Chardon High gunman to appeal sentence

T.J. Lane (Why the long face?)

T.J. Lane (Why the long face?)

Chardon High School shooter TJ Lane appeals his life in prison without parole sentence:

T.J. Lane appeals life sentence without possibility of parole:

You remember T.J. Lane don’t you. He’s the nice little boy who walked into Chardon High School in Ohio and shot and killed three students. Then at his sentencing he flipped off the victims’ families and told them that he masturbates to the memories of the victims’ deaths. Yeah, him. It appears that he will be appealing his three life sentences without parole.

Lane’s attorney had this to say about filing the appeal…

“Under what circumstances can you give a minor life without the possibility of parole is the question,” Partlow said.

How about the fact that he shot and killed three people, wounded two more including handicapping a kid for life and showing negative remorse for it? I think that’s a pretty good circumstance for life without parole.

In a nutshell he hopes that the Supreme Court ruling in 2012 which said that there can be no mandatory life sentences for minors will somehow sway the appeal in their favor. Except for the fact that T.J. Lane was not given a mandatory sentence. Lane was 17 at the time he committed the murders.

Not only should this coward have his life sentence upheld in a just world he’d also be eligible for the death penalty. Thanks again Supreme Court for screwing that up.

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