Serial MySpace rapist gets longer sentence

Jason Ara Erpinar
Jason Ara Erpinar

Man Gets 24 Years in Prison for Myspace Rapes:

The tale of Douchebag Ed Grimley, aka 24-year-old Jason Ara Erpinar of Yorba Linda, California, is a long and twisted one.

Back in 2009 a then 20-year-old Erpinar was arrested for raping three women, two of whom he met through MySpace. In 2011 he entered into a plea deal which only saw him get 15 years behind bars. At the time I called the sentence a joke. Since then Erpinar rejected the plea deal, went to trial in 2012 and was convicted.

Erpinar’s gamble didn’t pay off as he was sentenced to 24 years behind bras instead of the original 15. I still think it’s a little light since it’s now 8 years per rape but 24 years feels a little more substantial.

I hope he still has that haircut while in prison.

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