NC man charged with trying to have sex with an autistic child

Police: Hope Mills veteran used Craigslist to set up sex with autistic child:

Retired Hope Mills Veteran Arrested for Arranging Sex with Autistic Child:

William Jerry Faulkner Jr.

I’m going to cut to the chase. William Jerry Faulkner Jr. of Hope Mills, North Carolina is a grade-A scumbag. According to police in Cumberland County Faulkner placed an ad on craigslist looking for a special needs child to have sex with, or to rape to put it more bluntly. According to the articles linked the ad said something to the effect that Faulkner wanted a single mother to take a special needs child to him for compensation. Last time I checked craigslist didn’t have a ‘men seeking handicapped children’ section. Oh wait, they do, it’s the un-moderated casual encounters section.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Detectives received a tip, not from craigslist, about the ad and posed as a woman with an autistic child who was willing to take Faulkner’s deal. They set up the meeting and arrested Faulkner who is being held on $75K bond.

It also turns out that Faulkner’s own wife and child are both handicapped which leads me to wonder if he’s inflicted any abuse on them? It also makes me think that I doubt that this was his first time out either. You may think that there couldn’t possibly be any mother out there that would sell their kids for sex but unfortunately there are too many.

Those who prey on the most defenseless of our society deserve the worst punishments possible.

Thanks to Claudia for the tip.

Craigslist housekeeper sexually assaulted by RSO

Woman Sexually Assaulted after Answering Housekeeping Ad in Craigslist:

Sex Offender Attacks Housekeeper:

Arnold Briggs

Police in Cordova, Tennessee recently arrested registered sex offender Arnold Briggs, 55. Briggs allegedly hired a housekeeper from craigslist to clean his cabin in the woods. The victim says that when the cleaning was done Briggs put his hand under her shirt and pants and asked her to stay two more hours for 50 bucks.

Briggs was convicted of sexual battery back in 1987.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business, service or merchandise you’re offering through craigslist, when you do you run a pretty good chance of running into creeps like this. Again it makes me wonder how many times he may have gotten away with this because this sounds like an M.O. rather than a spur of the moment thing.

Florida woman surrenders to FBI for being a Backpage child pimp

Woman Wanted for Teen Sex Trafficking Surrenders in St. Petersburg: FBI:

Keosha Renee Jones

21-year-old Keosha Renee Jones of St. Petersburg, Florida recently surrendered herself to local police and the FBI. Jones was wanted on charges of child sex trafficking. According to investigators Jones allegedly prostituted two 14-year-old runaway girls on Backpage. She is also said to have taken explicit photos of them for Backpage and then kept all the money they made. The victims said they feared for their lives if they didn’t do what Jones said.

Backpage will tell you that the ads they carry for child prostitution are not only a free speech issue but that they have thousands of safeguards in place to keep ads like these from happening. Obviously they are wrong on both parts.

Again I have to ask where is the outrage on this? The sex trafficking of children is not just a third world problem. It’s happening right here in our backyard. More people would rather be outraged when a dog is shot by police. Dogs and cats get more media attention than children being sold for sex in this country.

Man looking for companion on craigslist found police instead

Man arrested for arranging meeting for sex with 14-year-old:

Todd Thompson

35-year-old Todd Thompson of Gurnee, Illinois was recently arrested for allegedly arranging to have sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he met through craigslist. That girl turned out to be the local sheriff’s department.

Now I was unable to determine if Thompson’s ad was specifically looking for underage girls or should I say ‘the younger the better’ like some others have but according to police he did admit that his intention was to have sex with the girl.

Thompson allegedly admitted to having sex with six ‘of age’ women on craigslist previously. Yeah, like he’s going to admit if any of them were under age.

He’s being held on $100K bond.

Is it going to take the possible rape and murder of a real 14-year-old girl before craigslist does anything about their site?

Creepy Santa charged with being craigslist creeper

“Santa” Arrested After Making Lewd Proposals to Teen:

Wiley Gene Davis Jr.

49-year-old Wiley Gene Davis Jr. of Warr Acres, Oklahoma is a living stereotype. Not only does he play Santa Claus for kids at OKC area schools and a baseball coach for 6-year-olds but he’s also been arrested for allegedly soliciting an underage girl for sex on craigslist.

Davis is said to have responded to an ad on craigslist posted by a 15-year-old girl, In his responses he referred to himself as Santa while supposedly suggesting what he’d like to do to said girl.

