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Sex predator “sting” operation nets 5 suspects in Great Falls:

Police in Great Falls, Montana along with the Department of Homeland Security arrested five men during an online sting using craigslist. Investigators placed ads on craigslist and other sites that posed as a woman looking to have a man teach her 12-year-old niece ‘become a woman’. Even in the wilds of Montana, I’m surprised they only got 5.

Those arrested were Edward Burk Dupuis, Zachary Beston, Perry Gamache, Albert Stuart Ross, and Miguel F. Gardipee. The men allegedly believed they were there to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, three of whom brought condoms with them.

It seems that the DHS has been really busy helping catch these creeps lately. That’s what I like my tax dollars going to.

Speaking of which how bad is your website when the DHS has to get involved to try to curtail the number of child predators contained within? This should be a sign to you craigslist but I doubt that you’ll heed it.

UPDATE 7/8/2013: It seems I spoke too soon as a 6th man has been charged in the Great Falls sting. That man would be 33-year-old Canadian, Thomas Anderson Quinton.

UPDATE 11/24/2013: Quinton has pleaded guilty and is looking at 30 years when he’s sentenced in 2014.

UPDATE 2/10/2014: Quinton has been sentenced to 4 years behind bars.

2 thoughts on “MT craigslist creeper sting nabs 5

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    WTF is wrong with people.Grown men trying to hook up with 12yr old girls.Fukn sick.Gross just gross


  2. chaotic says:

    my husband and brother worked for one of those guys.
    its a sick world out there


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