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All Crime Is Personal

Woods and Williams

Coast Guardsman Murder Case Sent to Grand Jury:

Here are all the players in our little drama.

Shaniah Woods: A transgender prostitute advertising on Backpage.

Christopher Williams: The pimp and/or bodyguard.

Robert Andrew Roberts: Coast Guardsmen from Alabama and alleged murder victim.

Back in March Mr. Roberts responded to a Backpage ad for Woods and the pair met at a hotel. She supposedly asked for ID but instead Roberts allegedly started groping her. Then the pair went out to a vehicle where Williams was where they discussed price. For some unknown reason a scuffle broke out and Roberts was shot to death with his own gun by Williams.

The suspects are claiming self-defense.

This story shows a number of things. The first is you are taking your life into your hands by using prostitutes. Secondly, if you engage in a life of prostitution and sex trafficking you may find yourself on the wrong end of a murder charge. And lastly Backpage made money on this murder.

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