Yes there’s a Sandy Hook video game and why you shouldn’t be outraged

Sandy Hook-inspired game sparks outrage:


Yep, someone actually made a video game about the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While most people are outraged my first thought was “What took them so long?” although not in a good way.

First off let’s discuss the term ‘video game’ in this situation. This is not a game you can go to the store and buy. It was not developed by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or any one of their many licensed developers. This game was made by a single idiot in Flash, possibly in a parent’s basement, then posted on the internet for everyone to see.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way I actually played the game. It starts off in Historic Mode where you simplistically reenact the actions of Adam Lanza on that December day. The object is to go from room to room shooting as many teachers and students as possible after shooting your mother in the head. You have 10 minutes to kill as many as possible and once time runs out the game says the police have arrived and your character commits suicide. Once you finished Historic Mode it unlocks Gun Control mode. In this scenario you’re using a katana instead of a gun. When that mode is completed it unlocks a third mode where the teachers are armed. In case you were wondering I scored the highest on the armed teacher level.

When you complete the game you can hear a recorded message from the game’s creator stating that the game was made since after living in Texas the designer lived in Australia where they have tight gun control and believes the US should follow suit. In a nutshell he claims this game was made in support of gun control, but I call bullshit.

The game was made by one Ryan Lanbourn. If the name sounds familiar he made a similar game in 2007 called V-Tech Rampage about the Virginia Tech shootings. Was he arguing for gun control back then? Not really. He was extorting the internet instead.

I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i’ll take it down from here if it reaches $2000 US, and i will apologize if it reaches $3000 US.

The newgrounds he speaks of is which hosts all sorts of tasteless games but surprisingly they have taken the Sandy Hook game down.

Now here’s why you shouldn’t be outraged. First of Lambourn is nothing but a troll and lives off of your outrage and as you should know by now you never feed the troll. Secondly in this day and age of the internet some jackass is going to post something that’s offensive after every tragedy that happens. If we’re outraged every time they do this they’ll just continue with every tragedy that happens. That’s why I was surprised it took this long for the game to become public knowledge. It took less than a month for Lambourn’s Virginia Tech game to come out.

So in conclusion stop being a bunch of knee jerkers and pearl twisters every time some assclown does something offensive. You’re only guaranteeing they’ll do it again.

Here’s his picture from 2007 by the way.

Ryan Lambourn

Ryan Lambourn

Backpage pimp busted through little used hotline

Milwaukee man faces charges of sex trafficking:

Antoine Williams

34-year-old Antoine Williams of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was recently arrested for allegedly prostituting a 19-year-old woman on Backpage in Nashville, Tennessee. I was actually going to pass on this story since it’s impossible for me to post about every sex trafficking story that takes place on Backpage. That was until I read how Williams was captured.

The victim used what the article called the state’s little-used human trafficking hotline. In case you were wondering like I was it’s 1-855-55-TNHTH and they have a Facebook page here.

First off, every state should have a human trafficking hotline if not a federal one to help people escape and secondly it should be openly posted in all hotel rooms.

Fla. teen charged with posting child porn on Instagram

Collier man posts child porn on Instagram:

Sean Michael Rodriguez

Sean Michael Rodriguez

Before we get started you can unwad your panties. This isn’t a story about some dumb kid sharing nude selfies of himself with his girlfriend. We’re talking about actual child porn here.

18-year-old Sean Michael Rodriguez or Naples, Florida has been arrested for allegedly posting child porn on Instagram. Now why would someone do so something as stupid as that? I asked the same thing. Since I never used Instagram I had no idea that users can create groups and limit access to who sees their pictures. So how did he get busted? It turns out that Instagram actually checks for things like child porn. A company that actually moderates what their users post? *GASP* It’s the end of freedom of speech as we know it. Sorry, I was being sarcastic about a few other sites who don’t moderate for things like this.

Instagram notified the NCMEC who in turn contacted police. Rodriguez is said not to have taken the pictures himself but the pictures are said to be extremely graphic.

Man arrested in Naperville for soliciting teen through Kik

Chicago man arrested in Naperville on sex charges:

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Back in the MySpace days Naperville, Illinois, was sort of an anomaly. It had an inordinate amount of MySpace creepers. Not as many as Connecticut but enough for me to take notice. I’d like to think that was the case because the Naperville police were on top of things. Well, it’s been a few years but we go back to Naperville for a story that’s a bit more modern but just as scary.

38-year-old Carlos Lopez of Chicago was arrested for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex through the messaging app Kik. Now for someone to get your kids’ Kik ID in most cases your kid would have to give it up. Kids have no problem with making their Kik IDs public. They figure since it’s not their cell number it’s safe to give out, but of course it isn’t. In this case the victim may have posted their Kik ID on the website/app Waplog. What’s Waplog you ask? I never heard of it until today either but it’s just another social network where anyone can meet strangers where the site/app has no regard for age. Basically it’s a MeetMe clone which there are way too many of these days.

It’s even more dangerous today for kids to be online than it was back in the MySpace years because of the smart phone apps out there. So now not only do parents have to worry about what their kids are doing on the computer but their smartphones too. Make sure you know what apps your kids have on their phones and who their friends are on these apps. Otherwise you’re just giving predators a way to reach your kids 24/7.

Most teen mental illness goes untreated

Most Teen Psychiatric Disorders Go Untreated:


In a study done by Duke University it was estimated that most teens that have mental illnesses suffer without ever having them treated. I’m not talking about ADD either…

Adolescents with ADHD, conduct disorder or oppositional defiant disorder received mental health care more than 70 percent of the time. By contrast, teens suffering from phobias or anxiety disorders were the least likely to be treated. Results also varied greatly by race, with black youths significantly less likely to be treated for mental disorders than white youths.

