TX craigslist creeper was looking for ‘Teen girl$’

Randolph Brian Stringer

Randolph Brian Stringer

Humble man accused of allegedly luring underage girls through Craigslist ad:

The human potato over there is 32-year-old Randolph Brian Stringer of Humble, Texas. He was arrested earlier this month for allegedly trying to solicit sex from a teen through an ad he placed in the casual encounters section of craigslist. According to police Stringer’s ad was entitled ‘Teen girl$ – m4w – 35 (Humble)’ and the ad itself contained the following…

“I’m looking for an eager, fun, young lady to spend some time with me. Contact with pictures asap. The younger the better please.”

Again, ick.

String was contacted by a 15-year-old girl. Stringer said that he wanted to buy the girl a pre-paid cell phone, a classic child predator trick. He also told the girl that he would teach her how to be intimate with a man.

Double ick.

Of course the girl was a member of the Harris County High Tech Crimes Unit. They monitor craigslist for ads like this in their area. Let me repeat that. The local police monitor craigslist ads. I don’t think this is the community policing that craigslist has in mind. If police departments across the country are monitoring their website and they aren’t then there is an obvious problem that craigslist continues to choose to ignore.

Stringer allegedly admitted to police that he had met other girls through craigslist. Again, when potato faced scumbags like this are caught it usually isn’t their first rodeo. Also sleep well Humble, Texas Mr. Potato Head here is out on bond.

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