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N.Y. man to be arraigned for allegedly trying to lure West Milford girl into performing sex act:

New York man used Facebook to sexually stalk teen girls, Passaic prosecutor says:

Clifford W. Wares

Clifford W. Wares

According to one of the articles I linked to 40-year-old Clifford W. Wares of Warwick, New York lived in a primitive encampment. I’m dying to know what they mean by that. Was he homeless? Was he squatting somewhere? Was he living in a Unibomber type shack? Inquiring minds want to know. Anyway that’s not the weirdest thing about this story.

Wares is accused of allegedly hacking the Facebooks of underage girls, making copies of their friends’ Facebook accounts in order to solicit underage girls for sex, gaining their cell phone numbers through Facebook in order to harass them into having sex with him and luring two victims to a public place in order to give them alcohol and try to have sex with them. Again we here at the Trench Reynolds blog, me mostly, call ‘having sex’ with an underage person child rape. So basically he went to some real extremes in order to try to rape some underage girls through Facebook.

He was arrested by authorities from Passaic County, New Jersey since one of the victims who went to her father about Wares was from Passaic County. He was arrested at a New York state campsite. That’s like a park isn’t it? AT the time of his arrest he had on his possession a black bag containing handcuffs, duct tape, a knife and latex gloves but I’m sure he was just going to hang out with the girls or just talk to them.

I wonder what kind of internet connection they get in primitive encampments? Do you think they have fiber?

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