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Police: Man murdered after meeting suspects via craigslist to sell truck:

Sheriff: Craigslist deal led to murder of CofC student:

Williams and Scott

25-year-old Alex Apps of Beaufort, South Carolina did what they say you should do when doing business on craigslist. Apps was trying to sell his truck and he met the potential buyers in public, during the day and even brought his mom with him. None of that prevented him from being killed and having his body dumped in nearby Mount Pleasant.

His alleged attackers are 20-year-old Isaac Williams and 19-year-old Jquan Scott who police say met Apps in Charleston to discuss selling the truck. Apps told his mother to go home since the pair weren’t buying the truck that day. During a test drive Scott allegedly shot Apps in the head before the pair dumped his body. When Scott was arrested he was driving Apps truck according to police.

In one of the articles I linked to local police gave some tips on staying safe when selling stuff on craigslist. However I can do one better. If you don’t want to get killed selling something on craigslist then DON’T SELL ANYTHING ON CRAIGSLIST. Yes I know the amount of violent crime that happens through craigslist is a very small percentage of the millions of transactions that take place on craigslist. I still don’t care for those odds.

UPDATE 5/27/2015: In a surprise turn Scott has pleaded guilty ahead of his June 1st trial.

Scott faces 30 years to life on the murder charge, a minimum of 10 years for armed robbery, a maximum sentence of 30 years for kidnapping and a maximum sentence of five years for possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

Williams’ trial is set for later this summer.

UPDATE 9/2/2015: Scott was sentenced to life without parole while Williams was convicted and sentenced to 40 years.

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