A meeting was arranged at a convenience store in Guthrie, OK. The convenience store is only second to the fast food joint for creeper hook ups. Thankfully the 15-year-old girl was actually a police detective and Davis was arrested. It seems that Santa fancied himself somewhat of a cowboy since he was wearing a firearm at the time of his arrest. That resulted in a charge of possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony. Oops. Hope you enjoyed the 2nd Amendment while you could because I don’t see any more gun ownership in your future.

Once again craigslist is not policing their site, the community is not policing their site, it’s the police that are policing their site.

New Jersey Nazi a loser in life and court….again


Heath Campbell. (This should serve as an example of how not to show up at a custody hearing.)

Custody Denied to Nazi-Naming Dad:

Once again infamous New Jersey Nazi Heath Campbell has been denied custody of his Nazi named children however we have a little more information about why custody was taken away from Campbell in the first place.

In a hearing last week it was revealed that there was previous violence in the household. I’m sure naming your kids Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, and Heinrich Hons Campbell didn’t help either. I don’t care what anyone says, naming your kids after some of history’s worst monsters and ideals is abuse in itself.

Of course, Campbell says that he is going to appeal the latest decision. Considering that this has been going on for 5 years now I don’t think luck or common sense is on this guy’s side.

We get letters: You were either molested or abused


Polk County (Fla.)Sheriff Grady Judd

I received the following e-mail not too long ago. Since in this country people are innocent until proven guilty I will keep the e-mailer’s name anonymous.

I would like to know if you truly believe all CL stings are 100% accurate. I am bipolar and during a tough time could not control my mania. I never asked for sex but looking for someone to hang with to mellow me out. Ground me. Eventually I agreed to whatever they want because I was not allowed over unless I agreed.

I never thought agreeing to somethingon internet means you actually have to do it.

My craiglist experience is that 20% percent of the time I meet someone off CL we have sex and most not the same day.

I know I am not a pedophile.
SHould my life be ruined cause the police convinced a mental health manic person to agree to commit a crime he was never looking for. With no child porn, no coaching or any activities with children.

You support and stereotype but isnt each case different

You should write a story with my case, and when writing a story you should put both sides, thats your responsibility in sharing information.

In the article they put out, they said I wanted to teach a 15 yr old to have sex. Yet I never said that, text it or emailed it. Thats just what they want you to believe.

I find your page ignorant and full of anger.
You were either molested or abused or something to have this much hate.

Its a sad day when a lonely adult cant go to an adult website to try to find a friend without being entraped for a crime.

Why cant an american go to plenty of fish, or match or craigslist to meet someone without being a criminal.

Through a little research, I was able to determine that I believe that the e-mailer was arrested in one of the many craigslist stings conducted by Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd. Sheriff Judd must have arrested dozens if not hundreds of alleged predators in his infamous stings by now. But I digress.

Please allow me now to address the e-mailer’s concerns.

Do I believe that all craigslist stings are 100% accurate? The law of averages would say no. I’m sure in at least a minority of cases entrapment may have been involved but I don’t think your case is one of them. If your charges have been dropped or reduced I would be more than happy to post a correction or have your name removed. However, in my research, I noticed that you have been allegedly arrested two more times since then for probation violations.

It’s no secret that I am also bipolar but never once in my worst times have I ever thought about ‘hanging out’ with someone who was underage. As I’ve said in the past the ‘hanging out’ line was the one guys on To Catch A Predator always used. If you need someone to hang out with go to a strip club. As long as you keep tipping the dancers they’ll be your best friends and best of all they’re of legal age.

If you’re getting laid legally 20% of the time on craigslist you’re playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette where you could end up being robbed or killed. See, I care about your well-being.

None of the articles I linked to said specifically that you wanted to teach a 15-year-old about sex. Odd that you would say that.

I was neither molested or abused and considering I was a Catholic altar boy until I was 17 that’s really saying something. I just happen to have a problem with people who try to allegedly take advantage of a child sexually and the websites that allow it.

Did the police solicit you for sex, did they message you first, did they come to your house? If not you probably weren’t entrapped.

You can go to any website you choose to meet someone. That is your right. However, if the someone in question is below the age of consent then you might be considered a criminal.

