Mr. Peeples the craigslist creeper

Man charged with sex assault of teen boy:

Josiah P. Peeples

Last month 30-year-old Josiah P. Peeples of Madison, Wisconsin was arrested for allegedly ‘having sex’ with a 15-year-old boy that he met through craigslist. At the time of the arrest Peeples supposedly admitted to police that he knew the boy was underage.

No word on who placed the ad but once again parents need to be more aware of their kids’ internet habits. No 15-year-old needs to be on craigslist for any reason.

There’s just way too many guys like this on craigslist waiting to take advantage of confused and naive kids on craigslist and craigslist doesn’t give a damn about them.

Shooting at Carver High School in Winston-Salem, NC

UPDATE: Suspect in custody after Carver High School shooting:

Carver High School Shooting: Suspect In Custody In Winston-Salem, North Carolina:


Today a shooting occurred at Carver High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina during a fire drill. A 15-year-old male student was stuck in the neck and shoulder but is said to have non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting took place outside of the school during the aforementioned fire drill.

The shooter is in custody but no further details about them have been given at this time.

If I had to hazard a guess I would say that this sounds like a heat of the moment kind of shooting rather than something that was planned but we’ll see how true that is once more details become publicly available.

UPDATE 9/3/2013: The suspect’s name is Christopher Lamont Richardson Jr. and reports say that there was an ongoing issue between Richardson and the victim. What that issue was has not been made public, to my knowledge, yet.

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Richardson has pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence. The article says that Richardson was bullied by his victim…

Martin said there was evidence that Richardson had reason to be afraid of Antwain Deshaun Porter. She noted that Porter had spent six months in a locked juvenile detention center over his involvement in the 2011 assault of Rickie Wilson, a mentally disabled man. Porter was among a group of young people who beat Wilson and robbed him of $5. Wilson lost his left eye as a result.

That’s more than a bully, that’s a hardened criminal. Still, what Richardson did was not in self-defense and was not the answer.

Erica Parsons hasn’t been seen in two years, reported missing last month

Erica Parsons in 2010

Erica’s mom: Adoptive parents are not forthcoming:

Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents move out of Salisbury home:

How Erica could disappear and no one notice:

I apologize for not posting about Erica Parsons. Even though the story is a month old and is happening not too far from where I live I’ve been so involved in my own little world that I hadn’t heard her story until recently. If you’re like me and have not heard Erica’s story here’s what is known.

Erica’s biological mother gave her up for adoption in 2000 when Erica was 2. Erica’s was adopted by her biological mother’s in-laws who line in Salisbury, North Carolina. I’m not going to name them because they have not been charged with a crime…yet.

Last month Erica’s adopted brother reported her missing. After authorities investigated her disappearance it turns out that no one has seen Erica since 2011. Her adoptive parents allegedly claim that they dropped her off at a McDonald’s in Mooresville, NC so she could go live with her paternal grandmother, Irene Goodman, in Asheville, NC. Except police can’t find an Irene Goodman and Erica’s biological mother says that Erica’s paternal grandmother died five years ago.

Erica was allegedly home-schooled by her adoptive parents and the parents allegedly collected state checks the entire time Erica was missing. On top of that they recently moved out of their home where investigators found books and magazines about JonBenet Ramsey.

A lot pf people would be quick to compare Erica’s story to that of Zahra Baker since they happened relatively not too far from each other. However I would say this is more like Caylee Anthony especially considering they say that Erica was dropped off with an allegedly fictitious person. Irene Goodman is the Zenaida Gonzalez of the Erica Parsons story.

Enhanced photo showing how Erica may look today.

Maybe Erica is alive and her adoptive parents are only guilty of fraud. Unfortunately these stories usually do not have such happy endings.

Michael Jacques pleads guilty to the rape and murder of Brooke Bennett

Vt. Man Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Killing Niece:

Michael Jacques

Yesterday registered sex offender Michael Jacques pleaded guilty to the 2008 kidnapping, rape and murder of his then 12-year-old niece Brooke Bennett and the subsequent cover-up. As I posted before this was all done sp Jacques could avoid a federal death sentence. That’s all this story has really been all about ever since Jacques anti-death penalty lawyers got involved. For years they delayed justice for Brooke all to prove a point about the death penalty. While this should feel like a victory it doesn’t. Let’s hear from Jacques’ lawyer…

“We just think this was a fair and enlightened way to resolve this case,” his attorney, David Ruhnke, said afterward.

All this was to him was a challenge to see if he could get one of the most heinous criminals in the country out of a death sentence. In my opinion he didn’t care about Jacques and he sure as hell didn’t care about Brooke. All that Ruhnke cared about was a high-profile deal that made him look good.

He won. Justice didn’t. and cyberbullying suicides

Social network site pledges changes after teen suicide uproar:

askfm is a Q&A type of social network. Users can field questions about themselves from registered or anonymous users. Think of it being more like Formspring rather than Quora. For example here’s my profile that I just signed up for. Recently a 14-year-old girl from England committed suicide after allegedly being harassed on the site. I’m not going to mention her name because in a moment it may seem like to some that I’m disrespecting the victim and all victims of cyberbullying.

The solution to cyberbullying is relatively simple. If you can’t handle negativity and harassment from anonymous lowlifes on the internet don’t put yourself out there. I would say that most 14-year-old girls aren’t mentally ready for that kind of pressure. I wish I could say the answer was for everybody to be tolerant to everyone else but that’s not a reality. The hard truth is that there are always going to be intolerant assholes and the more they can be anonymous the bigger the asshole they’re going to be. This is not only for kids but for adults as well. Do you think I could blog for 13 years without being able to take the barbs from various mutants and trolls?

