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***Special thanks to Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Richard Green

Richard Green

Father ‘murdered three-year-old daughter after finding out her mother was having an affair’:

The face you see above is that of 22-year-old Richard Green. Last year, Green discovered that his girlfriend (and mother of his child) Natalie Critchley was having an affair with another parent that she’d met at the day care where she worked. Richard was pissed. So pissed, in fact, that he brutally attacked his daughter Lia Green, repeatedly punching and kicking the 3-year-old. She was later found unresponsive and not breathing at her home in Preston, England. She was taken to hospital but died shortly after arriving. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Lia was bruised from her neck down to her legs, suffering from injuries usually only seen in car crash victims. She died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen. She had been struck so hard in the stomach that her bowel was severed. What sort of sick piece of shit would do that to ANY child, let alone their own?

Lia’s egg donor isn’t much better. She is accused of allowing her daughter’s death by not calling emergency services until Lia stopped breathing. Even as the toddler lay dying in hospital, Natalie’s behaviour was described as ‘strange’ by hospital staff. She was allegedly more pre-occupied with texting than asking after her severely injured child. She is also on trial.

Nasty and nastier.

Nasty and nastier.

Not surprisingly, social services had been involved with Lia before. A social worker had visited the home following a referral, but reported no concerns for Lia’s safety. Just two weeks later, her father battered her to death. It didn’t matter how pissed he was at Lia’s egg donor, Lia was an innocent toddler. Nothing would have been justification enough for what happened to this little girl.

R.I.P Lia.

R.I.P Lia.

18 thoughts on “‘Father’ beats toddler daughter to death after finding out her mother had an affair

  1. Lisa says:

    RIP little Lia. You deserved better parents than the ones you got.


  2. Aussie Sabbath says:

    Little Lia had nothing to do with her skank egg donor’s whoring around. Unless the baby batter injector suspected that Lia wasn’t his. Both of them should be swinging from a beam!


  3. Minerva says:

    The girl had nothing to do with her vag dispensers slutting around and yet she was the one that paid. I wonder what she was thinking as her “father” beat the life out of her. If I raise my voice to my toddler she will cry and immediately I feel guilty and horrible I raised my voice. How did he ignore his baby screaming in pain? How did the mother sit back and let her die while most likely texting this DB begging to “not be mad” and “take her back”.

    I don’t know about British prisons and how they treat child killers. I only hope its like here in America. Too bad in the UK they seem to “tsk tsk” murder so he will probably be out and procreating once again in a few years.


  4. Aussie Sabbath says:

    The first pic, doesn’t he look a bit brain-dead to you? That glazed-over look, the dead look in his eyes. What a freak.


  5. Mike Avery says:

    Who’s up for busting out the rack, the breaking wheel, judas cradle, and the strappado (look that last one up)


  6. Dee Halliday says:

    These stories are always upsetting, but I would rather read what is really happening out there in the world than not too.. I read the articles regularly. I much prefer reading Trench’s articles he keeps it to the point,not to take away the seriousness of the crime! and this is my personal opinion only, Aussie Sabbath gets a bit carried away with herself and the article ends up full of foul,language that’s put into sentences that just don’t make sense.

    I know the writer has to have flair and be emotional and Im sure there are many readers than prefer her style. I am not one of them that’s all.To me it takes away the seriousness of the crime committed.


    1. Aussie Sabbath says:

      Each one to their own. I vary my style depending on the story and I’m usually a hard heart, but little Bailey Constable got to me yesterday.


      1. 16pawz says:

        Personally, I appreciate the foul language. A.S. , love your style. Keep up the good work. You write exactly what I’m thinking.


  7. Lana says:

    I feel so bad for Lia.. My daughter is the same age. Sweet baby girl, I am sending you a kiss to heaven. I wish that you never were subjected to any form of abuse, let alone death. I could only imagine what she was thinking as her father was beating her. She was so beautiful, innocent and little. Really, how can anyone do this? Rest in peace beautiful child. You are loved.


  8. Lana says:

    Why would he ever even think of taking his rage out on her? Yet another weak, weak man! I only wish that she never had to go through this.
    I ly awake at night and cry for these beautiful little children, like Lia, taken away in the worst of ways, before they could defend themselves that make them the easiest of targets, and far before their day. May God take you all and protect you. I love each and everyone of one you. And form the depth of my soul, I wish I could have protected you.


  9. Lana says:

    After her short life was left unlived, and her small shoes left unfulfilled, who is left to pack her precious stuff away? Maybe, just maybe, her own father should. The one that caused her unphonable pain and ultimately death. He should. May his soul never rest, may he never forget her smiling and loving face, and the love she gave him unconditionally.
    To Lia’s father; I hope you realize what you have taken from this world, your one and only daughter, I hope that you receive all the punishment that is coming to you, you deserve every moment of it. And do not cry or ask for mercy…..Lia wasn’t give a choice, nor should you ever have one.


  10. 16pawz says:

    These two mental midgets look like they’re about 13. I hope that when this puss-boy gets to jail, the other “guests” will show him a great time. Pretty sure that when you look like him, you wear lipstick and pigtails in prison. Enjoy your stay, little bitch.


  11. Sirkissa says:

    This is so unfair and horrible I hope these two die! WTF! Your partner cheats, you don’t take it out on an innocent child. Damn, I wish he could experience blunt force trauma to his whole worthless body! And she’s no better. GAD!


  12. Scretch says:

    This is so disgusting. And the opposite of the “pay it forward” message. Just think if everyone reacted this way when things didn’t go their way. The world would be even worse that it is now. Thankfully there are still many good people.
    Rest in peace, precious Lia.


  13. EveryVillainIsLemons says:

    One of Baby P’s murderers got doused with boiling sugar water, if I remember correctly. These maggots deserve boiling sugar water poured all over their genitals.


  14. Buffettgirl says:

    Hey – Candy-Boy – they’s gonna lurve your skinny white ass in the “pokey”… I hope the few minutes you spent killing your daughter with your impotent rage were worth it for you. Now, in addition to being a baby-killing fucktard, you’re going to have life long problems keeping from shitting yourself after the love-fest Bubba and the boys have planned for your arrival…


  15. Sorcha says:

    His penis should have been cut off him when he got to puberty cos he is a lowlife that is not good enough to look at a child much less father one. Father! Horrible piece of scum, that’s all he is and anyone could tell that just by looking at those dull eyes with their ugly expression. He is foul and I hope he dies in prison.


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