Tucson Juggalos charged in grisly double homicide

Trio plotted another murder before killing elderly couple, police say:

Terry, Drattlo and Harding

Terry, Drattlo and Harding

I haven’t done a Juggalo story in a while. Leave it to the mimes to come back in brutal style. To answer your next question yes,the gentleman on the left is sporting a clown makeup face tattoo. More Juggalos should do that so it would be easier to spot them.

Anyway the trio of mimes are 23-year-old Edward Terry, 20-year-old Kyle Austin Drattlo, and 21-year-old Brianna Harding. They’ve been accused of the July double murder of Erskin and Mary Louise Fulgham, an elderly couple from Tucson. The 83-year-old Mrs. Fulgham was stabbed repeatedly to death while the 87-year-old Mr. Fulgham was stabbed, beaten and stomped to death. Mr. Fulgham also required the need of an oxygen tank. Just like Juggalos to pick victims who have little ability to fight back. Both Terry and Drattlo tip the scales at 200+ pounds.

After the trio was picked up in Nevada driving the Fulgham’s car they all started turning on each other. To make matters worse supposedly the Fulghams are Drattlo’s grandparents. So why murder them to begin with?

Harding said she and her fiance, Terry, met Drattlo in December 2012 and they had lived together in Drattlo’s apartment until June when they were evicted. She told detectives they all used Spice, a synthetic marijuana, smoking six bags a day at a cost of $20 per bag. Terry said he and Harding were homeless and made money panhandling.

Pathetic. Just some more drains on society who dare call themselves a family.

Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother blames bio mom and imaginary friend for disappearance

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Exclusive: Casey Parsons opens up about missing teen:

Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother blames birth mom for disappearance:

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to mention Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother’s name on here since she has yet to be charged with a crime but since it’s already out there you can’t un-ring the bell plus I find it ironic that her name is Casey. Speaking of Caseys, Casey Anthony should sue Casey Parsons for plagiarism.

In recent interviews with the local news not only has Casey Parsons blamed the possibly fictional Irene ‘Nan’ Goodman that no one can prove ever existed but now she’s also blaming Erica’s biological mother, Carolyn Parsons.

“Carolyn is the key,” she said.

Casey says she let Erica move in with a woman named Irene or “Nan” almost two years ago. She says at the time she believed “Nan” was Erica’s biological grandmother.

“We don’t know who Nan is. But I think those answers are going to come from Carolyn,” she said.

“Carolyn is the one that sent “Nan” to us, and if Carolyn really cared, I don’t think she’d go away to Louisiana,” Casey said.

Carolyn says she went home to Louisiana just a few days ago to spread the word about Erica’s disappearance there.

The problem with this scenario is the fact that Casey Parsons and her husband were the ones receiving the state benefit checks for Erica. If Carolyn Parsons and the alleged Irene Goodman were taking Erica wouldn’t they want the benefits that went with her?

Someone is going to get so wrapped up in their own lies that it will be their downfall. We can only hope that it leads to finding Erica safe but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

Provo pinhead pinched for being pedophile pervert and predator

Police: Provo man used Facebook to lure, rape 14-year-old girl:

Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Zippy the Pinhead’s cousin over there is 31-year-old Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Rodriguez of Provo, Utah. Police there say that Gonzalez-Rodriguez was posing as a 19-year-old on Facebook and had befriended a 14-year-old girl. He convinced the girl to meet him in a park (naturally) after dark where he allegedly raped her.

Since Gonzalez-Rodriguez’s Facebook profile was filled with fake information Provo police posed as a 15-year-old girl and sent him a friend request which Gonzalez-Rodriguez was said to have accepted immediately. This set up the inevitable meeting with police which resulted in his arrest. At the time of his arrest police say he presented the ID of his cousin who had left the country and disavowed any knowledge of any 15-year-old girl. I wonder if he also tried pulling the ol’ “¿No habla ingles?” trick. At least he didn’t claim to be ‘just hanging out’.

Parents of teenage girls, please implore to your children that of someone from Facebook wants to meet them after dark or wants them to sneak out then they’re probably have less than good intentions on their mind.

Let’s go over this again: Grand Theft Auto is NOT for kids


I Sold Too Many Copies of GTA V To Parents Who Didn’t Give a Damn:

The article I linked to was written by a video game store employee and how he sold too many copies of Grand Theft Auto V to a bunch of clueless parents whose kids are too young for the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the GTA series in each incarnation of the game you play a criminal and you are required to do some pretty violent things in order for the game to progress. Here’s the thing, despite what some critics may try to tell you the GTA series was never intended for children.

This is a pet peeve of mine because I’ve been a gamer since the introduction of the Atari 2600. I had the first generation Sears model. So I’ve been gaming longer than some of these ‘parents’ have been alive. I know that all video games that are released to the public today, and for a decade and a half now, all have ratings on them just like movies.


All of the Grand Theft Auto games are rated M for mature. That means that the game is not recommended for anyone under 17. While I don’t believe that video games cause violence per se if a kid was exposed to this game at too young an age it could have detrimental psychological effects on the child. For example, there was this kid I knew growing up who got into his dad’s porn stash. Back in those days, it was Playboy and Penthouse magazines, tame by today’s standards. However young children believe just about everything they see or hear. This kid ended up believing all the things he saw and read in these magazines as real, especially the ‘Dear Penthouse’ sections. When we were in middle school he told me how disappointed he was when we were selling magazines for school that we weren’t invited into this one house that had several attractive young women in it.

