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The Sinister Side of Homeschooling:

Now before everyone gets all butthurt no one is saying that home schooling should be outlawed or that all families that home school are child abusers. However there are an inordinate amount of child abusers who use home schooling as a way of covering up abuse.

For example every child listed in the article I linked to that was a victim or alleged victim of child abuse that was covered up under the guise of home schooling have all been written about on this very website. Those mentioned in the article were Erica Parsons, Hana Williams, Nubia and Victor Barahona, and Dashawn Harris.

As with most things that start out with good intentions a few assholes have to ruin it for everyone else however in this case ruining is the death of innocent children at the hands of their abusers. States need to have a regulation for home schooled kids that at least requires the physical well-being of the child be checked on periodically.

9 thoughts on “Home schooling needs to be regulated

  1. dumpsterbunnie says:

    there are tons of kids that are home schooled for personal reasons that are nobodies business just because a bunch of piece of shit abusers use it as a cover to neglect there children doesn’t mean we should mess with good peoples lives in almost every case were someone is caught out abusing there children there are warning signs these red flags are not present in good ole fashion people you can not press your will on others because a few bad apples use homeschooling as a cover for abuse people who’s children miss a lot of school and then one day just stop going with no explanation or verifiable cause aren’t being responsible home schooled and that should be looked into but the majority of people do not need the state to verify that they are not abusing there kids because they choose not to use the school system that is in place and would rather they raise and be the main influence not
    30 of there piers and one harried human for 8 hours a day in there tender years if you do the maths the statistics of homeschooled children to pretend homeschooled but really neglegted and beaten children is like a needle in a haystack a lot of people homeschool there kids because they dont want the coverment in there lives because they dont trust it thats there perogative or religious reasons also there peragotive sorry for the grammer i wasnt homeschooled


    1. Minerva says:

      Sorry, but if you were homeschooled this is the exact reason kids need NOT be. I couldn’t get past the first few words that you are trying to pass off as a comment. A lot can be said for correct punctuation, hell, ANY punctuation.

      As for the BS about homeschooling being great, nobody said outlaw it. They said there needs to be REGULATION. Which is something nobody can argue against if they are homeschooling for a legitimate reason. What’s the big deal if you need to fill out an extra piece of paper a year if it prevents abusers from being getting away with their crimes under the guise of homeschooling?


    2. Not disagreeing with you about the needle in the haystack. It is definitely the plane crash principle. You never hear about the kids that are home schooled with no problem but isn’t it worth it to put up with an inconvenience if it means other kids won’t be abused?


    3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

      Were you homeschooled? If so, sue your mother. The shift button makes a capital letter at the start of a sentence & punctuation is handy.


  2. Benighted says:

    I agree. There are too many states where pretty much all you have to do is notify the school district that your child will be homeschooled and that’s the end of anyone’s contact with the child except the parents. While the vast majority of homeschooled children ARE properly schooled and socialised and AREN’T abused, some are not and I don’t see why a parent who is responsibly home schooling their child should object to the occasional spot check or questionnaire to ensure the safety of children who are not being cared for properly.

    I would love the opportunity to home school my daughter but I can’t afford to stay home so she attends a public school. If she doesn’t show up for a few days, there will be a call to me to find out where she is. If I fail to respond, I can be reported to CPS who may start an investigation into my child’s welfare and whereabouts. I can even be prosecuted for failing to provide an education for my child. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be some kind of basic oversight for homeschooled children which would provide some kind of similar assurances.


  3. Alexandra1973 says:

    On the flip side, you have children going to public school, were abused, and either people looked the other way or they had a “whatever” attitude. For whatever reason someone didn’t want to get involved or actually do their job.
    Three off the top of my head are Lisa Steinberg, Nixzmary Brown, and Elisa Izquierdo. All three are dead.
    I’d like to homeschool my son but he’s on the autism spectrum and he gets speech and occupational therapy at school. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be bullied (he’s an easygoing little guy)–I had been bullied big-time when I was in school.


  4. Tim says:

    The ironic part is that most people who homeschool (like me and my wife) choose to do so because they want their children to be safer and to be taken care of better than in public school.
    The problem isn’t homeschooling, unless you think that the primary purpose of a public school is to tell the authorities how children are being raised. Why would attending a public school assure that these bad breeders would have been caught?


  5. Ohyeah? says:

    I homeschool my daughter and I have multiple reasons to do so, at least we did for this year. We did live in Flori-DUH and just moved to MO. this December and the schools that she would have had to attend in Flori-DUH, I wouldn’t send my dogs to much less my 5 year old. Anyway, I fully agree that there should be some type of “check-in” with children because there are people that use it as a cover up for abuse.


  6. Brenda Comeaux-Billiot says:

    I home school my two kids. I don’t hit them, nor shout at them. They receive medical care on a regular basis, and spend time with public and home schooled children on a regular basis. Both are autistic, and incredibly brilliant.

    The only way I can see rectifying the Home School Guide To Abusing Children problem is to do home checks. Although none of the hundreds of home schooled children I’ve met show any signs of abuse, aside from religious indoctrination, many parents are distrustful of the government intrusion. Unfortunately this intrusion is apparently necessary for the sake of all children.


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