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A.C. man charged with six counts of human trafficking:


Donnie Bethea

30-year-old Donnie Bethea of Atlantic City, New Jersey has been charged with allegedly trafficking women against their will on Backpage. Bethea is said to have lured women into West Atlantic City motels then forced them into prostitution with threats of physical violence or actual bondage.

If you’re not familiar with the area West Atlantic City is not part of Atlantic City at all. It’s actually part of a disjointed municipality known as Egg Harbor Township but that’s neither here nor there. Having grown up near West Atlantic City I can tell you it’s always been bad news. When the casinos moved into Atlantic City it became a haven for prostitution. West Atlantic City became part of that haven due to its numerous cheap motels. It has almost become quite the human trafficking hub since you have quick access to Atlantic City, an hour’s ride to Philly on the A.C. Expressway and a 2 hour trip to New York on the Garden State Parkway. West Atlantic City is also where a still at large serial killer dumped the bodies of four women in the marshes.

So to me, it comes as no surprise that a Backpage trafficker was busted in West Atlantic City. The bigger surprise is how come more aren’t caught.

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