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Smith, Jenkins and Bumgarner

St. Pete prostitution scheme used underage girls, authorities say:

And we stay in Florida with our next story and why not? It is one of the hottest of hotbeds when it comes to sex trafficking.

In St. Petersburg police there have arrested 30-year-old Antron Smith, 21-year-old Donell O. Jenkins and 28-year-old Stacey Jo Bumgarner for allegedly prostituting at least two underage girls on Backpage. Police say that Smith was the pimp, Jenkins the enforcer and Bumgarner the groomer. Bumgarner would teach the girls how to ‘service a man’ and would post the Backpage ads. of course the girls were threatened with violence if they did not comply with one of the girls saying that she would be beaten if she didn’t do what she was told.

Unfortunately there is no happy ending in this story because the girls’ families want nothing to do with them and they’ve been placed in foster care.

So again the illusion of consenting adults in prostitution and human trafficking keeps disappearing. This is the reality. In most cases the women are not consenting and in too many cases aren’t even adults. And yet Backpage keeps saying that this is a freedom of speech issue when in reality it’s a sexual slavery issue. Is the violation of the 13th Amendment covered by the 1st? I don’t think so.

UPDATE 6/3/2013: A fourth person has been arrested in this case and she is 19-year-old Ashley Rose Clark.

Ashley Rose Clark

Police allege that Clark was prostituting one of the underage girls before she was turned out by Smith.

Tell me that Backpage prostitution isn’t a slave trade.

3 thoughts on “Florida trio busted for Backpage child prostitution

  1. slowbutsteady says:

    Why the fuck would “the
    girls’ families want nothing to do with them…?” They should be there for them, give them support and guidance…not throwing them in foster care….I just don’t get it!!


    1. Some families are just ignorant. They probably think that these were the girls choices or they look at them as tainted now.


      1. slowbutsteady says:

        That is so sad. Hopefully, they’ll be put in a decent foster home with people who will help them.


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