped the bucket by drowning the bully in the blood of his family members. Demian continues to murder his persecutors in ways that echo their past harassment, including dropping one couple into a pit lined with giant thumbtacks.

Between the scenes of torture, Demian marries a woman who shares his interest in the Industrial Revolution and they have a child. The poem culminates violently when Demian locks his former classmates in a gym during their high school reunion and juggles knives until he makes a cartoon reference and tosses a blade into an onlooker’s neck.

This is eerily reminiscent of the badly written blood filled fantasy of Cho Seung-Hui, “Richard McBeef“. Anyway, my question is was Oliver this violence obsessed ‘phycopath’ prior to any alleged bullying or has he always been this deranged? There could be a very good reason why ‘Demian’ wasn’t able to make any friends. These are the questions we should be asking instead of just blurting out bullying every time a shooting like this happens. Nobody realizes more than me how horrible bullying can be on kids however even if there was bullying it should never be used as an excuse to commit murder.

In other Taft Union news the real victim in this, Bowe Cleveland, was re-admitted to the hospital this past week due to complications with the gunshot wound in his chest. This is after his initial hospital stay after the shooting where he was in a medically induced coma right after the shooting. I have not read if he has been released yet but I hope and pray that he is able to recover from his wounds as best as possible.

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  1. Muggle

    We redheads can have a hard time of it in school, but there’s no excuse for that steaming shitpile of a story. He had to have either brought it on himself, or was already nuts and directed his violent urges toward two kids who didn’t know how FUBAR he was.

    And now everyone is going to be afraid of making jokes about gingers, for fear that the gingers will all try to kill them in revenge. FFS. I turned ginger as a teenager naturally, I got teased for it, but I knew it came from everyone’s shitty sense of “edgy” humor rather than actual animosity toward a fucking hair color.


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