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Michael Portillo

Orland Man Allegedly Tried Setting Up Craigslist Sex Date With Teen:

This should serve as a warning to all you ‘age is just a number’ jackholes out there.

29-year-old Michael Portillo of Orland Park, Illinois was recently arrested after he allegedly sent pictures of his junk to a 16-year-old girl that he met through craigslist. That 16-year-old girl of course turned out to be the police. Age of consent in Illinois is 17 by the way.

At his bond hearing the judge set it at $50K which caused tears from the defendant.

Portillo told the judge, “I have nothing. I have $8 to my name.”

A man who identified himself as Portillo’s brother attended the hearing. When Portillo told Judge Rickmon he makes $12.50 an hour working at a doctor’s office, the brother said, “Your honor, he’s been fired.”

The brother also became emotional during the hearing. In a plea for sympathy, he told the judge about Portillo’s child.

“Your honor, he has a 1-year-old at home,” he said.

His life is now basically ruined because he allegedly wanted to get some underage tail. And again when a guy gets caught for this it’s usually not his first time trying.

Keep being a creeper and you’ll lose everything.

Gotta love your userbase craigslist.

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