Again my advice for parents is to check up on your kids’ internet and smart phone activity to see if they’re on sites like If you don’t think they’re ready to handle that kind of abuse then there is no need for them to be on or any other Q&A site. Tumblr has that function as well.

500 bullets

Brother: Georgia school shooter changed as a teen:


A big deal is being made about the fact that Michael Brandon Hill allegedly had 500 bullets on him when he exchanged gunfire with police at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. A lot of people seem to think that this shows how intent he was on killing people at the school. I’m still not buying it. I still think that he was trying to commit suicide by cop. Not to take credit away from Antoinette Tuff though. She talked him into surrendering rather than taking his own life. However if Hill was really intent on killing kids he would have because any kind of security in our country is mostly theater, or done for the sake of appearance if you will. A man with an AK-47 and 500 rounds of ammo can go anywhere he damn well please depending on his willingness to kill and again I don’t think Hill had it in him.

Hill’s brother appeared recently on Piers Morgan’s show and stated that his brother has a history of mental illness.

“Once he started hitting his teenage years, something happened with him. Everything just started changing after doctors started messing with his medicines here and there, and changing them up and putting him on a different one and institutionalizing him multiple times to correct his medicine. It just escalated from there.”

He said Michael Hill set fire to the family’s home when eight people were inside sleeping — the fire was discovered before it spread — and at another point their mother awoke to find him standing over her with a butcher’s knife.

“My stepfather and mother ended up having to lock up…like all the knives in the trunk of the car, just to protect everybody in the home,” Tim Hill told Morgan.

Tim Hill also confirmed that his brother threatened his life on Facebook, prompting him to call police. He said he feared for his life.

Not to excuse Hill’s actions in any way but supposedly he was off of his medications because his Medicaid benefits ran out. That opens up a whole other can of worms that we won’t get into right now. All I’m saying is that no one was physically hurt in any of Hill’s previous violent tendencies. I think these were all cries for attention as he seems to be all bark and no bite.

Like I said previously this is one of the rare cases where I hope the suspect gets the help he needs. It just shouldn’t take having to storm an elementary school with a loaded rifle to get it.

What can Obamacare do for you?

UPS cuts insurance to 15,000 spouses, blames Obamacare:


UPS announced to its employees recently that they were eliminating benefits for the spouses of some 15,000 employees. This should not come as a shock to anyone. The only thing that should be shocking was that it was only 15,000. UPS is putting the blame squarely on the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare…

UPS blamed the move on several aspects of Obamacare, including mandatory coverage for dependent children up to age 26 and new government fees.

“We are making these changes to offset cost increases due to the [Affordable Care Act],” the memo states.

I actually posted about this three years ago. At the time I was working for a company who did the annual enrolments for UPS. Even at that time, UPS was limiting benefits for spouses. As I keep saying the Affordable Care Act is having the reverse effect of its alleged original intention.

As I’ve also said before if the government really wanted to have true healthcare reform they would investigate the health insurance carriers on the state level because it always seems that one or two healthcare carriers seem to control the majority of healthcare insurance accounts in each state. I’m not saying it’s collusion between the states and the insurance companies but if it walks like a duck.

Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis to retire

Long-time Columbine High School principal Frank DeAngelis announces retirement:

Frank DeAngelis

Frank DeAngelis

Last week the principal of Columbine High School, Frank DeAngelis, announced that this would be his last school year as principal. Mr. DeAngelis was the principal at the school at the time of the infamous school shooting that claimed the lives of 12 students and a teacher. Mr. DeAngelis made a promise to the kindergarteners in 1999 that he would stay at the school until they graduated. That was 2 years ago.

I admire Mr. DeAngelis not only for the fortitude he had during the shootings but also for his resolve in the years since.

He’s also been the frequent target of mutants. Alvaro Castillo, who murdered his father before trying to shoot up a North Carolina high school, e-mailed Mr. DeAngelis prior to his crimes. Joshua Kyler Hoggan of Roy, Utah, who was convicted of plotting an attack against Roy High School, actually flew to Colorado to interview Mr. DeAngelis. Not to mention that many of the message board mutants hold Frank DeAngelis personally responsible for Columbine claiming that he fostered an atmosphere if bullying that caused cowards Harris and Klebold to attack the school even though no evidence of them being bullied exists.

Lesser men would have shrunk away from the responsibilities of running a school after such a tragedy but Frank DeAngelis not only turned it into the rallying cry for the school of “We Are Columbine” but he led that charge for another 14 years. If Colorado has any kind of principal of the year award it should be named after Frank DeAngelis.

Craigslist killing in Atlanta

Man shot and killed during Craigslist sale:

Man reportedly shot during botched DeKalb Craigslist deal:

As if the DeKalb County section of Atlanta didn’t have enough problems to deal with yesterday an unidentified 60-year-old man was shot and killed during a craigslist deal gone bad.

The details have not been forthcoming but reports say that the victim was allegedly meeting with potential buyers for a cell phone he was trying to sell. Police seem to think that this was a botched robbery attempt. No suspect has been apprehended at this time.

With the lack of details I can only comment on this, craigslist is dangerous. I realize that craigslist has millions of transactions that happen without any malice but has an inordinate amount of transactions that end up just like this one.

UPDATE 4/15/2015: The victim was 56-year-old Clarence Gardenhire and his killers Contevious Stepp-McCommons, 20, and Malik Rice, 19, have both been convicted and sentenced to life without parole.