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Ohio doctor charged in pregnant woman’s death:

US Doctor ‘Raped and Killed’ Pregnant Deanna Ballman Lured with Bogus Craiglist Ad:

Ohio doctor charged with raping, killing expectant mother who answered personal ad:

Ohio Doctor Accused Of Rape, Injecting Pregnant Woman With Heroin:

I’ve been aware of the alleged murder of Deanna Ballman since it first made the news. At the time it was suspected that a craigslist ad was involved her death but was never confirmed to my satisfaction until recently. Ms. Ballman’s alleged killer, one Dr. Ali Salim, was recently indicted and details leading up to Deanna Ballman’s murder have been released.

Back on July 31st of 2012 Deanna Ballman went missing in Ohio after telling her family that she was responding to a craigslist ad for housecleaning. Ms. Ballman’s body was found in her car the next day in the back seat of her car on a back road. The autopsy revealed that she had died from a heroin overdose and that there was evidence of a rape. She was also nine months pregnant at the time of her murder. On the day she disappeared Ms. Ballman called her mother to tell her mother that she felt dizzy. Reports say the phone went dead before a man with a foreign accent could be heard asking if there was anything he could do before the call ended.

The man with the foreign accent and Deanna’s accused killer is believed to be 44-year-old Dr. Ali Salim, formerly of Pakistan. That will be the last time I refer to him as a doctor because for what he’s allegedly done he does not deserve the title, he only has the title in the same way that Josef Mengele does.

It seems that Salim has a history of predatory behavior when it came to craigslist and women. In one instance Salim placed an ad asking for a model so he could paint the digestive system on her abdomen. The model showed up with a male relative and she turned down the job when he insisted that the man not accompany them. In another instance, a woman called 911 from Salim’s house saying that she had been accosted after replying to one of Salim’s ads. Another woman came forward after the death of Deanna Ballman saying that she had been sexually assaulted. In the most telling story, to me at least, Salim had once called police saying that a ‘heroin addict’ that he had been ‘helping’ broke into his home and stole several high price items but then he refused to cooperate with police. All his ads stressed the same thing though, no drama. You know it’s kind of hard not to have drama when you’re bringing victims back to your house to rape and possibly inject them with heroin.

What is known about the ad that Deanna Ballman replied to was not an ad for housecleaning and is believed to be a personal ad of some kind. Before her murder, she had recently moved to Ohio to be with her family after separating from her husband. In addition to being pregnant, she also had two young children. It’s believed that she kept the true purpose of the ad from her family out of shame.

The reason I bring this up is because of Salim’s defense. His scummy lawyer, as scummy lawyers are wont to do, is claiming that Deanna was a prostitute with a heroin addiction. How convenient. However, police and prosecutors say that there is no evidence that Deanna had any kind of drug problem.

Salim was arrested back in February after a six-month investigation, is being held on $1M bond and is facing trial in the fall. No word yet if Salim will be facing the death penalty for the murder of Deanna and her unborn daughter who was to be named Mabel Lilly.

Scum like Salim make me sick. They think that due to their money and position that they can indulge in whatever sick little fantasy their diseased minds can conjure up with no regard to their victims. Deanna Ballman was a mother, sister, and daughter who had people who loved her and you took that away just so you could get off on whatever sick power trip you were on. I hope that you do receive the death penalty but for once I want it to be years before they execute you. I want you to feel what it’s like to be under someone else’s power whether it be the Ohio department of corrections or other inmates. I want you to know every day what it feels like to have everything taken from you until the day they take the very last thing from you, your life.

I know this is belated and I apologize but my prayers and condolences go out to the family and friends of Deanna Ballman and Mabel Lilly.

9 thoughts on “No drama: The craigslist killing of Deanna Ballman

  1. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

    And I was just being chastised for being a “downer” when I told a lady on my pregnancy forum to be careful answering CL ads. “Nobody wants to hear about rape.” I’d much rather be warned of it than experience it.


    1. Those people are living with their heads in the clouds and are choosing to be victims.


      1. Your_Pal_Nancy says:

        That’s what I said! I’m not well liked over there…


        1. Being well liked is overrated, especially online.


    2. sweetd says:

      You’re spreading the truth. You save one person and that’s worth all the bitching from negative folks.


  2. Insider says:

    Her ad was for prostitution. I know someone who has the information. I hope he gets convicted, but she was doing things she shouldn’t have been.


    1. RadioChuck says:

      And that justifies a death sentence?


      1. sweetd says:

        You tell him honey!


    2. sweetd says:

      I don’t care if she strut her stuff on the street corner. You don’t murder or rape anybody. Her being pregnant was why he picked her, she was a weaker, slower target. He’s a predator. Period.


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