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Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Adoptive parents of missing teen headed to New Orleans, hope to find answers:

Sometimes you just have to sit slack-jawed and marvel at how some people overestimate their ability to bullshit the public. For example take Casey Parsons, the adoptive mother of missing North Carolina teen Erica Parsons. Casey spoke with a local news station to tell them that she will be going to New Orleans in hopes of finding Erica. The reason she picked New Orleans is because that’s where Erica’s biological mother lives. You see, it seems like Casey is still trying to deflect any suspicion away from her and towards Erica’s birth mother and the mysterious ‘Nan’ that they dropped Erica off with.

“We’re just going around to the area where I know that Carolyn lived,” Parsons told Harry, referring to Carolyn Parsons, the biological mother of Erica. “The last little questions that we had in the little interview we had with the FBI, we were under the impression that Carolyn just knows more that she’s coming forth with and saying and there’s a little bit, of course, Carolyn is the one that led me to Nan, well, led Nan to us, and Nan knew all my information and the one common factor is Carolyn.”

I wonder if she’ll run into O.J. while he’s looking for Nicole Brown’s real killer. Whoops, I forgot O.J. was locked up. Or maybe she’ll find ‘Nan’ and Zenaida Gonzalez drinking Hurricanes on Bourbon Street while Bigfoot throws beads at them.

You know it’s less than a day’s driving from New Orleans to the Mexican border. Just sayin’.

8 thoughts on “Casey Parsons going to New Orleans to ‘find Erica’

  1. shannon says:

    You hit the nail on the head!


  2. Muggle says:

    I just saw that today. I can’t believe these two still aren’t locked up. I really hope law enforcement is tracking their every move, and that Carolyn gets a restraining order on them. Nan does not exist, she is not in New Orleans and Carolyn is in danger.

    I didn’t realize NOLA was less than a day’s drive from the Mexico border, though. That’s very bad, Casey and Sandy totally know what really happened to Erica and if they cross the border who the fuck knows if they’ll ever face justice…


    1. The_Shadow_Knows says:

      Just send Dog to mace them and stuff them in a trunk of a car if they cross the border. Actually, why wait until they cross the border?


  3. Buffettgirl says:

    “Or maybe she’ll find ‘Nan’ and Zenaida Gonzalez drinking Hurricanes on Bourbon Street while Bigfoot throws beads at them.” Freaking AWESOME mental imagery there Trench! 😉

    That said – these two need to keep it up. Every time they open their dumbass mouths they dig the hole they will eventually find themselves in just a little deeper…


    1. I’ll admit, I am a little proud of that one.


  4. Muggle says:

    Trench, have you been following the thread about Erica Parsons on WebSleuths? Because I think it’s suspicious that there was a fire in the kitchen the day after Casey and Sandy moved out… oh, and they’d already taken out the stove, an A/C unit, a WINDOW ffs, but not the crappy microwave that started the fire. Hmmm…


    1. No, I don’t do Websleuths but I’m aware of the fire. Casey and her husband were kicked out of the house and her father in law who owns the house was doing repairs when the fire broke out. I think it’s coincidental.


      1. Muggle says:

        Yeah, after reading more articles I’m thinking it’s coincidental as well… but it reflects pretty badly on them that they took out a goddamn window and stove, but left a microwave that had a history of starting fires.


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