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(Trench’s note: again this is another repeat that I took to long in posting but in respect to Cobalt Rose who took teh time to writre it up I’m posting it anyway.)

‘Monster’ mother jailed for at least 18 years for murdering her two-year-old son by battering him to death over a long period of time:

Sadly, it’s a story that we get on BB all the time. A vile piece of filth who has absolutely no business raising children gets pregnant, has a child and ends up brutally killing said child. Of course, the fact that it happens all too often doesn’t make it any less tragic or horrific. This time, the victim was a boy by the name of Keanu Williams. He was just two when his ‘mother’, 25-year-old Rebecca Shuttleworth, ended his tragically short life.

Rebecca Shuttleworth

Sometime in early January of 2011, Rebecca brutally assaulted Keanu and then left him to suffer without medical attention for over 48 hours, only calling emergency services on January 9th when she realised that Keanu wouldn’t ‘get better’. By that point it was too late. By the time paramedics arrived at the home in Birmingham, England, Keanu had already passed away.

At the time of his death, Keanu had nearly forty injuries on his tiny body, including a fractured skull, bite marks, burns, bruising and a ‘fist sized’ tear in his stomach. There was some bruising on his torso that indicated he was repeatedly struck with a rod or stick. It was severe abdominal trauma, from being repeatedly punched or kicked in the stomach, that ultimately killed Keanu.

Today (June 25th 2013) Rebecca Shuttleworth was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her little boy, whom she had ‘resented’ since his birth. She had allegedly taken pills whilst pregnant with Keanu in an attempt to abort him. Call me crazy, but if she didn’t want Keanu, why not, I dunno, give him up for adoption? He could have been given to loving adoptive parents desperate for a child, but instead he was horrifically abused and neglected throughout his short life by a vile, piece of shit excuse of a ‘mother’.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Keanu and his mother were known to social services, but Rebecca was allegedly such a good liar that she had convinced her social worker she was an ‘attentive’ mother, and all the while she was brutally beating her little boy. Rebecca’s boyfriend Luke Southerton (who is not Keanu’s father) was cleared of murder but was convicted of one count of child cruelty after allegedly biting Keanu in an attempt to get him to stop biting other people.

Keanu’s grandfather is now claiming that he once saw bruises and bite marks on his grandson, and other families have now said that they too had suspicions that Keanu was being abused. People at Keanu’s daycare had noticed injuries on the little boy, but when they asked Rebecca, she claimed that Keanu was simply ‘clumsy’ or had been injured by one of his siblings. (Two of the oldest excuses in the child abuser’s book).

Well Hell, why not, um, CALL THE POLICE? Why not take Keanu AWAY from his abuser? If one of you blockheads had just made one call to police, little Keanu could have been saved. Instead, Keanu is dead. Battered to death by his own mother. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Despite his horrific home life, Keanu was, according to family members and daycare workers, a ‘delightful little boy’ who ‘remained cheerful despite everything’. Isn’t that just heartbreaking? He was probably so used to his mother assaulting him that he thought it was normal. That just makes me want to cry thinking about it.

9 thoughts on “‘Monster mother’ gets life for battering son to death

  1. Ophelia Meadows says:

    Life in prison is still better than she deserves.


  2. Aussie Sabbath says:

    Rebecca Shuttleworth is a nasty little tw*t. I’m glad Trench put your version up as well, it’s always good to get another view on this story. She’s just absolutely repulsive and should be taken out the back and shot, before she causes any more pain and suffering to anyone else.
    RIp little Keanu. Fly away.


    1. kayteakay says:

      His little face is so perfect; my heart hurts for the sweet little monkey.


  3. sella35 says:

    It makes me sick that these parents do not place children for adoption. I can understand why, what would the friends and family think if you have a baby and do not keep and nurture him/her? I myself placed a baby for adoption and it was HARD on my family and myself. I didnt do it because I did not WANT her, but because I knew I could not provide for her. /smh this is so sad. RIP little guy!


  4. Yanny says:

    This story proves the point that people who don’t want kids shouldn’t have them.This piece of shit is a rotten excuse of a human being.She could have given up her son for adoption,since she knew that she didn’t want kids.Instead she tried to get rid of him by killing him.I hope this bitch rots in hell for what she did to her son.

    RIP Baby Boy.You didn’t deserve a mother who never wanted you in the first place.I know that you are being looked after in heaven and I hope you’ll always be happy there.


  5. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

    I wonder why she didn’t just go to a clinic & get the abortion properly…she tried a “home job” which didn’t work a why not finish properly?

    Not that I’m advocating for abortion willy billy but if you’re so damn anti-babies then why have him?


    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

      Nilly, not billy.


  6. Deborah L says:

    She is a sick monster. I cannot imagine the pain he went through in his short little life.


  7. BeBe Love says:

    She looks like a monster, she looks like an alien. Poor poor baby, ppl knew sumthn was happening and no one tried to stop it? WHY WHY WHY would u do that to ur helpless child, they’re innocent and can not defend themselves. I see her close up pic and just want to punch her face in!!!!!


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