My point is that if a too young child is exposed to this game they may end up thinking that the ultraviolence in GTA is not only acceptable but encouraged in society and by the time he grows out of it, it may be too late.

Va. man charged with craigslist rape

Cville Man Facing Rape, Abduction Charges Denied Bond:

Albemarle man accused of abduction, rape:

Nathaniel Lamb

Chaz Bono’s ugly stepsister over there is 29-year-old Nathaniel Lamb of Charlottesville, Virginia. He was recently arrested for the alleged multiple rapes of a woman he met through craigslist. The woman had advertised her services on craigslist as a maid, masseuse and erotic dancer. While she may be a pro that’s still no reason for anyone to be raped especially considering what this assclown is accused of doing to her.

Reports say that Lamb met her in public then abducted her, tied her up, took her to a second location then raped her. Then he took her to a gas station where he made her buy him cigarettes and threatened to kill her if she said anything. After that he took back to the location where he raped her and raped her again. Eventually, he dropped her off at a supermarket where she collapsed and store workers called police. Police say they found some of her belongings along with duct tape and zip ties at Lamb’s house.

And guess what kids? It turns out that the waste of dump is a registered sex offender. It seems he got into a little trouble back in 2004 after pleading guilty to using a computer to solicit a minor. He got a five-year suspended sentence for that. Good job to the judge that handed down that sentence. Luckily for now it seems the courts have had a change of heart and have denied him bond even though his grandmother said that she would put up her house to get him out of jail. Like I’ve said before sometimes blood is stupider than water.

Anyway, this jackhole is just another example of the kind of cretin that exists on craigslist. Yet craigslist still refuses to moderate their own site. They don’t even entertain the idea. They just keep acting like they have no responsibility at all in these crimes.

Pennsylvania Priest charged with being craigslist creeper

Rev. William Jeffery Paulish

Priest accused of sex with minor moved often, once counseled troubled youths:

This guy couldn’t be any more of a stereotype if he tried. 56-year-old Rev. William Jeffery Paulish, a Roman Catholic priest, was recently arrested in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area when he was allegedly caught in his car with a 15-year-old boy who had no pants on when police arrived.

Apparently priests are no different than other creepers when it comes to telling bullshit stories to the cops…

At first, the Rev. Paulish claimed he had been meandering around the campus, stuck on a homily he was crafting. He met the boy by chance and tried to counsel him, as he was in emotional distress, he explained.

Add that to the list of ‘just hanging out’ and ‘just wanted to talk’.

According to police he later admitted posting an ad on craigslist in the casual encounters section and tried playing the ‘he said he was 18’ routine.

Priests and any other clergy, Catholic or otherwise, along with teachers and cops should get even more severe sentences for child molestation. These are positions of trust and to violate that trust with the public calls for more retribution and justice.

What’s wrong with the media? Craigslist edition VI

Solicit for a date for your (of age) stepdaughter on craigslist for the Tennessee-Florida game and it’s national news.

Yet the sexual slavery and trafficking that happens to women her age and younger on craigslist continues to be ignored.

I’ll keep banging this drum until the media and public are more aware of the sex trafficking that’s happening to women and children in our own backyards.

Home schooling needs to be regulated

The Sinister Side of Homeschooling:

Now before everyone gets all butthurt no one is saying that home schooling should be outlawed or that all families that home school are child abusers. However there are an inordinate amount of child abusers who use home schooling as a way of covering up abuse.

For example every child listed in the article I linked to that was a victim or alleged victim of child abuse that was covered up under the guise of home schooling have all been written about on this very website. Those mentioned in the article were Erica Parsons, Hana Williams, Nubia and Victor Barahona, and Dashawn Harris.

As with most things that start out with good intentions a few assholes have to ruin it for everyone else however in this case ruining is the death of innocent children at the hands of their abusers. States need to have a regulation for home schooled kids that at least requires the physical well-being of the child be checked on periodically.

Home Depot and Walgreen’s cut health benefits because of Obamacare

Home Depot Transitioning Part-Time Workers to Health Insurance Exchanges:

Walgreens Drops Employee Health Insurance Coverage:


Following in the footsteps of UPS national retail chains Home Depot and Walgreen’s have both announced drastic cuts to their employees’ health benefits. Home Depot is getting rid of healthcare coverage for their part-time employees while Walgreen’s is cutting healthcare for all employees.

In both cases, the chains are encouraging employees to purchase coverage from state healthcare exchanges mandated by the Affordable Healthcare Act more colloquially as Obamacare. Now in Walgreen’s defense, they will be paying their employees an additional amount to the purchase their insurance but I would lay odds that it won’t be near enough to buy any kind of substantial coverage. Home Depot is just letting their part-timers twist in the wind.

Meanwhile, the exchanges that are supposed to go live on October, 1st are either nowhere near ready or don’t even exist yet. Tick-tock.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again if you really want to make healthcare affordable the markets in each state need to be opened to more competition. It always seems that one or two insurance companies have a stranglehold on in each state. Think about it this way. Why do most towns and cities only have one cable TV provider? That’s because cable providers make exclusive deals with the city governments that lockout most competition. I would bet that insurance companies are following the same tactic except on a state level.