Tucson Juggalos charged in grisly double homicide

Trio plotted another murder before killing elderly couple, police say:

Terry, Drattlo and Harding

Terry, Drattlo and Harding

I haven’t done a Juggalo story in a while. Leave it to the mimes to come back in brutal style. To answer your next question yes,the gentleman on the left is sporting a clown makeup face tattoo. More Juggalos should do that so it would be easier to spot them.

Anyway the trio of mimes are 23-year-old Edward Terry, 20-year-old Kyle Austin Drattlo, and 21-year-old Brianna Harding. They’ve been accused of the July double murder of Erskin and Mary Louise Fulgham, an elderly couple from Tucson. The 83-year-old Mrs. Fulgham was stabbed repeatedly to death while the 87-year-old Mr. Fulgham was stabbed, beaten and stomped to death. Mr. Fulgham also required the need of an oxygen tank. Just like Juggalos to pick victims who have little ability to fight back. Both Terry and Drattlo tip the scales at 200+ pounds.

After the trio was picked up in Nevada driving the Fulgham’s car they all started turning on each other. To make matters worse supposedly the Fulghams are Drattlo’s grandparents. So why murder them to begin with?

Harding said she and her fiance, Terry, met Drattlo in December 2012 and they had lived together in Drattlo’s apartment until June when they were evicted. She told detectives they all used Spice, a synthetic marijuana, smoking six bags a day at a cost of $20 per bag. Terry said he and Harding were homeless and made money panhandling.

Pathetic. Just some more drains on society who dare call themselves a family.


  1. Dear Trench,
    If you knew anything about Juggalos, REAL Juggalos, maybe you would know that murder and violence go against the Juggalo Code. These three people ARE NOT Juggalos. Know how I know that? Because they did murder and that GOES AGAINST THE JUGGALO CODE. Maybe if you could stop and think and see past your racism against Juggalos you would know this. Please get your facts stright before you make such a stupid post.


    • If “murder and violence go against the Juggalo Code”, why are there so many instances of them doing those things? And pointing them out isn’t “racism” (what a joke), it’s just Trench reporting the facts of this case.


      • Ok look here real juggalos know how to act clearly those 3 are not juggalos do not bag on us unless you know what it is to be one of us we are a family we don’t case a fight or start wars or kill people we fight back when the situation calls for it so till you actually understand us do all of are family a favor a stay out of it because you must not know what a real juggalo is like now have a nice day. WHOOP WHOOP 🙂 &lt3


        • Except this isn’t “fighting back when the situation calls for it” and not the only instance of Juggalo violence by a longshot, not to mention there have been instances of them defending fellow “family members” who commit crimes such as the one reported here (Shawn Freemore and Ian Segreaves, anyone?).

          Oh, and it’s hard to take seriously any gang that uses a sound effect from The Price is Right as their battle cry…just saying.


          • Ok but your judging a hole group of people by one person’s actions witch is not right you can’t go around saying all juggalos are bad just because a few of the fake ones got cought that’s not right, and who cares what we use to let each other know its not like you don’t blow your horn at your friend when you in traffic and you see he/she in their car right so why do you care what we use and it not a battle cry its not like i’m running after you screaming it. Why do you care what we do so much your not us and you have no cares for us nor will you ever expect the fact that we are not bad people but every one wants to label us has bad but really have you sat down and talked with one of us and been open minded about and not act like a closed minded dick to them we don’t try and push our way of life on you so don’t do it to us, we are a family get over it. WHOOP WHOOP

            p.s you clearly only see whats on the news about why not take time to get to know a real one before you judge us like you know what your talking abut.


          • Not “judging by one person’s actions” at all…there are plenty of instances of Juggalo violence which have been reported by this site, yet I don’t see the rest of them standing up to collectively denounce them…oh, and no one’s trying to “push their way of life” on anyone, I don’t see anyone holding a gun to your head and demanding you remove the face paint…LOL

            Oh, and if you’re a family, why isn’t fighting permitted among your ranks? Every family, even the best ones, fight sometimes…and as EccentricLady pointed out, if the “code” by Anon speaks of was widespread, there wouldn’t be nearly as many violent incidents for Trench to report on.


          • And do you know how many of them are fake los and lettes I’m willing to bet at least 90% of them and its not really code its our beliefs and of course we fight we are a family but fighting your family is not the same has running out a killing someone witch we do not believe in and if you think that that is what we stand for than your sadly mistaken And not all of us wear the face paint you don’t have to if you don’t wish to And until you actually know one of us sit your close minded ignorant ass down and shut up we are a prod family. Now I have no more time to waste arguing with you one this because your close minded and ignorant so have a nice night. WHOOP WHOOP


          • “Your close minded and ignorant”? Oh, the irony…LOL


    • Y’know Anonymous hate to break it to you but you’re not center of the Juggalo world – for if your code was more wide spread, wouldn’t the ICP be a more gothic-punk version of the Hello Kitty?

      Check the news, this isn’t as RadioChuck pointed out an isolated incident at all. Oh, by the way, the word you’re looking for is prejudice – not racist – I presume?


    • Juggalos have a “code”? How about a decoder ring and a secret handshake?


    • Juggalos are not a “race” there skippy….they are like a really twisted version of Deadheads…now saying that may stir this up a bit…lol


  2. (with profuse apologies to Tony Bennett and none to Insane Clown Posse)

    In all the trailer parks you find them
    Devoted fans of ICP
    And Juggalo and Juggalette
    Tattoo their kids without regret
    Just to affirm their loyalty

    They’ll steal tonight and kill tomorrow
    In the name of ICP
    Juggalo and Juggalette
    Wake up to find their pants are wet
    With piss that reeks of meth and Beam

    Jail is where you ought to find them
    In the yard walking around
    Cause they left their brains behind them
    Listening to a rapping clown

    Now you may say we cannot judge them
    A few bad apples on the tree
    But Juggalo and Juggalette
    With all their actions say it best
    A load of crap is ICP


  3. Not real los and lettes i’m a very proud juggalette and we don’t not harm others unless it calls for it or they harm us first. We actually help people but because your not open minded you only see the bad things, I help in every way I possible can so honestly its clear we are not all bad yes we do have bad tempers and Everything but we do not kill people, oh and for you to say “Just like Juggalos to pick victims who have little ability to fight back.” are you fucking kidding me we do not fight people who are defenseless we are not pussies like that and we don’t fight or hurt old people so really clely not los and not a lette. now have a nice day WHOOP WHOOP


  4. God I can’t even read these comments without getting sick to my stomach.. i cant wait til all these juggalos get old lol its gonna be really funny seeing old uneducated people with shifty cars and no teeth saying whoop whoop wearing clown make-up. Is this real life?


  5. “It’s not a code it’s more like a religion that we follow”.. hahahaha that makes them sound way more like a gang or terrorists.. or the Manson FAMILY .. oh man I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.. even clown make-up couldn’t make me look like I was smiling any harder than I am right now.. man I’m thirsty..i wonder if I got any FAYGO hahahaha god I hate juggles so so much.. whoop whoop… did I do it right? Hahaha. I bet the chick that said that is fat and dropped out of high school.. nothing against fat people or dropouts for that matter but logic still tells me she is probably both of those things. Haha oh god I have to go to sleep so I can go to work in the morning.. Haha goodnight all.


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