So it’s acceptable if your kid is suffering from ADD but if he or she suffers from anxiety or depression apparently it’s taboo to get them help.

If you want to prevent teen suicides and acts of violence get them help if they need it. It’s not a phase, it’s real.

Sex trafficking by force is an oxymoron

Jerel Jackson

Philly man faces charges of sex-trafficking by force:

For the not so latest online human trafficking news we return to Philadelphia where 28-year-old Jerel Jackson has been charged with allegedly prostituting several women on Backpage. Police say that he started ‘relationships’ with some of his victims before turning them out.

In one case, according to court papers, after two weeks of dating a woman he announced to her he was a pimp and that their relationship was changing. “You my bitch, you gonna have to work for me,” he told her.

Of course which brings us to the point of this post. Jackson, aka Jinx, would use violence to keep his girls in line including choking one of them who he accused of holding out on him. Jackson has been charged with sex trafficking by force which is an oxymoron because no one is ever trafficked willingly but if that’s what it takes to put these scumbags behind bars longer I’m all for it. Oh wait, Jackson is only looking at 15 years because no one gives a rat’s ass about the victims being trafficked which in this case also included an underage girl.

The only way justice will be served here is if Jackson is someone else’s bitch for 15 years and for all of Backpage’s money that they make of the backs and blood of these women mysteriously disappears.

Facebook predator charged with molesting 11-year-old girl

Facebook messages lead to arrest of accused molester:


Michael “Not Macho” Camacho

37-year-old Michael Camacho of Orlando, Florida, has been charged with allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl. The crime itself is said to have taken place at a community pool but Camacho was caught when the girl’s mother found messages from Camacho in the girl’s Facebook.

The mother of the victim was going to cut off her daughter’s Facebook privileges for bad grades, when she noticed something disturbing. An older man was messaging her daughter that she was “cute and getting cuter,” the police report said.

Like I said the crime did not take place on Facebook but how many times do I have to tell people 11 YEAR-OLDS DO NOT BELONG ON FACEBOOK. You might as well leave your kids’ bedroom windows open with a sign that says ‘pedophiles welcome’.

Philly area Backpage child pimp sentenced

Craig “Geez” Johnson. I think he’s indicating what he’s going to get from his new cellie.

Indiscreet pimp gets 24 years for sex trafficking teen runaways:

Craig “Geez” Johnson was recently sentenced to 24 years behind bars for prostituting underage girls in Philadelphia and neighboring Bucks County. Of course he used Backpage to advertise the girls. Geez must be a master criminal to get around Backpage’s protocols to prevent children from being trafficked. Oh wait, that’s right. Any idiot can get around them if they even truly exist.

Anyway this is how little Geez cared about the law. He would brag on his Facebook about his ‘business’…

A female friend reprimanded him. “This is not somethin u put on facebook… and show there(sic) faces, too,” she said

Johnson shot back, “You know what i do, they my girls they work for me i can put anybody i want uphere(sic) its call advertisement.”

So Johnson refers to his girls like you or would to a used car or a TV.

One of his victims claims she went on 50 dates for Johnson in 10 days. That means she was raped by 50 ‘hobbyists’ in 10 days who probably didn’t care that she was underage.

Prostitution is not a victimless crime no matter how you look at it and Backpage collecting money for it is just rubbing salt into the wounds of its victims.

Madam is just another word for pimp

Pawtucket police: Providence woman was ‘madam’ for underage girl:

14-Year-Old Protsituted out of Cranston Home:

Nicole Ferreira

Even with the use of sarcasm quotes I wish the media would refrain from referring to female pimps and traffickers as madams. It makes them seem less responsible for their crimes than their male counterparts. Not only that but the phrase madam conjures up images of Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke, Dolly Parton from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas or some equally fictionalized romanticism of madams. As I’ve said before female sex traffickers can be just as vicious if not more so with their victims.

While not necessarily vicious police in Pawtucket, Rhode Island arrested 21-year-old Nicole Ferreira for allegedly prostituting a 14-year-old girl on Backpage. The victim told police that Ferreira set her up on 50 ‘dates’. That means she was raped 50 times by johns. A 14-year-old girl can’t legally consent to sex whether she’s getting paid for it or not. When police questioned Ferreira about prostituting the girl she allegedly said “I just post the info and take the calls,” like she didn’t do anything wrong.

Both men and women are willing to trade illegally in the sexual slavery of children as evidenced here. Let’s not lessen the impact of the crime by calling them madams.

UK Facebook creeper really just wanted to go bike riding

Facebook groomer Gareth Oliver jailed over 300-mile abuse attempt:

Gareth Oliver

Gareth Oliver

For some reason I’ve become fascinated with what child predators give as an excuse when they’re busted. I guess it stems from the To Catch a Predator series when the alleged offenders all gave almost the same answer. Most of them send they were just there to hang out with their underage target while other s said they were there to teach their target the dangers of meeting strange men on the internet. Not surprisingly police didn’t believe any of them. Especially the ones that showed up with booze and/or sex toys.

Which brings us to the story of 21-year-old Gareth Oliver from Newcastle in the UK. Oliver was grooming some underage boys on Facebook then made the 300 mile trip by bus, of course it was by bus, to Kent where his victims resided. He was trying to get the boys to go camping with him but one of the parents became suspicious. At the time of his arrest Oliver had nine condoms on him. When asked why he made the 300 mile trek Oliver said that he was there to go BMX riding with the boys. That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. It’s a little more specific than just hanging out but still not even remotely believable.

Oliver was sentenced to six years in prison and a lifetime on the registry.