Personally, I think you need to not only get better help for your bipolar disorder but it sounds like you may have a sex addiction problem to work out as well. I hope you can get help.

21-year-old Cali man charged with MeetMe rapes of children

Feds: Fair Oaks man posed as teen boy on Internet to prey on young girls:

Orest Shaynyuk

Orest Shaynyuk

Once again I have to take the media to task for using the phrase ‘had sex’ when it comes to children. Each US state has an age limit where someone can legally consent to sex. If they are below that age they are being raped. When did rape become such an ugly word to use on the news when that’s what the crime is.

Anyway, 21-year-old Orest Shaynyuk of Fair Oaks, California is charged with having sex (child rape) with two girls that he met through MeetMe. It’s not like Shaynyuk isn’t using the ‘she looked 18 defense’ either. Federal investigators say that Shaynyuk posed as a 16-year-old on MeetMe and raped two girls ages 12 and 15. The 12-year-old has even said that Shaynyuk was allegedly well aware of her age. The age of consent in California is 18. In both cases it is said that he also messaged his victims using smartphone apps.

If you don’t believe my prior warnings that your kids have no place being on MeetMe check this out…

MeetMe allows users as young as 13 to create an account. Parents on the website Common Sense Media gave MeetMe 2 out of 5 stars, calling it a “creepy social network that features racy photos and suggestive talk.”

Emphasis mine.

If you leave your children ignorant to the dangers of the internet someone will more than likely take advantage of that.

Man charged with posting child porn on Tumblr

Man charged with posting child pornography online:


Richard E. Desensi

For those of you unfamiliar with Tumblr it’s a blogging site which in my opinion is the successor to LiveJournal. I mean it has it all, epic reposting of memes, teens complaining about first world problems, murder groupies and mutants, and porn. Lots and lots of porn. Unfortunately even that of the child variety. See, just like LiveJournal used to be.

For example take 45-year-old Richard E. Desensi of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. He was charged for allegedly posting and exchanging child porn through Tumblr while using his work computer. And oh yeah, it seems that he also works for the state of Wisconsin. You tax dollars at work.

In response to a court order in May, Tumblr sent two images to State Division of Criminal Investigation agent Tyler Lange, one showing a prepubescent girl being sexually assaulted by a man and another of a nude girl in a shower.

My question is why was this kind of crap on Tumblr, to begin with? Last year Tumblr took the bold and in my opinion correct step of banning self-harm blogs. So why can’t they screen for child porn especially now that Yahoo owns Tumblr? Yahoo has received a lot of bad press in the past for its chat rooms being a haven for pedophiles and sexual predators. When Yahoo acquired Tumblr they said that they were going to leave it alone. I hope that doesn’t mean when it comes to the exploitation of children as well.

Elad Nehorai: Another Columbine mythbuster

Eric Harris, Adam Lanza and Evil:


Elad Nehorai is a blogger and writer who wrote a series of posts comparing Sandy Hook to Columbine. One of his points of contentions I respectfully disagree with is that the parents should not be held responsible for the massacres. In his opinion this makes the school shooters out to be victims. In my opinion the parents should be held partially responsible for these tragedies as they could have easily prevented them but the one thing we do agree upon is that school shooters, especially Adam Lanza and Eric Harris, are never victims.

I urge you to read both of his posts, the first one is linked in the article I linked to. I can’t do his work any justice being the hack that I am but please allow me to leave you with some of his words about Eric Harris and the persistent myth that he and Dylan Klebold were bullied….

Eric and Dylan weren’t outcasts, and they were hardly ever bullied. In fact, if anything, Eric was a bully himself. They weren’t goth, they weren’t gay and they weren’t outcasts.

Eric Harris was never quietly suffering. In fact, from a young age, Eric was exhibiting signs of being a born killer.

In fact, one of the most pervasive myths about Columbine was that it was a school shooting. It wasn’t. It was a failed bombing. Eric and Dylan had planted bombs throughout the school. There plan was to massacre as many of the students and faculty as possible, with no specific group in mind.

In other words, there were no targets.

Eric’s dream wasn’t to kill jocks or anyone else. His goal in life was to make as many people suffer as possible, as painfully as possible.

Yet still people cling on this myth like it was the last life-preserver on The Titanic, like it was the only thing giving them purpose. Let it go. Not only is it not true but the more you hang on to your high school hate the more you let the bullies win. It’s time to grow up now.