Man looking for companion on craigslist found police instead

Man arrested for arranging meeting for sex with 14-year-old:

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson

35-year-old Todd Thompson of Gurnee, Illinois was recently arrested for allegedly arranging to have sex (child rape) with a 14-year-old girl that he met through craigslist. That girl turned out to be the local sheriff’s department.

Now I was unable to determine if Thompson’s ad was specifically looking for underage girls or should I say ‘the younger the better’ like some others have but according to police he did admit that his intention was to have sex with the girl.

Thompson allegedly admitted to having sex with six ‘of age’ women on craigslist previously. Yeah, like he’s going to admit if any of them were under age.

He’s being held on $100K bond.

Is it going to take the possible rape and murder of a real 14-year-old girl before craigslist does anything about their site?

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